The Grove Disc Golf Course @ Thompson Grove Park


Nov 29, 2021
Hi Everyone! I just installed a new course in New Jersey that I intended to be very challenging.

The Grove @ Thompson Grove Park - Manalapan Township, New Jersey

The course is almost exclusively in the woods with very demanding landing zones and tight lines. I have one hole that has a 6 foot gap but it's only about 10 feet away from the tee. Most of the courses nearby are intended for beginners and intermediate players. I was going for a 1000 rated par but I think I fell just short. It's very green now so the rough can be unforgiving and you'll find some wet spots and thorns. Sadly, no water carries. Many players who are accustomed to shooting under par around here have been shooting around +10 to +15. And only as handful of under par rounds have been recorded. I'm working hard to improve upon the initial design. Hopefully it'll attract some out of state players to try it and some of the other nearby courses too.

The tees are also 6' x 12' rough brushed concrete. Plenty of room for bigger X-steps but probably not quite big enough for James Conrad.

If you're passing through Northeast United States, please make some stops at Iron Hill, Tyler State Park, Stafford Woods, The Grove, Warwick, etc. There are so many other places to play too but we're working hard to build up the NJ disc golf scene.

I tried to upload a course map but it's too big. The links above will bring you to a map and pictures.

I'm Howardson Ford on FB messenger if you want to reach out directly.

P.S. Birdieing hole 6 (850 ft par 5) and hole 11 (750 ft par 4) would be very impressive and I'd like to see that.