Offseason Improvement Thread

Awesome. I’m in the process of working through dingle arm, reverse stride, and load the bow drills while attempting to maintain this posture.

I think I had a micro ah-ha moment during LtB work.

One thing that has perplexed me for a long time is, how do you cross with your back foot without violating the Hogan Power move?! The goal is to load your weight onto your backfoot, but I could never understand how to do this without, at some point in the throw, having the weight on the outside edge of the foot.

Do you just ignore it until the disc starts moving backwards, then roll the weight over your toes to the inside edge of your foot as you backswing? (IMG_9150)

Do you do this weird thing with your knees to get your rear foot to land into the cross with the inside edge of the backfoot onto the ground? (IMG_9138)

What I think I’ve figured out, is the “trick” is found in 5:34 in the Load the Bow tutorial.

With the correct posture, if you load the disc where it feels like your back is going to topple over and fall towards the target (IMG_9154), this easily leads to stepping on your cross foot with the weight loaded onto the inside edge of the foot, without weird torquing or tension on the knees. (IMG_9128).
Just think of it as a sideways walk with the foot crossing behind. It's really easy to get tangled up in details about foot pressure. It can help to notice them but it can also easily backfire and trap you. Swivel Stairs is top tier at training the body memory & action.

Load the bow: fix this first. Your elbow should never dip below the pool cue out of leverage. The cue should always be helping coil you back as your body shifts forward. You should feel a bit of a stretch through your throwing lat muscle when it loads correctly.


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