[MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Official Thread) (Part IV)

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Yeah makes sense. The nitro was too much disc for me ...

I've tried several of the wide-rimmed models and I just can't seem to get comfortable gripping them. The wing of the Orbital/Wave class feels to be a bit much, though I can usually get decent control. The Inertia/Impulse wing width is the widest I feel comfortable with. So, while I may be able to generate the speed for faster discs at some point, I just can't really grip them with confidence. Those have come out of the bag.

Even took the Wave out. Too touchy with the angles, meaning I could nail a throw and get extra distance or miss the angle and it fly no farther than my Inertia. Traded out that space in the bag for a 155g proton Inertia today.
Yeah i hear that. The 21.5mm class works great for me at max of 400-425' on a good day. I do find the catalysts to go boom though.
New phone has a moving object tracker option on the camera.. Does this video look legit on larger monitors? Havent had a chance to peep yet on bigger screen.

So, after a couple.of years of messing around with both MVP and Axiom I've finally figured out what works best for me. I no longer throw a single driver over 158 grams and I no longer throw anything faster than the inertia class. All of these discs are either neutron or plasma. I've gained both control and distance since doing this recording some of the lowest scores of my career. I love the fax that unlike lightweight discs from other companies, MVP and Axiom retain their stability at these weights. It is nice to be getting the full flight out of even the fireball, a disc I would've never even considered in the past. It's awesome to be able to throw a 152 fireball in to a headwind and watch the disc just eat said headwind.
Love the Soft Neutron Particle. A slightly more OS Soft Envy. Not dramatically but a bit more. Great feeling plastic. I wish they had the Soft Neutron in more putter molds.
I would love to, but nada in California, the West Coast, even west of Colorado (except for one in Canada). :(
I'm in the same boat. I really want to partake in a space race, but the west coast is barren.

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Kinda strange, that. No gyro for the Left Coast, and it's supposed be so progressive...
They'll be some upcoming in Portland area. There was a few circuits during the summer in the Seattle area.
Maybe one of you should take it upon yourself to host one?...
I was thinking about it in the future, I'm just really new. Been into disc golf for only a month and tomorrow will be the first time I even go to a course. I haven't set a home course that I could run it at or know anyone yet. Maybe for the 2018 space race.

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