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The downside to ams playing random draw doubles


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Oct 17, 2008
North Denver
I love playing doubles. It gives me a chance to work as a team. Sometimes as an intermediate player I feel as though I am making my more experienced randomly draw partner angry because they got shafted with an am and not the another touring pro. This leads to making my game go further in to the toilet because I try too hard.

Usually the doubles rounds I have played are complete random draw. There is no separate am/pro pools. This leads to your super group of two 1000 rated players and then to your 1000 rated played who gets an 850 rated player as a partner. The 1000 rated player then gets resentful they got the shaft and proceeds to act like a jerk every time the 850 rated player doesn't hit that 20 foot putt or throw a perfect drive. So I would rather get paired with another person who has a modest rating and will serve as an encouraging partner than the 1000 rated player. While they might give me a better chance at winning, I care less about taking home $20 then having fun.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Anything you do to combat the jerk partner in doubles from ruining the round?
When he/she acts like a jerk play even worse on purpose.
^^^ with pink, ummm yeah, it seems like one player goes safe and the other goes for it is the standard in that situation (the upshot)... if they're rated that high they should be able to keep up any way and you should be able to learn and get lucky from time to time... sounds like you got paired with a feminine hygiene product...
I tend to feel the same way...usually its due to the pressure I put on myself. Problem is where I play its a bunch of pros and then me. I am the anchor that weighs the good players down and Ive ruined quite a few days fo players here. Usually players try to be supportive but I tend to play better alone and I even start taking less chances sometimes out of fear of completely screwing up. It's mostly mental and the eyerolls and angry glares are probably manifestations of my perception ...but I agree it sucks. I just remember that they are more than happy to take my money other days when they play against me so in the end F em!
That's unfortunate that you have multiple 1000-rated guys that are jerks. Doubles is supposed to be fun.....and most understand that. IMO, the organizer needs to switch things up and sign up players as A or B players then match up from the 2 groups to help eliminate this.

To add to what you say, I have seen jerks who cop an attitude about who they draw that are medium skilled players and lower skilled players......and proceed to make the round less than fun for the entire card. I do not think it is isolated to 1000-rated players.

I guess the silver lining for you might be to work on the mental issues this scenario inflicts on you. Although it is no fun being in the scenario you describe, you might as well make lemonade out of the lemons served you and try to overcome the mental distraction part (which is a huge part of improving as a player).
Two A players should not be able to pair up as a team, use the A and B pool system to even things out.
I play dubs on monday that are true random dubs and thursday that pair pro/adv with ams and I can see the pros/cons of both. The biggest pro to true random dubs is that it is easier to run and set up.
One of the clubs around here do the A and B pools. I definitely think that is the better way to go, makes everyone feel more comfortable knowing the teams are more balanced. The club and dubs that are closest to me I don't even bother with because I don't feel like ruining other people's rounds. Also its all guys, which makes it even worse for me as we have a couple 1000+ rated players here as well.
This most recent random draw doubles I did get paired up with a good guy. He was a bit better than me, but not an open player. There was a well know sponsored pro at this event. We drew cards for partners once, and due to a snafu with counting players we decided to redraw partners. The first draw I got paired with Mr. 1000-rated-dbag-player, he took one look at me, knew I wasn't a pro and was the first to yell about how he wanted a redraw, due to the counting mix up of course :cough::cough: Well I hope he lost a few discs in the water. Many of us did.

On the other hand I did get to play a super exclusive private course that is both challenging and beautiful. So I am glad I got paired with a decent feller this weekend, but I have had bad experiences including a random draw partner who was a very recent parolee. He was locked up for two years and full of angst. Guess who he took it out on when his rusty game didn't live up to his prison fueled fantasies. Lucky for me he left his bar of soap shiv at the pokey....
We have a good group of great pro players who don't mind teaching, having fun, and mentoring. But its usually the guys who are not quite top stuff who act all pissy when they get the inconvenience of playing with a lower rated player. I guess its cause they needed someone better then them to carry them for the round... (No offense to players in the 930 to 980 range).
If people playing random dubs want a decent partner ensured, perhaps they shouldn't be playing random dubs.
Every time I get paired with a local pro they help me. They don't resent the fact that they got paired with an AM because guess what, IT'S RECREATIONAL! We pay 2.00 to play, but it's nothing to be sore about if you don't win. Tell your pro partners to go **** themselves and give you some pointers when they act resentful.
If I got paired with a dude like that I would continuously compared their shots to the top tier pros. I would say things like "Schwebby hit that line" or "Was that a driver? MJ parked it with a comet" etc.
Guess I've been lucky, I've always been paired with super great guys. The best player I ever got paired with said, make me 5 shots and we will win. We did. I actually learned a lot, and played better for fear of screwing him up. And when I made a bad shot he smiled and said, don't worry, we're here to have fun.