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Backhand Form Help


Jul 7, 2021
Hello! I am looking for help improving my backhand form, there's a load of good information and resources out here but I'd love to know what sort of things I should work on first. In the attached videos I am throwing a more flippy TB3/explorer about 280'. I struggle to break 300' on a max distance throw, and I know some of this is poor nose angle control but even when I get that right I find I'm seriously lacking in power.


I am pretty sure that I am opening my hips up early, and not generating proper lag between my hips/shoulders/arm, and I have been focusing on trying to fix this with focus on my footwork with little to no success. Again, I would greatly appreciate knowing how I can work towards getting more snap on the disc so I can come up with a plan for improving.
You are stuck in more or less the most common motion pattern amateurs come up with when they try to learn form on their own.

Swing plane's looking a little flat overall.

I think you are in the immoveable horse stance or "power stance" with the leading shoulder collapsing hugging yourself instead of the disc.


Notice how Bradley Williams has his rear leg deweighted and swinging in under him as his leading leg resists the ground. His posture is not horse-stanced and he is creating space for the disc through the pocket. He is swinging his arm/disc on a tilted axis (not flat) with his whole body and keeping his head/eyes on or near the disc while using his head to balance over his feet. This is what every top thrower is doing.


You are also trying to "force" your posture in your setup rather than find a setup that is part of the ideal swing and is good for moving rather than standing. He's talking about it at this timestamp in the context of standstills:

David Wiggins creates space through the pocket throwing in an athletic stance on a tilted axis:

Don't worry, there's a way out if you want to put in some work.

So I would work on these in roughly this order.


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