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Whats the correct foot placement when throwing?

Feb 24, 2023
Hey everyone? I have a couple questions about proper placement of my feet, when I'm about to throw a RHBH.

What is considered the proper placement of one's feet? Should the feet be Shoulder width apart or wider? Should both feet be closed and slightly facing away from the target? Can I have my front foot turned to far away from the target before throwing. How much should they be staggered after coming out of the X-step?

I currently in the process of working on my timing and learning how to coil and take one step before throwing. I'm trying to make sure I don't drill bad habits or positions into my form. Thanks for any advice you guys can give me.
Proper foot placement rather depends on what kind of throw you are doing, and where the disc should wind up as a result of that cos it is yet another crucial moment for the load up sequence. What the front foot can, and should do is get your shoulder in place before you release, and so that it is essentially facing 180º away from where you want the disc to land. It should just be staggered enough to get the results you need. So, an anhyzer might require more. A hyzer will probably require less. But, make sure the front foot hits the ground before anything following it.
Now. Grab 10 discs of all speeds, and also stabilities, and go to a park or a soccer field, and start throwing them to learn what this means.
Very generally, your plant foot is perpendicular to the line of the throw. Draw a line from the tow of your back foot to the heel of your front foot, and that should also be your line of throw. Feet shoulder-width or slightly wider is fine. Both feet are barely on the ground at the same time, except very short throws.

Really depends on the shot shape. For strong anny/roller I have to step out further. For hyzer heel to toe is fine.

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