Michigan New Course Updates

Just played a couple of rounds at Gilbert Willis, and saw they've laid out and cleared the fairways for five new wooded holes. You can clearly see two flags for the tees, and a single flag for the pin. The five fairways I walked seemed solid, but the rough is pretty brutal. City plans to pour concrete for the front 9, but is waiting until they have some other city project that requires concrete, to make the purchase more cost effective.

Scott Aikens of Discraft is in charge of the project, and the plan is to complete 18 holes next spring. Pretty sure they're going to delay pouring concrete for the new holes until they've seen many rounds figure out if the tee placements need to be tweaked or not.

This will never be a destination course, but when all is said and done, it will be a solid beginner/intermediate friendly course with decent variety, balance, and gently rolling elevation changes.

So far, everything is responsibly laid out given the shared use of this popular neighborhood park. 👏👏👏
Kiwanis Outdoor Center in Battle Creek will have its Grand Opening Sept 30th.

Working on pads for it still as well as clearing out a few areas prior to the event. Won't have concrete for all of it but hoping to drop six or so pads this fall before the weather turns. If we get them all evened out before the event we will be happy!
Bald Mountain looks 1000% better on the cleared holes, compared to springtime. Great progress made considering the length of those holes.

But... the course DID still drive me up a tree...

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Hole 15 green, saving for par after throwing an absolutely miserable approach from about 80 just right into a branch out of my hand and fluttering into the densest part of the bushy stuff.
Disc Da U.P. delivered 9 baskets for a new course at Republic school yesterday by way of the DGA RePlay program which donates new baskets to courses that donate their old baskets to create another course. The other 9 hole went to Marquette HS. Silver Creek in Marquette now has brand new Mach 7s and Marquette County has two brand new 9 holes.(y)
Any word yet on Toboggan going in for October play?
I've been loving this scheduling. My friend Justin Gill is trying to make it an annual tradition to come to town to play our Bark at the Moon tournament at Vienna Park, and the Toboggan has been open just long enough both years so far that we can get out there and play that the day before. As long as the Metroparks maintain that schedule, we will maintain the tradition.
I want two things out of life at this moment...
1. I want the Calhouns to maintain upkeep on their Sanda Richardson Park disc golf course just off 23 so that it is worth visiting regularly.
2. I want Sandra Richardson to become a broadly known name in the disc golf community (optimally, by crushing it in FPO at some big events).

I want those things just so that I can confuse people when I say "I'm going to play Sandra Richardson."
The Pine Knoll course at Hanson Hills got some long pins in since the last time I was there. Gone are the days of this being the "easy" course up there if you go longs to longs. Looks like some work was done there trimming the lines up too. Really impressed with the upgrades, and makes this complex with the two courses on-site a must play for Michigan and a great destination stop.
Looking for an update on Cold Brook. I know they were kicking around the idea of a redesign. I was just wondering where that was at?
Looking for an update on Cold Brook. I know they were kicking around the idea of a redesign. I was just wondering where that was at?

Sort of in limbo I think. Volunteer core has been pretty stretched in the area. Leagues getting chased out sort of deprioritized things I think.

That said, the park does sound like they want to improve/maintain the park. As usual, just need more folks to step up. Seems like everything is growing except the volunteer base.
Cold Brook was relevant for most enthusiasts around here 25 years ago. Since then we've put in like five or six good layouts just in KZoo alone (I'm counting Three Rivers too), and Battle Creek has more too. The KZoo County Parks director insisted on not allowing league past a certain point in the evening, plus they kept closing holes on weekends even if there weren't people using those areas.

There are plenty of volunteers around here who do an amazing job. If they made a call for volunteers to replace Cold Brook's antique baskets and redo the layout, I'd place my money on this being a big deal around here. There was a questionnaire a couple or three years ago from the parks department about the course and I remember its resulting discussion filling up a lot of space on the KZoo Disc Golf page on FB. Haven't heard anything else since. This past year was the first time since the '90s there wasn't a Cracked Plastic Classic (which Terry Miller has said is one of his favorite tournaments to play in), and the last three or so have been out at Spring Valley, which is the facility that's taken Cold Brook's place as the most significant easier course in the area. Otherwise most people I encounter who are at least semi-serious at the sport consider Cold Brook to be one of our worst. I've played it once in the last six years personally. Way better options way closer that cost less to play.
What's crazy to me is how Cold Brook was used in the 2008 worlds. Can you imagine today if they ran Calvin Heimburg, Ricky, Eagle, Simon and company out THERE?! Fifteen years isn't that long when you're at least as old as I am...