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Hi, I'm wrambler, and I'm a Plasticaholic


Mar 8, 2015
Hi DGers, I've just started getting serious this year and I'm having a blast. I've gone through a lot of plastic in a short amount of time but I've settled into a bag that should last me a while:
Clutch, Atom, Buzzz, Leopard, Valkyrie, and Wraith (Wraith for RHFH drives)

I'm trying not to buy any new molds, instead I started buying extra of the same mold whenever I get the itch. That's worked well bc it allows me to get more field throws before I hike to collect them.

This forum and youtube vids have been a huge help, so thank you to anyone who contributes.

I've been focusing on RHBH but also practicing RHFH. One area I keep struggling with is forehand wobble when it leaves my hand. I've watched a lot of videos, read the forums, tried every grip I could find, follow through palm up, accelerate, snap, tight grip, loose grip, minimal run-up, etc... but it never fails... disc wobbles for at least the first 1/4 of the flight before it stabilizes. I also get a lot of turn-and-burn with FH. I know wobble can't help my accuracy or distance, so any ideas would be great. I practice FH with all my discs, from putters up, with same wobbly result.

For reference: I toss my wraith 250-290 FH with minimal gymnastics.

Possibly a hint at my issue: I often toss some easy FH's while walking to pick up discs and sometimes those are silky smooth... the times when I'm not really "trying" and I'm in middle of a normal forward walking stride. One of those times the disc went 200+ feet with very little effort, must have had just the right technique (accidentally :\ ).

Thanks in advance,
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Welcome wrambler. You stumbled upon and eclectic group of individuals. Here you'll find your garden variety troll. The all too common, "If you can't drive a putter 400ft, then you shouldn't be throwing anything else." kinda guy. Make sure you utilize the search feature or you'll be castrated and hung on the wall. Oh yeah, you'll also find tons of righteous folks that are very welcoming and full of info. At least it smells like info. haha
Welcome wrangler from Wichita Ks. I am a new player as well. I started 1st throwing lhfh & am now finally developing an equivalent lhbh. I have,& still do when I get lazy with my form, suffered the same "flutter" you are speaking of. I have made great strides in not only eliminating this problem but distance & proper disc flight by using more twisting power from my core & using my arm as more of a pendulum instead of trying to throw the disc with just my arm. I believe the flutter is caused by O.A.T. or over arm torque if I have my terminology correct, please more experienced players correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway that has been what I have found to help me so once again welcome & enjoy a very fun sport!
You've made the right first step in your road to recovery. ;)

I'm around kids all the time. If it isn't my own two, or my 6 nephews, or the parties that seem to follow them... so... When I read "Hi, I'm Wrambler" I had to do it in the Bob the Builder's Rambler's voice. In fact... the whole post. I'm not sure I'll ever be ever to read anything you write without doing it.

That aside... Welcome! It's a fairly wonderful place to find information on technique and amped discussion about rules when you start to get the itch to compete.
The wobbles forehand come from a loose grip and/or incorrect pressure and possibly OAT. When you make your "gun" for the forehand grip make sure your not trying use pressure from the pad of the middle finger. It's actually the side tipish area of the middle finger that is your rip point.

Just act like your scooping up water or pretend your a bear catching a fish in a stream and keep the fish. Have that nice solid grip so a dog couldn't take it from you and let it rip from the side and tip of the middle finger and you shouldn't have any more wobbles unless it's OAT related. And that's pretty simple to fix. Just stay on plane. Say throwing a hyzer you bend at the waist. Just don't "stand up" during the throwing (which changes your throwing plane to a flat shot) or lean back (changing it to anhyzer or roller). Super easy to fix.
The easiest way to eliminate that wobble and off-axis torque (OAT), is the same way you would go about eliminating it from your backhand throw.

When you throw RHBH, you want the disc profile to align with the forearm of your throwing arm. If your forearm if on one plane or direction, and your wrist has the disc angled up, you are forcing the discs on two separate angles.

With RHFH, make sure that your disc is in line with your forearm, and ultimately on the same line you wish to throw on - this will help to prevent you from "rolling your wrist over."

A lot of issues arise for people throwing forehands when they, like you said, try and overpower or over think your form. If you are turning your forehand throws over and they are burning, challenge yourself by flicking and hyzerflipping understable discs and putters. It will allow you to be truly critical of your form, and if there are any errors in your release, these discs will let you know.

Hope this helped, and welcome!
Repeat after me:
Hello. My name is _____, and I'm a discaholic

Admitting you have a problem is the first step toward recovery. Work hard at controlling your addiction before it controls you. I've been steadily getting in deeper for the past 9 years, but I think I've got it under control now.

I started by just playing the local courses. "A great reason to get outside and enjoy the local parks," I told myself. Before long, I began ranging farther around the area to play more and better courses.

Then I found DGCR, and realized there are courses all over the place. Started travelling around the state, and then to other states. Eventually, I became a course full-fledged course bagger… started writing reviews for the courses I'd played.

