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So, how did you play today? Part II

Played 2 rounds at Valbyparken in Copenhagen today from the longs. It's an incredibly fun course but the layout is a bit confusing with lots of walking back and forth.

The local club was out in force moving some baskets around and putting others up after the tournament there this weekend.

Shot pretty decent in moderately strong winds and would absolutely love to have it as one of my local courses, I recommend checking it out if you're ever in the area.
Won dubs last night after I got the CTP on fourth playoff hole!

Later won the #1 Tiki tag on the tag opener! Everyone was trash talking me cause I started off way behind with 3 bogeys in row, lol.


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Played my first tournament round at Bald Mountain yesterday - a championship level course in the woods. I figured the best strategy was to let my Comets do the talking, and that was a good plan - if I chose the right Comet for the shot. Bald Mountain is also a hilly course, so a few times I chose a Comet that faded more than I wanted. None of that mattered much, because some timing issue had me late releasing for the front 9, and on and off the back 9 - which meant it was scramble time!

Felt like I was on the back foot, trying to repair the damage I did to my score on the front, but I followed every birdie with an immediate bogey.

Today's moving day, so I get to try again, with better knowledge of which disc to throw on each hole, and a fresher memory of the shots needed. I can't wait 😈
Played a LOT better today. A few simple mistakes, but all in all a much better round. The right Comets do the right things, and I've gotten some more useful experience with shot selection on the course.

Chase card tomorrow, 3 strokes out of cash. Time to see if I can get under par on this beast of a course! 😤
Nerves were killing me on the first tee of the first A-tier in my country. But on hole 2 I chained out for an ace and got a tap in birdie and that really calmed the nerves.

Went on to shoot my highest rated round, despite 3 missed c1 putts. Currently holding a, uh... 17 stroke lead on 2nd place 🙄

Tomorrow it's gonna be raining, 20-25 mph winds and temperatures that feel like they're in the 20s, fun.
I won my division (FA55) in a C-tier event--WGE by 1 stroke to the same person who beat me in a playoff of last week. She is so awesome and I hope for many close rematches in the future. Don't laugh, but I shot my first 800+ rated round, and I'm excited about it.
Played again at Cougar Lake DGC this Sunday afternoon with my brothers in Christ and shot better today. -2 is something I can live with. Still alot of room for improvement with my putting at thus time.
Fun time last weekend. We had a four man field for the MA60s at a two day tournament playing Lapping Park and Seviren Lang. I started off -3 on the short track at Lapping before a three putt from 15' and a faceplant in a muddy lie got stuck in my brain for a few holes. I managed to get it back together, but finished with a disappointing even par round to leave me in third place, but within three of the leader. I thought Seviren Lang might be in my favor as I generally threw longer than the other guys, but two early double bogeys left me tied for last and playing catch-up. Fortunately, I got it turned around and finished the final 15 two over par and one stroke out of second for the weekend. Generally happy that I shot above my rating both days and was 36 points better for the tournament.

Leaving Friday for our Oregon Trail trip. Happy that I've been playing fairly well and should be able to enjoy the courses on the list.
+4 and +2 for the day on the red baskets at the venerable West Park.
My putter took quite a while to engage, and seemed all over the place for a good bit the first round. i.e. Par-ty!! But, I got another forehand Berg birdie throw-in, and the short woods holes loved the Rollo.
My last day at Bald Mountain was much better play than the first day, but thanks to a few punishing tree kicks, it scored no better. Taking a double bogey on a 217 foot hole was a bitter pill to swallow, and the half inch too close to a tree on my second shot of 18 turned that hole into another double, when that slim margin would've had me in a good position to throw an approach that could've gotten me the birdie.

All in all, I'm not as upset at the weekend as I could be - playing an 896 rated event with a pretty severe injury is no small feat! For now though, it's back to PT, to figure out what's gotten worse with my knee, since I started seeing them, and trying to get it rehabbed before River City Open in a few weeks...
Came in Second FA1 in the WGE at Boulder Woods in PA this past Sunday. Those of us in FA1 shot worse than the winner of FA2. I shot +8 the first round and +5 the second. Lost by 3 strokes.

It was a fun day. WGE's are something I look forward to every go around. I can't complain too much other than my rating might drop a bit. The 915 rated round a Coleman Park during Lebanon Ams Flex last month was the peak of my year so far. I'll get back there soon enough.
I played my first course bag of the year at Camp Cale North Carolina about 75 minutes from home. A short wooded course where I threw standstills 4 of the 9 holes. Hit the gap on the 5th hole on line for the basket, and hit the mound that the basket stood on. At normal height may of hit the Ace.

Revisited a course called Fun. Junkstion on the way home, the course was a wreck with grass as high as 6 feet, and leaning baskets. Turned around and went right back to the car. Went to the park office to confirm a rumor that the course was being moved to another section of the park, the rumors were correct and will be for the better.

One more stop at Camden Community Park, had bagged it 3 1/2 years ago. This time threw standstills 6 of 9 holes. Concluded since my last visit my game has matured.
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Played my "home course" Cedar Glades today. Almost birdied the very tough par 5 there but had to settle for a par. May go back tomorrow. Shot -2 today.
Played at Cedar Glades again this morning. Did you ever have one of those round where you make tough putts but miss the ones you should get? That was me today. Was throwing my drives a little nose up at times too. The par 5 hole 10 was my nemesis today. Ended up 2 over. I plan my revenge tomorrow weather permitting.
Today, the Texas heat hit with the high humidity. Brutal, even playing at 8 in the morning. High 80s, high humidity and I went through two large thermoses of water. I was soaked. If I scored correctly, practice round so that is debatable, best score ever..
Today, the Texas heat hit with the high humidity. Brutal, even playing at 8 in the morning. High 80s, high humidity and I went through two large thermoses of water. I was soaked. If I scored correctly, practice round so that is debatable, best score ever..

Don't miss getting up at 5 to walk the dog.

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