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Appling, GA

IDGC - Steady Ed Headrick Memorial

4.355(based on 71 reviews)
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IDGC - Steady Ed Headrick Memorial reviews

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Experience: 17 years 154 played 150 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Ed Headrick Memorial DGC

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 23, 2023 Played the course:once


Like the other IDGC courses that the Steady Ed Headrick Memorial DGC shares property with, it is graced with a pro shop on site, dedicated staff at the facility, practice baskets, an area to warm up drives, plenty of parking, nice tee signs, benches at ever tee, excellent navigational signage, the IDGC center complete with the Ed Headrick Memorial Museum, as well as a tournament pavilion complete with picnic tables, fans, & a vending machine. Those are at least some of the highlights of the IDGC complex as a whole.

This course in particular uses newer DGA MachX baskets, which are quickly becoming ones I love seeing on a course. They seem to catch really well. Most holes have multiple pin locations allowing for a varied challenge each time you play here. When I played, I believe they were all in the short position. From the long tees, short pin positions the course felt like an intermediate level course, with some areas that played slightly harder. The long pins likely make the course a true advanced course.

There are multiple water carry holes throughout the course that offer a wonderfully balanced risk/reward. I say this because each one of these holes also had a bailout route that would avoid throwing over the water, but would take birdie out of play (unless thrown in). The lake level does fluctuate, as all bodies of water do, so sometimes these shots may be more forgiving than others. When I played, the water appeared to be lower than the typical water line, but it didn't make the holes any less fun. During the fall/winter months Clarks Hill lake, like many lakes are, are drawn down a few feet- this would be a good time for less confident players to try these holes for the first time.

Elevation is utilized extremely well to create a dynamic round. Plenty of uphill and downhill tee shots throughout the course. Hole 5 from the long tees is a major standout as a long, downhill tee shot that carries over the water.

There are plenty of par 4s on the course as well that help keep things a little more interesting.

Steady Ed Headrick Memorial DGC has a lot of the same natural beauty of the other IDGC courses, but with beautiful lakeside holes as well.


The short tees did not have hole maps, but I think it is fine because you could mostly see the baskets from these tees anyway.

Like any course with water, the course would likely be prone to flooding. Many of the baskets are essentially on the beach of the lake. So if the lake level is ever up, many of the holes would be risky to play, if even playable. Baskets could be surrounded by water.

This isn't really a big issue (especially to me), but when the baskets are in the short positions, many of the par 4s will feel a bit short and likely won't require two well executed, full shots. After a good drive, advanced players will likely have some form of jump putt or chip shot to reach the basket. But that means if you are looking to be challenged by this course, be sure to try to check the pin positions online before showing up.

Other Thoughts:

The Steady Ed Headrick Memorial DGC was the third and final IDGC course I played the weekend before tree cutting begins to clear out the Southern Pine Beetle infestation. I am giving it a 4.5 rating and am so incredibly happy that it does not appear like this course is going to be affected by this situation, as it was an absolute blast to play. If I lived in the area of the IDGC three courses, Headrick would likely be the course I gravitate to the most for after work rounds.

If you play this course in the summer, it might be worth bringing some water shoes and quick dry shorts, as the water carries play over fairly gradual beaches, discs in the water can be retrieved.

Favorite Holes: 5, 8, 11, 13, & 15
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Iconic and Amazing Courses drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 28, 2019 Played the course:5+ times


- Plenty of parking available.
- Pro shop and facilities available.
- Pro level course.
- Lots of elevation change.
- Plenty of water in play.
- Mostly wooded but the lines are very fair.
- Beautiful Scenery
- Two tee pads for each hole.


- Not a whole lot to complain about

Other Thoughts:

The IDGC is such an amazing place to play at! The vibes are awesome, the historical aspect is so cool, and the courses are top notch. Steady Ed is the 2nd best course behind WR Jackson. More friendly to the shorter arms but still plenty of a challenge. Lots of water in play. Really tests your gap hitting abilities but the lines are very fair.
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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 7.1 years 27 played 27 reviews
4.50 star(s)

The fun course of IDGC

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 19, 2022 Played the course:2-4 times


- IDGC facility. Everything is fantastic.
- Incredibly scenic.
- Long and short tees make for a different experience.
- Once you figure out the trick with the next too signs, course is very easy to navigate.
- This course is flat out fun. Offers something for all skill levels, be it a challenge for most from the longs, ace runs from the shorts, or just a lighter disc golf experience compared to WR Jackson and Jim Warner.
- Nice tee pads, well maintained course.


- Hole maps are a bit dated.
- Short tees don't have a map. If you really want to see the hole, you need to walk to the long tee, look at the map, and play the short.
- I'm not a fan of the Mach X's. You just don't get that fulfilling chain sound when you nail putts. With that said, this could be a positive and these baskets fit the vibe very well.

Other Thoughts:

I played the Rockin' Out layout from the short tees. I absolutely loved it. It is a perfect compliment to WR Jackson and Jim Warner. Running the shorts as the sun sets was a perfect way to wrap up a day of grinding out WR and Warner. WR Jackson is iconic and will be the most memorable course of my trip, but I had the most fun at Steady Ed.

As a whole, IDGC is phenomenal and I cannot recommend it enough and Steady Ed is a big part of that.
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Experience: 5.8 years 323 played 316 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Easygoing Feel despite Tricky Woods and Water 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 27, 2022 Played the course:once


Maybe the easiest at the IDGC, but no walk in the park, Headrick offers great wooded and water plays.

