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[Innova] Fill three 7 speed slots with Innova only, what do you choose to be well-rounded?


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Oct 10, 2023
For 7 speed, if you were going to fill 3 slots only that generally fall into OS / Stable, Straight, and US, what would you bag?

So far I'm planning to do this so that it's easier to replace these slots with something out of the box instead of having to wait for something to beat in or find some rare run:
Champion plastic so it retains flight characteristics longer.

1. Champion Eagle b/c I don't need this slot to be straight since #2 fulfills that.
2. Champion Hawkeye, I haven't tried the TL but seems like the Hawkeye is sort of a newer version?
3. Champion IT because the Leopard3 isn't that flippy out of the box for a while even in Star and I don't want to go to G star or something that will beat in even faster and become too US too soon.

For example, if I want to throw a hyzer flip, I don't need a flippy / beat in Eagle or Teebird, I'll use the Hawkeye or IT depending on how much flip I want, etc.
I bag 2 Eagles and 2 FDs/Hawkeyes. I have a bunch of both that vary in wear and stability.

The problem with recent Eagle runs is they are domey. Love them in color glow. Quantum Velas are very flat and pretty mellow, Helio (halo) are pretty OS.

The problem with FDs and Hawkeyes is it takes a while to get one to reasonably flippy. Recently got a g-star Hawkeye that's less stable off the shelf. Haven't messed with the DM version, just Innova.
US discs tend to go farther. I'd actually pair a speed 6 leopard with a speed 7 teebird as the straight disc. I haven't carried an overstable fairway in a long time, but champ eagle-x would be a good choice.

I'd be using DX or Pro leos and teebirds, so this won't translate that well to champ unless you find some really beat in ones in a used bin.
Seven speed is a sweet spot for me. I have a G* Eagle L. It's interesting. Likes to turn up to flat and glide with a pretty severe quick fade. Very useful disc and the one go to for forehand drives. I've got a Champ Teebird for the OS slot. Really likes spike hyzer and low sweep shots. Very reliable fade, resists turning. Then I've got a couple first run Star Hawkeyes, which I guess is a FD mold? Dark Rebel is super similar, too. This plastic/mold has more turn and will hold an anhyzer line if not thrown too high. I don't think there is a truly flippy Innova 7 speed. I've got an Underworld for that slot. Those four are always in my bag.

I also typically carry a Star Cheetah, which is an odd one. Might be worth a try. Kinda like a slower Sidewinder. Same line shapes.
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Teebird and Eagle are too similar to really need both. I'd pick one or the other. IT is a terrible disc, plain and simple. It doesn't do anything well except roll.

Leopard 3 is a good fairway driver option if you want to go to speed 6.

I'd also look at the Banshee. Good overstable speed 7 disc.
Innova lineup only
MF/Luster Champ or Halo TB3 (175g) > flat Star/Champ TL3 (170-172g) > Pro/Star Leopard (<=170g)

Expanding to Innova Manufactured (Infinite & Millennium)
MF/Luster/Color Glow Champ TB (175g) > QJLS (170-172g) > M or SJLS (<=170g)

Even Premium ITs are a bit too flippy to be useful for my armspeed unless I know a roller is needed. Dropping down in weight for the Pro/Star plastics makes them easier to manipulate usually. The flat TL3 can be less stable and easier to hyzerflip than a domey TL or Hawkeye would. Lots of good Innova manufactured fairways to choose from and I could build out a few using Eagles/Exodus/PLS/Hawkeye/Centurion/Leo3/IT as well.
Currently bagging 2 Teebirds and a Leopard3. Champ and star Teebird, and a star L3. I feel like the Leopard three gets overshadowed by the Hawkeye, the IT, and other similar molds like the FD, but I love it. Although, I am planning on kicking it out when I get my star Teebird beat up enough to start cycling.
I know it's strange, but I am bagging 3 different Leopards at the moment (usually bag 2): Star, Pro, and Star Leopard3.
Definitely Banshee/EX even though I currently bag the Teebird.

Leo3 is cheating I don't believe "3" tops make the discs any faster (read: require being thrown with more speed to get an accurate result of the other three flight numbers).

Either DX EX Or TL I guess? My real choice is Leopard but since OP said speed 7 I can't choose them.

Definitely JLS if I'm allowed to go "manufactured by Innova" because they're amazing and don't get enough love.
Champ TB (plenty beefy for my OS fairway, and if I need more beef that's what a FB is for...)
Star Hawkeye
Champ IT
And Furthermore,

The banshee is pretty cool.

Try finding some
150 Banshee is one of my favorite FH roller discs of all time, love it.
It's always some combination of one or both IT's, innova manufactured FD or Hawkeye, Teebird, and/or Eagle.
I currently carry the Hawkeye, TL and Leopard. I've carried both the Teebird or TL in the past and should probably put one back in.
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Flat Metal Flake Teebird- OS
Beat in Champ Teebird- Straight
Worn in Star Teebird- Understable
Currently it's all g-star until warm season comes around again.
IT... Is Almost TOO under stable, so it's a touch disc mostly. so...

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