[MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Official Thread) (Part V)

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i wish they would make the proxy in electron. For my style i think that would be a great putting putter. I throw my proxys all the time and putt with them if it is windy.( i normal putt with an electron spin)

Pilot. I was wanting an electron proxy too and Pilot was recommended. Great call. Just a little more glide...in a good way.
i tried the matrix when it first came out and i threw em with aim and he hit pipe on hole 1 i can agree its the hybrid mix between wasp/buzz

axis is floaty and doesnt hold up in a wind especially headwind like a buzz does theyre roughly the same lines in no wind but with any wind thats when buzz clearly becomes superior

overall discraft mids > mvp mids

but mvp putters > discraft mids

choose wisely

The new neutron Matrix is beefier though.
"new"? you mean they changed the mold or the new run has higher plh?

when i bought the first protons that came out it would turn over and not fade back
Yeah, but the Buzzz and Comet are arguably superior to both.

I'll grant you the Buzzz on that. :thmbup: :popcorn:

For me, the Panther and Patrol are superior vs. the Axis and Tangent. But when I rock an all-MVP/Axiom bag, the Axis and Tangent are good discs.
Envy > Buzzz

To sound like a total douchbag how far do you throw? I doubt Moose would ever compare those discs and I assume people on here believe he's a competent poster with an honest big arm...

I bet he can out throw me by a bit but my point stands.

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