-Amenities: Quite good. Concrete tees, signs with all info and map from longs (only hole info from the shorts), blue Mach III's, plenty of next tee signs. On site are lots of practice baskets, a pro shop, and the Hall of Fame and Headrick Museum.

-Scenery: Very beautiful. The "ugly" parts of the course are still nice pine woods; the "pretty" ones are pine-filled shorelines with great views of the lake.

-Multi-Tees/Pins: The tees vary the experience, but so do the pins. When I played, they were all in the long positions, which creates a very different course than if they were all short pins, or even a mix. The course can vary from a rec-level birdie fest to a lower advanced challenge of almost 8000'.

-Water Holes: There are plenty of water holes with varying water roles out here. These include simple watery backdrops, straightforward water carries, fairways parallel to the lake, and occasionally some combination of the two, such as (5) which has dual options (over a creek or the lake) and then plays out to a peninsula basket.

-Shot Shaping/Gameplay: Just when you get breaks from the water, you'll be met with challenging par-3s and nice multi-shot holes with smooth fairways. The par-3s are very tight and require full commitment, which means an early miss can easily spell bogey. The par-4s and -5s are on the shorter end and definitely scorable, but technical throughout. They make good use of split fairways and moderate hills over which you'll bend your shots. I played when only long pins were in position, but judging from the appearance, on a more normal arrangement of pins this is interspersed with more easily scorable par-3s that are more the technical fare expected of a Southern pine course.

-Consistency: This course doesn't let up. I couldn't peg any hole bad, and the only stretch that felt less than the rest was (2)-(4), when you're just getting warmed up anyway.


-Water Hazards: There are quite a few and they are hard to avoid. I lost one disc with an aggressive play, one disc on a safe play, and waded to get one from the only play.

-Tee Maps: I would love the maps on tee signs to be better. The current ones are old-fashioned and minimalistic, and don't give you enough information to visualize the routes when the basket isn't visible.

-Flooding: From reading the IDGC Facebook page, this course floods from time to time. When I played the day after a light rain, basket (5) was almost surrounded by water.

-Pay to Play: Between $8-$10, but easily worth the fee.

Other Thoughts:

When I first played the IDGC in 2020, Headrick was closed due to storm damage prolonged by a quarantine-size work crew. I thought that, since it was the easiest of the courses, it would be a fun birdie race where I threw midranges and went under par. Ha! Instead I found a challenging course with lots of multi-shot holes, challenging water plays, and overall delightful holes throughout. It has the feel of an easy rec-level course, but actually requires much more interesting gameplay, a combination that's hard to achieve. It doesn't let up throughout, and for that, it earns a place among the Phenomenal, albeit at the bottom of that category.

If you have the chance to visit the IDGC, do it. This course alone is worth it, and when combined with the excellent Warner and especially the utterly terrific Jackson, it's a great destination if you can put in 20,000-25,000 feet of disc golf.

-Mach III's: I'm undecided about these. On the one hand, they simply require more center-pole accuracy, but on the other hand, it's frustrating to see a putt a couple inches off fly straight through all the chains.

~Similar Courses: Primarily, Langley Pond DGP (Burnettown, SC). These are quite similar, with Headrick having more of the woodsy holes and Langley using the water a touch more creatively. The second most similar course is the back half of IDGC Warner, because, well, they are on extremely similar land. There are hints of Hobbs Farm (Carrollton, GA) or the wooded parts of Tyus (Griffin, GA).
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Experience: 5.8 years 113 played 102 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Challenging yet encouraging 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 22, 2022 Played the course:once


Overall, the course provides a lot of balance to accommodate both the newer or recreational player and the more advanced player. The layouts offer something for everyone. For example, when I played (from the red tees), the pin location was largely in the IDGC super layout barring holes 4 and 17. That layout has the pin in the long position on many holes, but this layout is also peppered with shorter ones that cut you a break.

For example, you start with 498 ft at no. 1 and then just 150 feet at no. 2. No. 3 is 366 feet and drops off the same shelf as no. 1. Then an uphill 225 for no. 4. Five and 6 are doable before getting into the harder nos. 7 and 8 and the super-long 573-foot dogleg-right no. 9. Which is followed by the get-able and short no. 10 before another monster at 11 (516 feet). That may sound rather Jekyll/Hyde, but the breaks are much appreciated as the tract itself has alot of elevation change. Indeed, you're pretty tired after all the walking alone!

The course is lakeside and thus very scenic. Besides the lake itself, there are ravines and creeks to deal with and perhaps as many uphills as downhills.

The tees are solid concrete, long enough, and tapered from rear to front.

The course doesn't seem to get busy on weekdays, so you can play with some degree of peace.

There is a good variety in the design of the holes with few that repeat themselves. Some fairways are really tight while others are wide enough for you to get your disc cleanly down the lane with some good distance.


There is a lot of elevation in the tract, so just be prepared to do a lot of walking and to give yourself extra time to get through the entire course. That's not really a con but just a heads-up.

The red tee signage is incomplete. You only get the distance but not the par. Is it always the same as the long tee? I believe yes except for no. 13. No picture of the hole to know where you are going either. So consult the blue tee sign before walking up to the red tee.

Some fairways along water's edge wind up underwater on occasion when the lake level rises. That makes the approach much more challenging, particularly if you are not a long thrower!

