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[Putters] RDG Stego: 3, 0, +1, 4


Reptilian Disc Golf
Oct 21, 2011
St. Louis, MO
The RDG Stego has been submitted for PDGA Approval!
*Warning: Not Intended for Noodle Arms*

The Stego is the original, Gateway "Thumbtrack Proto" that many of you may already have thrown. They were released about two years ago and Gateway quickly moved away from the design because of its relentless overstability. Their loss is our gain it would seem...

With flight numbers of (3, 0, +1, 4) the Stego is without a doubt, the most overstable PnA ever to be produced. It seemingly becomes more OS the harder you throw it.
The profile is very blunt, beaded and features a unique spoiler on the leading edge of the flight plate. This acts almost like a secondary bead to push the disc into uncharted territory of PnA BEEF.

We are expecting approval from the PDGA in the next couple weeks so work these into your bag with confidence.




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Holy Beef!

I have no idea how I would use but I want to try it.

It has become a disc that I've had riding in my bag for a couple weeks. Initially I had no idea what good could come of it.

Now that I've been throwing it for a bit I find that it provides the perfect compliment to my Raptors for FH shots.

They roll really well, can handle ANY wind and overall are about as "predictable" as you could ever ask for a disc to be.

The Stego won't ever be our most popular mold but I think once it has approval, more than a few folks will work it into their bags and come to rely on it for a multitude of utility shots.
Definitely less glide than a zone, and less skip. I think I am going to try to work this into a roller disc myself.
What plastic are you gunna make this in, would def pick one up if its anything close to Fossil plastic.
What plastic are you gunna make this in, would def pick one up if its anything close to Fossil plastic.

We are going to first start by moving all the unreleased ones at the Gateway factory. They have a couple hundred in some nice blends.
If we are able to sell them and prove the mold being viable, we will certainly run them in Fossil.
Wow, that is just stupid overstable. It fought out of that anny on the first throw so quick! I want one! When my Pigs just aren't enough, I can reach for... the Stego! :)
Any odds you would tweak this at all to make it more your own? Just curious, if Gateway scrapped the idea, I'm thinking they weren't confident in the disc? .... idk, i do see how it wouldn't be a huge mold to promote, but its very unique, and looks like you can just crank it and know itll spike and sit. I really wanna try this out. So i hope you guys can get some Fossil action ;)

Seems like a Harp/Berg combo With the glide of a brick. I like the idea
I will be getting one and making a review video. Luckily I live by a short course that has sharp doglegs and hardpack ground. I plan to be thr first person to ace with a Stego.

Stay tuned, folks!

BTW: when is the release date for these?
Seems like that wing shape is ideal for forehand rollers. Between the shape and the stability I get it can stay on edge forever.

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