Buy a Volvo, go play DG in Sweden


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Oct 7, 2009
What do you think?

Volvo vacation & buy a car thing

My gf wants a new Volvo so we're thinking of going to Göteborg, Sweden to do the factory tour... Volvo actually pays for the flight for two people... put you up in a nice hotel and all they ask is that you tour the factory... they even pay to ship the car back to the US!

I checked out the courses nearby and there are some pretty decent ones.

Needless to say, I'm pretty psychd!
although, it kinda reminds me of a pesky time-share offer where you can take the free trip or opt for the secret prize in the shoe box.
To quote George Carlin "Volvo, the smart car for stupid people" Buy something American!
Is there a specific model Volvo you have to buy? Or can I buy a 1991 Volvo 740?

lulz... has to be a new one



since when does George Carlin know anything?
oh yeah, I forgot... since there was a George Carlin... my bad.
they seem fine to me...

so far of all the cars she's tried, she likes the way the Volvo drives... she tried a Lexus, Audi, BMW, etc...

go figure... I like Honda myself but by the time I'm ready to replace my car, I will be looking at American cars too... they've seemed to get much better over the last few years

plus, I hope she does get a Volvo since I get a free trip to Sweden DG out of it!
If you still live in CHI-Town I assume you guys get a fair amount of rain and snow so get something AWD. And if you're going to get AWD get a Subaru. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE(Can you tell I love?) my 2010 WRX. It's a highway flyer in all the Pac NW has to offer. Took it up to Mt. Hood. I don't ski. Just wanted to drive in the snow. Never got stuck never lost traction or control.

Honestly those ads you see about "My Subaru saved my life etc." that are really cheesey...I believe it now! Great overall cars. Plus they offer a whole mess of vehicles all with AWD. SUV, Crossover, Sedan, Hatch, Stationwagon etc. Check one out man.
no subaru offer to come to Japan for free

yes, I told her she needs AWD... ya know, I'm not sure what Volvo has there
LOL! No thanks. I'd rather have a car in a state of good repair for a long time.

This isn't the seventies! American car manufacturers have come along way and are making good cars these days. I guess we have the foriegn car companies to thank, they forced our companies to make better cars or they probably would have went out of buisness! And don't tell me about how Honda, Mercedes etc. are making cars in America, their parent companies are still overseas and thats where the profits go!
I'd say it was the economy these last few years that have forced the American car manufacturers to up their product...

anyway... anyone here play in Sweden? I only have three reviews I've posted here but if I go there I'm reviewing anything I play

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