How many people play disc golf in the snow?

I just played today in about 8 inches. It was cold enough that the snow was completely dry and powdery. No wind, no crowds, no lost discs, good day.
i was supposed to play a superclass round today in the foot of snow we got but i'm ill as bill
Going to the Saugatuck meet up tomorrow morning. Roughly about 2' feet of snow on the ground and that's ok lol.
I'd love to, but we got so much snow this winter (we've gotten several feet of snow here in New England) that I haven't really been extra motivated to go out. I also hurt my arm toward the end of last season, so I've been trying to take a break.

What other ways might one track down a disc in the snow? Might give that a go as we get closer to spring.
It's 0 outside right now and i'm about to head out to shovel our teepads after breakfast.... with all the money I spend on "backups", I really wish I would have just gotten a practice basket for days like this though.
Most my go-to discs are white. I had to buy a new rhyno and tl for snow rounds. Orange is so much easier to spot.

ditto on that. my new go to drive is my white glow champ leopard that i was able to throw for 1 week before the snow started :(

When I played the Middletown, MD IceBowl a couple of weeks ago there wasn't too much snow left on the ground. But there was just enough to make finding my primary driver, a white OLF, a real pain in the rear on a couple holes. I switched to a backup driver for the rest of the day after it took 4 of us almost 5 minutes to find my disc which was just off of the fairway, but on top of the white stuff. Live, play, and learn!
Played a few holes yesterday with snow up to the knees! Yay Chicago :/
Played 36 holes in shin to knee deep snow, I played superclass with Archetype the first round, then another zephyr only round by myself for the second one, it was a blast!