The Forum only sucked me in deeper. I began posting new threads for HOD. Eventually I started fondling plastic, and even started admiring peoples' nuttsacs.

The road to recovery has been a long one. Welcome to the site. Good luck.
Thanks for the welcomes and insights. I did a little field practice today and tried the suggestions.

- Changing pressure points per PWaggoner did help with the wobble. I still haven't zero'd in on a final grip. "Two finger stacked" and "peace sign" grips feel the most natural, but I get more snap with an "index-only" or "split power sidearm" grip per Dave's tips on the Innova site. I know that's subjective so it will just take practice to find the one to stick to.

- A lot of my flight inconsistency seems to be coming from OAT. I was so focused on my palm up release that I didn't realize I was starting the throw with the disc anhyzer. Going from anhyzer to hyzer/flat seems to be the biggest cause of my inaccuracy and turn-and-burn. When I think "hyzer to flat" through the throw the disc is coming out with a more consistent flight. Not that I really want to start hyzer, that just forces me to keep the disc flatter until I can relearn the motion.

Keep the suggestions coming and I'll keep working on it.
A lot of it is grip...I was doing the split grip and got wobbles on 70% of my FH's. I switched to a both fingers parallel, and I went down to like 10-20% of the shots had wobbles instantly. Also like you said when you do nice and easy ones, sometimes they are straight. What it come down to is you have to find the grip/angles that work for your hand. Like has been said, make sure it's parallel to your forearm. And make sure you have your elbow close to your body and aren't doing anything wacky with your arm to spine type of angles (match your body to the hyzer/anhyzer angle).

Same thing happened to me, I could do them nice and easy, but when I tried to throw drivers I would be more likely to wobble because I was using too much arm and not focusing on the clean snap at the end.

Really it came down to just doing those short 100-150' upshot type FH shots with putters and mids for a while until they very rarely had the OAT wobble. If you do it at a basket or a target it's not too boring. Then add in drivers and don't try to kill it...just do the same shot same distance. Gradually build in the power. I still don't throw FH more than ~60% or so power but can do that out to about 275' and very rarely wobble. That's not too bad...I'd rather have that than 300+ but with a 30% chance of burning it to the left. And the best part is that I know that the distance will keep adding in, I'm nowhere near the ceiling.

Work on the mellow snap, and gradually add in the power.
Finally figuring out what I was supposed to be feeling in my grip helped me a lot. I'm not a sidearm crusher either but 300 ft and it's effortless. Also doesn't hurt my elbow. And I really only started doing it well not long ago, but I have it now.

Try these articles out if you haven't already:



Mike c On grips:


You'll see he does the regular ol' two finger. The pad of the middle finger is touching the underside of the flightplate and the side tip of the finger is pressed against the rim. And that's the rip point.

Avery Jenkins on grip:


AJ uses the standard on putters and mods and switches to the power grip on drivers. In the article he says he puts the pad Of the middle finger against the rim.

When you say that the index and split power grips work the best for you, been there. And I know I'd practice all day and I'd "have it". Wake up the next day and poof it's gone. Now I can walk up to the course and throw a sidearm first throw every time with no wobbles, no turn and burns and no frustration.

What do you feel is hurting your sidearm with the two finger grip?
Won't let me edit. But I think the power grip is like trying to run before you can walk. Ricky wysocki crushes sidearm and still only uses the standard. I think jerm does standard as well and he prolly throws the furthest sidearm of the pros. If we have any sidearm beasts on here maybe they can tell you the differences they feel between a standard and power sidearm grip.

Try maxing out with the basic grip with form and technique and then try a power grip is my suggestion!
For me the power grip (both fingers touching the rim) changed the angle of my wrist to be more toward the target, and I think that caused nose up issues or OAT, sometimes both, and very rarely neither. Going to the "standard" grip with fingers parallel made it way easier for me to keep the nose down and my follow through flat. Maybe one day I will try the power grip again, knowing how my wrist and follow through should be. But it was actually causing me some finger joint pain too since it puts a lot of force back into your fingers which are bent at the rim...whereas with the standard grip the sides of my fingers are against the rim and both fingers stacked for leverage, so I haven't had that pain again.
PWaggoner, great reading material and info, just read all the articles. I'd say the difference on grips are the two finger feels more natural and easier for me to control angle but the index-only grip seems to be cleaner for ripping out. This is probably due to improper pressure point and the additional finger under the rim affecting a clean release.

My approach shots with two finger are decent, when I'm on a tee pad it's a different story.

Based on my last field practice, standard two finger will be my focus, plus not throwing like I'm trying to break a distance record (great point from other posters here like slowplastic). I like your point that power grip is like running before walking, that's how my backhand was so makes sense to apply that to my forehand. Looking forward to more practice tomorrow!
Welcome! I'm not a forehand driver unless I'm feeling a bit adventurous, but this thread has made me want to revisit my forehand. Right now I only throw with my index finger, I've tried the power grip but failed miserably, but looks like I need to go to the stacked grip like mentioned above.

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