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    Disc Golf’s Popularity May Be Declining

    i imagine disc golf groups on myspace are even more in decline. facebook is dead. not disc golf
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    How Fast or Slow do you Play?

    two reasons. i can play two rounds fast or one round slow, i choose more rounds. i play better when i play fast.
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    Paul Ulibarri 427' Throw in

    a little redundant here, wouldn't you say?
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    Southernmost in USA

    Yeah, I'll definitely give it a spin next time I'm down that way.
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    Southernmost in USA

    continental US. Hawaii is much further south
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    Should I do a course review?

    you should at least update course conditions, say that it is unfinished
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    Movement in top 10

    i mean sure, if you want 6-7 replies from people saying what their favorite courses are and completely ignoring the travel plans you just described,
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    Why do people hate disc golf?

    Us not being aware of does not equal it not existing. A quick google search reveals it was discovered in the 1600s. (Around when microscopes were invented) I would assume it has been around longer than that.
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    Pls don't add courses under construction

    Yeah, I've added to courses that were put in in city parks. I found out about them because a family member sent me an article in the news paper about their opening. Several months later when I returned to my home state, they were still not listed here. I played them, photographed them and...
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    Playing Through Etiquette

    does this even happen? if someone asks you if they can play through, you are probably already the douchebag.
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    Salient News and Notes

    i think they change up the brand strategy, go for the honest route SCOUNDREL DISC GOLF: You knew we was snek when you bought our bag
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    Movement in top 10

    never heard of disc golf course review review?
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    Classic Review lines

    There are actually 11, (I think) but some are really subtle.
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    top 10 courses

    Hmm, interesting thought. If someone made an account and reviewed all of those courses, but wrote the reviews in Finnish, would you consider them helpful?
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    Review by reposado in course West Meadowbrook Park

    2.50 star(s) Fun course that should satisfy disc golf cravings on a daily basis. I'd categorize the course as park style and is mostly open with pockets of woods and brush that define that fairways and force almost every teeshot to be on a specific line for the basket to be reached. The actual fairway...