Other Thoughts:

You pay $3 to enter the park and then another $3 to play the disc golf courses. If you have the time/energy and start early, you can play all three courses in one day for just $3 or maybe two for $3 or one and a half for $3. I think all of that is a good deal. You can make this be as economical as you wish.

And if you want your $3 for the park entrance fee to pay for itself better, then also plan to fish, camp, boat, picnic, hike, or bike as well (smile).

Be sure to visit the small museum room in the HQ building.

There are practice putting baskets on the large green field behind the building and other putting baskets in the woods below the picnic pavilion and between Headrick hole 1 and Warner hole 10.
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The Element of Water 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 16, 2021 Played the course:once


-Named after the brilliant man that brought us the game of disc golf! The Steady Ed course is a memorable gem at the International Disc Golf Center! This is one of three courses on the site. Steady Ed is course that brings the "water" element to life at the International Disc Golf Center. Consists of many water hazards over the shallow side of the lake. The most visible parts. Displays the "softness" and "repose" of water, as this course is the most forgiving of the three and does not play over any deep parts of the lake. Meaning that discs are retrievable and the course has the most birdie opportunities.
Signature hole is #5. The challenging 517' downhill par four over that shallow side of the lake. Hole gives a clear portrayal of the fact that this is indeed the "water" course and shows a more destructive side of water, along with several other holes with the water in play.

-It's the most forgiving course, yes. Pros will have a few chances to make eagles here. The par fives are both just under 700' and are not too complex and are both easy birdies from the long pads for pros and reasonably simple for advanced players. While the short pads on those holes are reasonably simple for intermediate players. Even par on the longs probably plays a rating around 925-930 here most of the time. Some short par fours from the longs, such as #2 and #18 that are easy to birdie. The short pads offer many short par three under 200', giving ace opportunities along with short par fours and a couple of par fives with less scoring separation but still present to you the lake with the possibility of getting wet and some demanding fairways that are crucial to hit in order to be rewarded. Even though its the softer course, it has some tough holes. The toughest ones consist of the most OB. So in order to score well, avoiding the water is a must do.

-It's a water course with elevation! Gotta love that blend! The first five holes play down and up hill with great elevation changes. Several holes exceed 25' in elevation with a few exceeding 35' in the long pin locations. The elevation dies down after the first five but comes back toward the end starting on #15.

-#15 was probably my favorite hole. A very generous and gorgeous 685' par five, (500' from the short) that's uphill the whole way. Offers a wide fairway with plenty of room. It's a long hole, but a nice birdie opportunity after playing #11 through #14. All difficult holes with either water, a tight fairway or both (ahem #14). #17 was another excellent hole. Super fun and scenic valley hole with the basket located in a circle of rocks! And yes, I obviously loved #5! That's an epic shot from the long pad. Elevated tee, water all along the right side. Two possible lines to hit. The left side is tighter with a tougher line to reach the fairway down the hill and the right side is risky to throw on. This hole is not easy on first timers, so you'll probably love it more if you play here frequently.

-Great use of rock work! Several baskets have rock greens without a whole lot of roll away risk. It's just a scenic feature that makes you glad to play here.

-Incredibly well polished. All three of the courses here are so well kept and cleared. It's very blatant that the staff works very hard to keep this place top notch. I mean, each of the three courses have their own special entrance!

-Cool blue mach 3 pins. Nice concrete tees. The property has several different basket brands to practice on. Steady Ed has two pin locations per hole. Some of them are a lot longer in distance in the long pin locations. Like the first hole! It's 300' and straight in the short pin from the elevated long pad. The long pin is nearly 600' and plays as a much tougher hole that is a par four in that location! Requires a lengthy and straighter drive off of the pad. Same with #13. The short pin is a very difficult par three being 350' over a water carry. The long pin location is a scary dogleg right par four being over the water and then uphill to the right side.

-The rough is probably one of the main parts of the course that makes it more forgiving. I had plenty of errant tee shots that landed in the rough and was able to save par on most holes that I screwed up on. As long as you avoid the lake, the trouble factor isn't too high here.


-I mean, you'll need to bring a change of clothes. The water holes are no joke. #5 is a very tough par four that requires your disc to hyzer out left quite a bit and dodge a few guardian trees of the dry land you aim for. I got wet on this hole. #12 is a tough carry over the water from the blue pad because you have to throw nearly 300' to clear it, unless you play safe and throw to the right side. I went pretty far in the lake on #13 and got soaked from shoulder to toe. It's a little harder to play when you are soaked with water. Luckily I brought a change of clothes.

-#6 and #14 are mirror images of each other. Short flat holes with the lake on one side. Felt a little too similar. I thought #6 was a bit of a filler, #14 was a little more interesting since there was an option to throw a big flick over the lake but both holes were the least fun of the course.

-Beware of snakes in the summertime. There are plenty of venomous snakes in Appling, GA. About 15 to 16 per square mile in Georgia. Additionally, there could be water snakes that prevent you from retrieving discs that land in the water.

Other Thoughts:

-Ed Headrick was a man of honor. He's the inventor of the game that we never get sick of! A true genius who believed that golf could be better with frisbees or flying objects while others probably had no idea just how awesome the game could be! Fought in World War II just like my great grandfather! Makes me wonder if the two ever knew each other! Ed had a creative mind that made him the skilled inventor that he was! Was a man who deserved to have a great course dedicated to his honor as he designed hundreds of courses and held so many tournaments. This man worked so hard to make the game the success that it is!

