Creating Mini Replica Par 3 Course


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Mar 23, 2023
One of my friends at work plays a charity "baseball" event every year on mini version of existing MLB ballparks (Wrigley, Boston, etc) but with less players and using whiffle balls. Anyways, he casually plays disc golf and started a conversation about what would be the best 18 hole course (pitch and putt style) mini version of the most iconic Par 3's in disc golf. Assuming you had the property, and the ability to make the features necessary to make a shortened version (or in some cases exact versions) of the most iconic Par 3's out there and combine them into one course. What would be some of the top Par 3's you would like to see replicated in "mini/shortened" version? Hole #17 from Winthrop? Hole #16 at Emporia Country Club? Hole #8 at Maple Hill?

Obviously this would be extremely difficult to actually do, but I thought it would be an interested "dream scenario" topic to discuss. If this is in the wrong thread, mods feel free to move to the appropriate area. Interested in seeing what holes people would choose to replicate.

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