[Discmania] 2023 Discmania MD5 Proto


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Aug 29, 2020
The new Discmania MD5 is nothing like the original Innova mold that was some kind of Gator. It's beadless, high wing, rounded edges (unlike the Mutant), small diameter and nice to throw. It's not pure beef like the Mutant, but holds straight for longer and fades not so hard. It comes out of anhyzer until around 20 degrees when it will pan flat. Workable, for sure. Of the discs I've thrown, it reminds me most of a Verdict (not a Drone, not a Justice, for example). Similar stability to the Razor Claw 4, but much longer, and in the Metal fake c-line (which has been slightly less stable plastic than regular c-line in other molds I've tried). This might mean that a future stock c-line will be more stable. I can throw drivers around 400' and I did get this MD5 over 290' on a couple of flex lines, flat football field ground. I can throw MD3s around the same distance, maybe less actually.

I wonder if they will tweak it from the prototype mold?




Nice I got a few, Hoping they are a bit more stable than my roc3's

Ideally I bag MD1/Roc3/MD5