-The pro shop is excellent too! Consists of all disc brands and a wide selection of each one! The staff are very friendly and offer a great discount for the Military and for PDGA members. It's $3 to enter and $3 to play all day. A $6 well spent here! Between Steady Ed, Jim Warner, and WR Jackson (the greatest course on the site), you really have it made here at the center! Don't hesitate to come play these courses! I'd recommend them all for anyone just for the sake of the experience!

-This course is hilly. No elevation that is extreme; I wouldn't say it's too much of a leg workout but it can be a bit tiring. Take advantage of the benches because there are many benches located by the tee pads. I think everyone should play Steady Ed! Just plan accordingly and bring water or some hydrating beverage. Jim Warner is even more hilly and WR Jackson is very long with a good amount of elevation too, but I played all three courses without a coffee break in between.
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Technical, Fun & Scenic 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 8, 2020 Played the course:2-4 times


Sunday Mornings, the PDGA shop is open to secure new plastic and maybe buy a disc fisher lol.

Course uses the lake, elevation change and trees nicely.

Beautiful fall weather, full lake and falling leaves enhance the fun.

Best course of the three onsite for geezers & folks w/o a 500+ ft drive.


Signage and next Tee navigation can be confusing in a couple of places.

Could use a few more trash cans throughout. Would encourage more cleanup by players if you knew a trash can was at the next tee.

Other Thoughts:

Disc Golf is well suited for the pandemic. Outside, easy to distance, and hours of fun!

Not sure but I believe some holes have been redesigned since I last played here about 6 years ago. Seems like more holes incorporate the Lake now.

Parking lot was full when we arrived on a Sunday morning but we didn't run into anyone on the course.
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4.50 star(s)

Appropriately named after a Legend 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 4, 2020 Played the course:once


Of all the courses I've played, this one probably deserves the most to be named after Steady Ed. Bold statement, I know, but it has one of the greatest balances of fun and challenge that I've ever seen. It makes sense that this was the first course built at the IDGC, with the designers (who are pretty legendary, by the way) taking advantage of the beauty and challenge of the lake. This is truly one of the most beautiful places I've ever played, right up there with Selah Lakeside and Sugaree.

The challenge is real though. It's often referred to as the "fun" course at the IDGC and it provides an awesome mix of shot and hole variation - some of the best I've seen altogether. There are tightly wooded holes, ones with wider and grassy but technical fairways (and often longer par 4's), and the signature water shots.

The heavily wooded holes are super fun, using elevation and careful pin placement to add to the challenge, whether behind spots of trees or within boulders. The water holes are truly some of the most scenic holes I've ever played and utilize the water in different ways - over the water as a fairway and with tricky pin placements such as a peninsula green. You are often given a safe alternative to drive off the tee or approach the basket, but you can get your money's worth if you want. In addition, there are winding creek holes on 4, 8, and 16, though I'm sure it's been awhile for a few of them since they weren't dried up.

The multi-stage holes with wider fairways are the holes that stood out as being the most pleasant surprise. Holes 7, 9, 11, and 15 are great examples of this. 11 is very unique - I've never thrown a hole that had 3 wider but distinct fairways the way it did.

The short tees here offer by far the easiest layout on site and help ease the danger on the water shots, so novice players can definitely hold their own here.

Course maintenance was great, as you would hope for at the IDGC. Every dollar to play is worth it, and actually feels too low given what you are offered when you come here.


Honestly not much. Players with huge arms will probably want more chances to go all out. There are some chances but not a ton for the bigger arms to pull away.

Not much close by in terms of gas or food. From our direction from the I-20 exit, there was 1-2 gas stations and one bbq food truck in about 20 minutes driving.

Other Thoughts:

Looking ahead of time, I could tell that I was going to really enjoy this course. It fits right into my skill level and what I seek in a course, and it still surpassed my expectations a bit. As others have said, it's a great compliment to WR Jackson, and playing both of these in a day offers possibly the most fulfilling two rounds I've ever played back to back. Add on the very solid Jim Warner and you have an incredible, must-stop destination.

As an aside, we took a guess about which order would be best for two of us to successfully play in. We did Steady Ed first, followed by WR Jackson and then Warner the next day. Afterwards, I feel like this is the best way to play all three. Either way, all are three compliment each other so well and I can't wait to get back.
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Amazing Well Rounded Challenging 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 11, 2019 Played the course:2-4 times


Wow, this course is spectacular, very well rounded with great use of elevation on almost every hole, so many fun shots that are still technical and a testament to skill. This course is fun and technical while still rewarding the good shots and punishing the bad ones. It's hard to write about why this course is so good simply because they just did everything right in designing it and making just an overall fun course.


The mach 3s are newer and nice (For being mach 3s), would LOVE to see some better baskets out here (the other two baskets have discatchers and chainstar pros which are the two premium baskets on the market). There are also a couple of pin placements that seem not entirely fair with baskets on hills right next to water.

