[Other] Having few molds vs. having many

I've had the two trilogy baselines, prime/origio and classic/bt, and innova dx all change with one good (bad) tree hit. It's mostly happened when hitting a tree right off the tee on a full power drive. And when I say "right off the tee" I mean close enough the disc has hit the tree before you even begin to curse it being a bad shot
My experience with those is if the disc warps on that throw, commonly happens with XT, R-Pro, DX mids, prime and classic (especially medium), as well as (especially softer) MVP base plastics, Prodigy 200, Discraft soft, etc etc.

Usually I can just bend it back and the flight will be almost exactly the same as it was prior.
17 pages?! Not gonna read.

Assuming molds are consistent, why confuse things?

That's a big assumption.

Know the discs you own. A little field practice will do you worlds of good.

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