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Feb 29, 2012
NEW DISCS ADDED! Legacy Discs Patriot and RIP Disc Golf Ballistic.

View their flight paths here:

The Legacy Patriot is a fairway driver and the understable counterpart to their popular Rival driver.

The RIP Ballistic is this company's first long distance offering.

Stay tuned for several new disc additions over the course of the next few weeks!

The Zeppelin (2011) is an oversized putt & approach and the Zombee (2012) has been described as a tweener fairway driver.

View their flight paths here: Zeppelin • Zombee

We expect to debut the flight paths for a few new releases later this week...check back soon!
The latest disc from MVP Disc Sports, the Shock, has been added to the inFlight Guide! View the flight chart here:

From MVP: The Shock is a more stable complement to the Volt. With a high power throw, it will hold a long straight line with less turn and immense glide followed by a late dependable fade.
Prodigy Disc D1 & D4 Added!


The initial flight charts for Prodigy Disc's first releases, the D1 and D4 distance drivers, have been added to the inFlight Guide! View their flight path here:

What Prodigy Disc has to say about these long bombers:

D1 is a very fast, over stable driver designed for power throwers. This driver is good for all conditions and flies as well into the wind as it does with the wind. The consistent flight path of this disc makes it a favorite of disc golfers looking not only for a long flight but pinpoint accuracy. The flight path is similar regardless of the weight.

D4 is a very fast, under stable driver. It is designed for all players and flies extremely far. The D4 will turn up when thrown hard and will then react similarly to the D3 with its long glide and gentle turning finish.

As a reminder, initial flight charts are based on a limited data set. As more flight data become available, it is possible (and likely) that these flight charts may change.
DGA Breaker Added!


The initial flight chart for the DGA Breaker has been added to the inFlight Guide! View this latest addition here:

What DGA has to say about their new putt & approach disc:

The Breaker is an overstable putt and approach disc that is also great for midrange shots and will predictably “break” for the basket as desired.

The disc’s low flat profile combined with the easy grip top will make it a natural fit in your hand and earn your trust within the first few throws. Great in wind, this disc will be your go-to disc for many conditions and situations.

Keep checking back this week for more disc additions!
MVP Disc Sports Tangent & Latitude 64 Mace Added to the inFlight Guide!

Initial flight charts for the MVP Disc Sports Tangent & Latitude 64 Mace Added to the inFlight Guide!

Available this Friday, 3.8.2013, here's what MVP has to say about the Tangent:

The Tangent is our slightly understable midrange driver. Low power throwers will find this disc to be great for easy neutral lines and effortless glide. The Tangent features a smooth profile that offers a sleek modern feel, and will fit your hand like a glove.

Recently released, Lat64 has this to say about their latest addition:

Mace is the midrange for the masses. Being the fifth Latitude 64° mid, the Mace has taken the best of our previous molds to end up as a very solid "all you need" midrange. The Mace can handle a big arm and also be controlled by players with less power. It will hold a hyzer line, fly reliably straight or work its way back on a long anhyzer drive. One disc challenge? Look no further...

Our viking ancestors never went into battle without their favorite Mace. That mindset is now valid again.

More additions coming this week...
MVP Shock Flight Chart Updated!

REVISED! MVP Disc Sports retooled their latest driver, the Shock, to make it more overstable (as they originally intended) and we've updated our flight charts accordingly:

We'll have a new contest later next week, so keep checking back!
Dynamic Discs Suspect Added to the inFlight Guide & Contests all Week STARTING TODAY!

The stable-to-overstable Suspect by Dynamic Discs has been added to the inFlight Guide:

Here's what DD has to say about it:

With a slightly overstable flight path, small diameter, and great feel, the Suspect will give you confidence off the tee or around the basket. It shares the best characteristics of both a midrange and a putter and will fill that tweener slot in your bag.

Contest Details:

With the release of the Suspect, we have the opportunity to give away a disc from Dynamic Discs each day for the rest of this week, including a First Run Fuzion Trespass and a chance to win a first run DD Suspect on Friday. For tomorrow, we'll be giving away an EMac Signature Fuzion Judge. This disc is smooth with great grip and features the logo of DD Team Member and 2010 PDGA World Champion Eric McCabe. To be eligible, like the Eric McCabe 2010 PDGA World Champion page ( and the inbounds Disc Golf page on facebook and then post "Liked" in this thread. We'll select one winner tomorrow to receive this awesome disc.
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