Other Thoughts:

If you visit Augusta, play this course and Jackson, they are fun and hard in their own ways, complimenting one another very well.
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"Steady" Ed Would Have Been Proud. 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 22, 2018 Played the course:once


(4.463 Rating) A medium length technical course with lots of elevation and scenic lake views.
- RAW BEAUTY - The most beautiful portion of an amazing piece of property. Clarks Hill Lake makes four wonderful appearances on this layout. Hole (13) is a killer looking throw over an inlet with the basket sitting on a peninsula with slanted elevation. Several holes have incredible rock elements in play and around baskets. Several lines out here are worthy of snapping and then messaging to your friends to make them jealous. In totality I scored the course 4.75 out of 5, which is roughly on the fringe of my top ten as of this review (310 courses currently played).
- ACEABILITY - By far the easiest course to ace of the three layouts at the IDGC. There are two sets of tees on this layout and many of the short tees to short basket placements are under 200 feet.
- CHALLENGING - Although the short tees are by far the easiest layout out here, the long tees are going to change the dynamic enough to have Intermediate level players finishing around even par. There are several 300 foot plus holes with tight twisting lines and a few gut checking water clears.
- CHARACTER - On the course itself, there are a lot of extras. A wonderful large course map is located at the entrance path of the first tee. There are multiple basket placements on 16 holes that will intrigue re-plays. There are multiple tees on every hole. The back tees are large trapezoidal concrete pads and the front tees are rubber. There is excellent tee signage for the back tees while the front tee signage is adequate. I wish the baskets were nicer however. I wonder if Mach IIIs were chosen to pay homage to Headrick.
- NAVIGATION - Getting around on all three course is great compared to the typical wooded course. Like Jackson and Warner, there are lots of navigational markers between holes. As stated above, the tee signage was great too.
- UNIQUENESS - The variety is top notch. Lots of elevation change, lots of water and lots of twisting lines in every which way direction. There are a couple tight bomber lines and there's a good mix of very well guarded and dead aim basket placements. The biggest thing missing compared to the other layouts here is the overall length. There are also no openish holes on this layout, unless one decides to run a shot well over the water.
- SKILL LEVEL FRIENDLY - A two tee set-up makes this course the most user friendly of the three courses at the IDGC. I ran into a player on Jackson and I could tell by the strain in his voice that he was overwhelmed. The Headrick course will appeal to Novice level players for the front tee configuration.
- QUICK PLAY - Probably about average or maybe a touch longer to play than the average course. However, the other two courses will take much longer, so any traveler looking for the quickest of the three should choose this layout.
- FACILITES - The extras away from the course are over the top. I guess that seems fitting for the PDGA headquarters. There's a huge pro shop. A comfortable air-conditioned lounge area. A museum with one of Headrick's ash infused discs. There's vending and grills, a huge shelter, picnic tables and 5 practice baskets in a warm-up field. The combination of all of these features on and off the course very much added to my experience.
- LOCATION - 54 high quality holes in one location. This place is a whole day destination.


I have to get epic picky to find complaints here.
- WATER HAZARDS - Of the three courses, The Headrick back tee layout has by far the greatest disc loss potential. On hole (12) I threw one far in, but thankfully my playing partner was all for diving into the water and he fished my disc out in 4 feet deep of water. I rewarded him a $5 finder's fee. Holes (6) and (13) are also a couple of pucker up plays from the back tees.
- TERRAIN - Players that have bad knees or ankles should probably avoid coming to the IDGC. There are lots of undulations in the fairways and I also personally smacked a couple smaller stumps and tree roots. The Headrick layout does appear to be somewhat cart friendly so a Zuca should work well out here.
- PAY TO PLAY - I want to say I paid three dollars for the general park entrance fee and another three bucks for my all day green's fee as I'm a PDGA member. (Non-PDGA members have higher green's fees.) 100 percent worth it for this course by itself.

Other Thoughts:

A course that Headrick would have been proud to know bears his name. I've only played one Steady Ed course myself, Brahan Springs, and I swear that Brahan and this course have the same technical line feel to it. So, if Kennedy and Monroe were going for a design that Headrick would have done himself, this was a complete design success. As for the course itself, I absolutely loved it and I favorited it right away. So many jaw dropping lines with risk reward options. I ran the numbers from scratch several times and had this course each time ranked similar to Jackson, but for complete different reasons. From looking at all the reviews between Jackson and Headrick, I can tell there's a big disagreement on which is the favorite among of the two. The reason for favoritism differences is that Jackson offers different elements over Headrick. Jackson is championship style course requiring advanced skills, course management and length. Whereas Headrick is a more of a quirky shot shaping course with killer beauty. Picking a favorite between the two clearly comes down to player preferences. I personally enjoy both styles equally and both courses are executed extremely well for the style the designers were going for, thus my similar ranking. Anyone coming to the IDGC really needs to plan for all three courses. You are doing yourself a disservice by just choosing one of them.
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Yup. I think I found a winner 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 12, 2018 Played the course:once


Look, here's what it is: This is the most fun course I have ever played. I waited till I played some other top courses on my road trip (Hobbs Farm before this, Harmon Hills afterwards, a few other highly rated ones in between and still after), and still believe this just far surpasses all of them for me.

Hedrick (the course, not the man), is the lakeside course at the IDGC, so naturally the most beautiful (if you're into large bodies of water, like I am). The rolling hills were gentle, and never daunting, never too steep. The fairways were open, inviting. The pars were exactly what you'd like them to be (disclaimer, the pins were in the short position when I played so I thought they were actually pretty generous a lot of the time).

There are so many iconic holes on this course. The downhill hyzer over the lake. The tree behind the basket. The split fairway par 4. The other one over the lake without as much elevation change. I loved so many of these holes. They are so lovingly designed.

There are two full size pads on each hole. Each pad has a detailed sign with hole diagram. Navigation is straightforward, and when it isn't- there's a sign to help you!

