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Whats your headwind driver?

Dec 1, 2009
Powder Springs, GA
When i first started playing disc my disc of choice for a headwind has always been a destroyer or wraith. I still have a couple Wraiths but no destroyers and recently i feel like i have nothing to throw if a headwind 5mph+ comes along.

What disc do you throw in a good headwind? (strictly talking headwinds here, slam the disc into the dirt kinda headwind)

Do you use an overstable or understable disc and does weight come into play when throwing into the wind?
I use a Pro Starfire that is extremely stable for some reason.

I will continue to use it until it starts heading to the dark side from trees and what not...
xcalibur or force strong enough wind and they might waver a bit right but they finish left
Generally I throw a max weight champion boss into a headwind. I also have a max weight domey echo star destroyer that I use.
174g Z Pred or a 175 Star XCal

If I'm throwing BH then I'll grab a 168g Z Pred.
I have a 175 champ wraith that is just too much disc for me normally. But with a headwind; That disc flies pretty.
Depending on how much of a headwind there is, im throwing a 174g domey Z Force or a 175g XXX. If you throw below 300ft, maybe go for a Champ Banshee/1.7 run EXP1.
Also, one thing that is really important when throwing in the wind is to learn to throw low.
Rarely do I play in the wind anymore. I guess my theory on it would be to throw something overstable and throw it hard. For my the most overstable disc I have is a Star Firebird, so I guess I would throw that.
167 Banshee is back to try to overthrow the 150 Firebird. in the case of a headwind, I think just the weight alone will make the Banshee win out.
Seeing a lot of Predators out there looks like i might have to pick one up and try it.

Anybody have some under-stable discs they throw in the wind?

That might be possible depending on how understable it is for you personally, but I wouldnt find it as predictable.

I mean, I will default to a Teebird regardless of the conditions if I am not sure, but it is just stable, not understable, but maybe if you had a disc that is a little too fast for you, I suppose it could work.
I tend to use a 174+ champion Boss when throwing into the wind since it seems the most stable.

On the opposite, I found that the Boss is crap in a tailwind - then I go with a StarFire or SL