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Love the site, decided to join


Mar 20, 2015
Louisville, Ky
Hey everyone,

I have been playing for a bit over a year (mostly in the summer) and have fallen in love with this sport. Y'all keep up a fantastic website, as I have used it to discover new courses during my road trips in the midwest and I never visit a course without consulting this site.

So far I have discovered that I am exclusively right-handed and prefer driving with a sidearm (Star Destroyer) on a fairway or around a simple obstacle (no more than two trees). Any advice on how to improve my backhand (Champion Beast)? I am having trouble with consistency as far as distance (my timing seems ok as the release trajectory is more or less predictable).

For mid-range shots I will use RHBH at 30-75 ft, but am not very good at judging how much power I should put into a mid-range shot to control it. Between 75-120 ft I sidearm my Champ. Mako3 and find it fairly predictable.

For putting I use a DX Dart exclusively and am quite good at anything below 15ft, but around 20ft away, my accuracy drops to about 10%. Any suggestions on discs or throwing technique?

I know it's a lot of questions, but appreciate any help! Thanks!
Look up as much of the technique as you can on here.

Then, practice, practice, practice. When you're done with that, practice some more, especially on putting. Don't be afraid to try new putters out, too!

Keep working with the Mako3 and Dart. But for drives choose something slower. I always recommend a 150g Champion Leopard although there a lot of similar discs from other manufacturers. The Leopard was the first disc that got reliable distance and accuracy for me and I still have one in my bag.

Good luck.
Welcome from the sweaty Sac in California valley. This site is loaded with everything you need. Ask and you shall receive. Everyone on the site is more than willing to help in any way they can.
From Wilmington, NC: Welcome aboard!

Started playing primarily flicking myself. Used a DX Boss but it ended up being too flippy. Probably because of all the trees I hit.

Regarding your current game: Throw what you're comfortable with. Improvement is best enjoyed in this manner.

Regarding your future game: Pick up an Echo Star Mamba and a G-Star Teebird, head to the field, and throw them with as much snap as you can. This will help you understand the difference between understable and overstable discs in a practical setting. This knowledge of the discs as well as your ability to throw them will eventually help you understand flight ratings and will help you understand what you can do with the various discs in your bag.

Best of luck, brother!
Welcome to the site! In no time at all, you'll be a degenerate just like the rest of us... I keed, I keed.
Most of us aren't really degenerates... just very convincing.
Welcome from utah. The technique section has tons of great links to video and demos from all sorts of people. They go through everything from grip, to step to pull etc etc.

Great site and hope you keep playing.
Thank you so much! This is all extremely helpful. Spring is starting to set in so I'm going to hit the courses pretty hard. Happy throwing!
Welcome! I also second the idea of getting a Leopard in your bag if you haven't already. If not a Leopard, then a Latitude 64 River or Westside Seer or Underworld.