Also the course is in a beautiful park with an exTENSIVE pro shop on site. So if you do lose a disc, you can replace it right there. And get a shirt.

I hate to end the pro's section so soon, but I just can't think of any more ways I can boast this course.


There is, sadly one thing I would change if I had all the money in the world and could do whatever I wanted: the baskets. They're bright blue which is nice, but having Mach III's on a course this stellar just seems unfair.

But I will say, it does add a bit of endearing charm and character. Like it's just humble, and self-deprecating.

Other Thoughts:

Other thoughts? Yeah I liked this course better than Lake Claiborne (my personal second right now), Parc des Familles (one of the best Houck courses I've ever played, but is completely flat), Hobbs Farm, Harmon Hills- and I think those are all the Top 50 courses I've played (PdF isn't there yet, but I'll bet all the money I've lost in the crevices of my car and house and clothes pockets that it will be).

IDGC is a great destination. This and the proshop, and meeting some of the staff were worth the trip by far. I didn't care for the Warner course as much, and Jackson was closed the day I was there.

But I would go again just to play this one. I finished that course just so excited and happy and that's really what this sport is all about.
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Rock Steady 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 17, 2018 Played the course:once


Very scenic course (bring your camera). The lake comes into play on several holes. It will take you up and down some nice elevation and features a nice variety of tree types. The course has concrete blue tees and carpet red tees. Adequate tee signs and plenty of next tee signs make navigation very easy. Two sets of pin placements that get switched around once in a while. And of course, it is very fun to play.

A nice pro shop, disc golf hall of fame and museum, and two more 18 hole courses on site. $5.00 per car park entrance fee and $5.00 per person to play (all three courses for all day. $3.00 for current PDGA members and locals) which is a bargain for this facility.


So what keeps my rating down a little? Well, for a pay-to-play it is almost completely lacking in amenities. There was one trash can on the whole course. The am tees are carpet and can be very slippery. Bring your own broom though as there are none on the course. There are only simple benches and they are all on the pro tees. The course kind of lacks the polish that the other courses here have. It just felt a little rough around the edges.

Other Thoughts:

Still, this is a wonderful course, a blast to play and is probably the best course here for new/rec level players. This is a five-star facility and every disc golfer should strive to play here at least once in there lifetime. Also, the guy working at the pro shop said that there are plans to renovate this course in the future.
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Great way to enjoy the IDGC 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 8, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times


Of the three courses here at IDGC, Steady Ed is probably the easiest and most scenic. Make no mistake, this course has its mix of elevation, length, tunnel shots, and all the rest... but when you compare the difficulty to the other two... it's just not as punishing (at least when the lake is down). The back half of the course along the lake is just beautiful. Really memorable and fun.

And the other stuff to make a great facility:

- Dedicated staff at facility
- Pro shop on site
- Plentiful parking
- Maintained grounds
- Tee signs on each hole
- Next tee direction markers after each basket
- Benches and shade coverings if waiting at teepad
- Practice area for putting and approaches
- Scorecards, etc available in pro shop


There's not much to say bad about this course. Just be prepared to walk up and down hills A LOT. You may also come across some wildlife such as snakes and spiders out there.

Other Thoughts:

This is one course of three at the IDGC... and like I said above... probably the easiest in terms of difficulty. The entire facility is great. It's definitely worth a visit if you're in the Augusta area. To make it a real adventure, camp in Wildwood Park (where the course is located). Reservations can be made online.
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The father of Disc Golf's namesake course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 21, 2017 Played the course:once


This course has a great blend of wooded holes that offer nice lines and a nice sloping terrain. Good mix of up and down playing holes as well as dog leg L and R holes. The signage is great providing you with all the proper information and the tees are ample allowing for the proper run up. Multiple pin placements and multiple tees keep things from getting stale.
Directional arrows to keep you on the correct path and benches and bridges in the appropriate spots.
This course also has a nice mix of short, moderate, and longer holes. There are a few holes where you can get a birdie or two as well.


The transition from 12's basket to get to 13's red tee was a bit lengthy and slowed the flow of the round down a bit.
The terrain is a bit rockier on this course so footing might be an issue for some.
The tee mats on the red tees could be slick at times.
These are minor cons.

Other Thoughts:

This is one of 3 courses that can be found at the International Disc Golf Center. It is pay to play, $3, and is the bargain of the year and totally worth it. This course doesn't have the overall length of W. R. Jackson or the elevation of Jim Warner but it does have a solid balance of great lines and moderate length. There is elevation present here and the views from the lake serve as a nice background for your round. This course offers a solid mix of great golf and will test you both your mental approach and your shot selection.
I throughly enjoyed my rounds here and I would drive back from Kansas in a heartbeat to play any one of these 3 courses.
Do yourself a favor and plan a trip to the IDGC and play all 3 of the courses in this complex. Make a day of it and tour the Disc Golf Hall of Fame and PDGA headquarters which are on site. If you love quality disc golf and the history of the game then this place will be heaven to you. I can't wait until I can return someday and relive this experience. So worth it.
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Worth the trip 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 2, 2017 Played the course:once


Well maintained
Benches at almost every hole.
very scenic



Other Thoughts:

The whole IDGC is a wonderful experience, and I would highly recommend taking the trip at some point. This course was the shortest of the three, but offered some very interesting water hazards and a very scenic walk. Definitely a lot of fun.
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IDGC - Steady Ed Headrick Memorial 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 16, 2016 Played the course:once


