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Official 2014 DGCR Secret Santa Thread


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Apr 19, 2012
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I am in talks with Connor and B3nder to get this up and running. We don't have a lot of time but this will be happening again.

Details coming by tonight hopefully.
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Hey all,

This is the first time I've thrown one of these together, fortunately, Solomon and Connor have laid a relatively easy path to follow, I'm going to be following the same system as they used in the past.

Thanks to B3nder and Awallen90 for helping a brother out and running this with me. If successful, we will run one for X-Mas in July next year.

All entries must be done via email to [email protected]. Any PM's to me regarding entries will be ignored. In your email you need to include your name, street address we are shipping to (all on one line please), what qualifications you meet, and how many times you are playing.

All general questions should be asked here. Most people know the low down and can help you out.

Minimum requirements to play (meet at least two)1. Be a current Premium member
2. Minimum 5 positive Itrader feedback
3. Participate in a previous SS
4. Reputable member who can vouch for you
5. Silver Trusted Reviewer

Participation Rules
1) Post what you dislike, what you throw and what you might want to try out. Also include your shirt and hat size. (this is just for ideas you probably won't get most of what you list.) No posting your dream list, be realistic.

2) Post pictures of your package when it arrives.

3) Delivery confirmation is mandatory!!! When you ship, you must email me the information as to your shipping delivery method of choice. The 2013 thread is a great example of what is needed. http://www.dgcoursereview.com/forums/showthread.php?t=98012 Post #1 rule #3, you can't miss it, it says google form.

4) Minimum value of your gift must be $15 MSRP (including at least one new premium plastic disc or slightly used OOP) Used disc prices will be evaluated by a trusted source. Price will be determined by Marshall Street's prices.

5) Packages MUST be mailed no later than December 20th.

6) Complaining about the quality of your package is prohibited. Doing so will result in your banning from future Secret Santa's as well as having everyone participating coming to your house and throwing speed 15 drivers at you. (If you have a question about the value PM me, B3nder or Awallen90 before posting)

If you don't ship, I'll beat you up, call you a nerd, give you a wedgie and take your lunch money. Plus give you two pieces of negative iTrader feedback as well as the mentioned above speed 15 drivers thrown at you.

Our lovely robot B3nder as well as Awallen90 will be helping me out (thanks guys), we'll be sending out info on the 8th day of the last month in the year of disc golf, 2014 (for those who can't count that will be this upcoming Sunday).


Looking forward to this, get your entries in.
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Likes - (174-175 weight preferred)

Champ Roadrunners (flatter the better and pre #)
Champ Terns (lost mine, need some new ones)
Barstamp Buzzes

Esp Plastic
Star Plastic
Blizzard Plastic

Would like to try
Lat 64 (opto line)
Westside (whatever they call their lucid line), Sorceror
DD (lucid line)
MVP drivers
Putters (maybe Judge)

Shirt Size


Other things I like
Unique Root Beer and Cream Soda's
Minnesota Vikings
Star Wars (maybe a Star Wars dyed disc?)
Black Licorice (yummy)