Has concrete tee pads for the long tees with notches carved across and rubber tee pads for the short tees

Has benches throughout the course

Has tee signs

Most holes have alternate basket placements

Some holes have multiple lines to the basket

Custom baskets are painted light blue and easier to locate than the typical Mach III baskets

Has next tee signs posted throughout

More wooded than open fairways with doglegs and elevations

Challenging, long course with variety of pars

Nice scenery

Water comes into play on almost half of the holes where there are opportunities to lose discs but the current drought has significantly reduced the water levels of the lake and creeks for that not to be a concern

Had whole course to myself on a Wednesday afternoon

Has a storm shelter


Has practice baskets from different manufacturers


Distances on tee signs are not accurate and need updating

Has no tee signs for the short tees

Pay to play but worth it

Other Thoughts:

This is the first of the three challenging scenic courses at IDGC that I enjoyed playing. This course is the one that I enjoyed most as it is most scenic and will require many shots to shoot a low score. The course takes advantage of its hilly terrain and lake to make a fun and enjoyable layout. The pay to play can dissuade some from playing but I have paid more to play a less enjoyable course before. $3 to enter the park and $3 for a PDGA member to play all day is a bargain! In the clubhouse, the pro shop sells discs from many manufacturers as well as issue out course maps and scorecards with the highlighted current pin positions. Along with the pro shop, there is a snack machine, breakroom, restrooms, and the Hall of Fame all inside the clubhouse operating from 9am-5pm. A soda machine is located outside the clubhouse underneath the pavilion nearby. Playing this course and one of the other two on the same day makes a nice day trip.
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Enjoy 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 26, 2016 Played the course:once


Multiple tees: Dont throw the long ones unless you have the skill. Some long tees need a long shot over water and you dont want to lose a disc if you dont have the skills for the consistent throw.

Terrain: From rolling hills, lakes, creeks, and even large boulders, you will see it all on this course.

Shots: Mostly wooded but cleared out in most areas so your not totally punished for an errant shot.

Baskets: All of the baskets are in great shape and some are well guarded. I highly suggest you scout them out if you dont know whats beyond them. Some baskets bump right up to within a few feet of the water. Go long and its gone.

Signage: You'll never wonder where the next hole is. At each basket there is a sign on a nearby tree telling you where to go.


Short tees: The hole map and par value are on the long tees only. There could be something for the shorter tees because not all holes require you to go to the long tees to get to the short ones.

Other Thoughts:

Beautiful course that is well maintained. No issues and this should be on your hit list if you're in the area.
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Amazing mix 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 6, 2016 Played the course:once


I loved this course.

Great pads: the longs are grippy concrete and the short red pads are inset rubber mats.

Great signage and directions.

Nice elevation usage, maybe the best of the IDGC. Awesome use of water as well you have to throw over the creek or edge of the lake on several holes.

Some naturally elevated and guarded baskets as well.

Baskets are awesome blue DGA baskets they look smallish but catch well and the blue is super easy to see.

Amazing course overall.


A lot of water shots could be scary to low power throwers.

One of the bridges is a little sketchy.

Can't complain though this course is fun.

Other Thoughts:

Great mix that is fun to the point that it perfectly honors the man who said "whoever has the most fun wins".

Really had a great time.
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Steady Ed done proud 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 7, 2015 Played the course:2-4 times


- SPECTACULAR ELEVATION & GREAT LAYOUT. Coming from coastal North Carolina, this was something I enjoyed immensely. (They elevation changes, I mean...we have some great layouts in NC too!) Allow me to elaborate:

* You start #1 with a dead-straight shot (which is relatively straightforward), but it's downhill with trees on either side which, optically, makes it incredibly deceiving. Because of the downhill shot it looks further than it is, so a straight fairway driver like a Seer or a beat-in Teebird seems in order but those will fade too hard. For those with power a putter is your best bet, but those (like me) who are erratic or have less power you might want a mid-range.

* #2 is a blind, pseudo-uphill shot from the tee to the right. Do yourself a favor and check out the distance before you throw. You can see the pin on your trek from the #1 pin, but the elevation may make you reconsider your choice of plastic after you see the line from the tee. I found an easy little turnover shot worked pretty well, but your mileage may vary.

* #3 is another downhill shot through a tight gap in the trees that is a natural throw for RHBH. You'll have to make up your own mind as to your disc selection when viewing the pin from the teebox. There are too many options to name.

* #4 is a sharp, uphill hyzer-flip shot next to the lake around a group of protestor trees with limbs that can smack your tee-shot down like Dikembe Mutombo in those commercials ("No, no, no!") if you're not accurate. There is also an anhyzer line to the right through the trees if you're brave that could lead to a legitimate birdie look, but if you miss your line you'll be in jail. Definitely a risk-reward hole, but if you birdie this one you deserve a raise.

* #5 was my favorite hole on the course. This just-shy-of 400 foot, extremely downhill par 4 offers one of the most exciting disc golf holes I've ever played. Two distinct lines are present. If you hit the left anhyzer/flick line, you could probably birdie this hole. However, if you hit the more obvious line - through the gap in the trees to the right, carry straight over the water for a hot minute and fade hard - you may end up with a drop-in eagle...and you will likely find it one of the prettiest shots you've ever thrown. If the IDGC is a destination for you and not your local course, you owe it to yourself to bomb it out and put "skyrockets in flight," going big over the water. If you hit your line you'll go home with "afternoon delight" and dreaming of that beautiful shot over the lake for weeks to come. (Sorry...couldn't resist.) If you don't hit your line you may end up swimming, but the water's not too deep and actually quite refreshing.

* I won't go through the whole course, but suffice it to say that each hole is very different. I can honestly say that not once did I feel like I played the same hole twice.

- OUTSTANDING TEE-PADS & SIGNS. Navigation is relatively easy even for a first-timer to the course because of the great signage and the teepads are level concrete that makes them grippy even in wet conditions.

- SHORTER (e.g. A NICE BREAK.) After playing Jim Warner and W. R. Jackson, sometimes you just want the fun without the crazy mileage on your Merrell's. This isn't to imply there aren't long holes...there are. It's just that on Steady Ed you get just as much (if not more) enjoyable disc golf without wearing yourself out.

- WATER SHOTS. That's probably enough said and maybe not such a big deal to you, but I couldn't help but get all pumped full of adrenaline every time I had to throw one. I love that.

- GREAT AMENITIES. This will apply to all three courses at the IDGC. At the head of each course lies the International Disc Golf Center, which not only offers shade in its cold-drink-stocked pavilion surrounded by perfectly manicured grass covered with numerous baskets by several manufacturers, it also provides you an outstanding disc golf shop that houses more disc golf history and memorabilia than you could absorb in a day. This is truly a Mecca for any die-hard disc golfer.


There aren't many...

- Few trash cans on the course. There are literally two: One at the beginning and one between #7 and #15. If you're planning on snacking or drinking during your round make sure to bring a trash bag or keep the top of your DD Ranger bag empty. This course deserves to be kept immaculate.

- Mach 3 baskets. I know some love these and there's definitely some logic behind putting old school baskets on the course named for the man who invented the game, but these things just don't catch as well as the DisCatchers on W. R. Jackson or the ChainStars on Jim Warner. I definitely need to work on my putting (no question there!) but I can't help but be thankful for the advances in basket technology after playing this course with the Mach 3s.

- Straight through 18. The other two courses start and end the front and back at the IDGC near the parking lot, but because of its shorter length Steady Ed plays straight through with 10 starting about ¾ of mile from the IDGC. Not too awful terrible, but if you go in not knowing this after having had W. R. Jackson chew you up and spit you out earlier during a hot Georgia day, you might find the walk up the hills back to your car a little tedious if you only planned on playing the front.

- No topless Hooters girls frolicking along the #8 fairway.

Other Thoughts:

This is the first course I've rated 5.0 and if you haven't played the IDGC, you need this in your life. Not because *I* say so, but because fundamentally it's a phenomenal course. It has everything you could ever want in a disc golf course, to say nothing of the profound justice it does to the legacy of "Steady" Ed Headrick and his impact on the game. Any hard-core disc golfer with the means and motivation owes it to him or herself to make the trek to Wildwood Park to take on these three outstanding courses. They are SO worth it. Add to that the fact that the campground is within walking distance to the IDGC and the courses (though I wouldn't recommend it), offers a great atmosphere on the lake, and is pretty darn nice in its own right makes the trip a no-brainer.

Of the three courses, Steady Ed DGC is the most forgiving and, in my opinion, the most fun - with Jim Warner DGC a close second on the fun scale. (W. R. Jackson, for all its perks and challenges, is the course that made me realize just how bad my game is and how awesome the pros who shoot under par on this course really are.) Steady Ed was far and away my favorite of the three and definitely pays great homage to the eponymous founder's "Most fun wins!" adage by offering just that.

I can't say it strongly enough: If you have the opportunity to make the trip to Appling, do yourself a favor and visit Wildwood Park. And if (God forbid) you only have time to play one course at the IDGC, it should be Steady Ed. You won't regret it.
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Flawless little course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 24, 2015 Played the course:once


Perfect flow and navigation. There were signs guiding you to every tee, there was a kiosk map, and paper maps were provided. No possible way to lose time looking for the next tee.

2 tees. Long tees were concrete, short tees were rubber.

Nice signage with multiple lines shown.

Nice Custom Baskets in great shape.

Course was well suited for every level of player. Course was tight enough to require finesse for birdies, but forgiving enough for newer players to save par.

many water hazards, most holes offered safer ways around the water, but the more risk you take the greater the reward.

great variety in shots, elevation, density of foliage, and hole distance.

Shadiest of all 3 courses

Pros that Apply to all 3 Courses on site:
Air conditioned lounge where you can watch disc golf on a flat screen while you rest.
Pro shop that sells a wide variety of discs, clothes, and even saved my round by selling Advil.
Vending Machine that dispenses 38 degree drinks.
2 other courses on site
Disc Golf Museum.


To find a con on this course you really have to dig deep and nit pick.

Hole 11 had no indicator to which placement the basket was in.

Every hole was in the short position.

On hole 13 you have to walk over hole 8's tee for a fraction of a second to get back to the fairway from the bridge.

If you have to leave to get food between rounds expect a pretty long drive unless you want to settle for convenience store food.

It does not loop after 9, but I was glad it did not. The flow was so much better than the other courses that were split into 2 loops.

Other Thoughts:

This course appeals to the widest variety of players. The amenities are top notch. This course does not have the signature holes and the wow factor of some other courses, but it is a good course that was done flawlessly for a smooth enjoyable round.
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