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Jun 8, 2009
there isn't a thread dedicated to discussing recent reviews. i often feel it's not worth starting a thread just to make a minor note about a particular review but maybe a thread like this will spur more general discourse. we'll see if it catches on.

i was just reading DFrah's review of Oak Grove. it's a nice review, as per usual, and i can really relate to the navigation woes. i've played there a handful of times and had a lot of trouble the first couple rounds until i followed some local regulars.

my comment is that it's a classic example of how the strengths of a course to a local can be a bane to the traveling player. the confusing layout is likely to lead new locals to interacting with the regulars and that makes them more likely to discover the scene. the regulars don't need signage and enjoy the flexibility of the extra holes. i don't really know the detailed course history but i assume that older versions of the layout are still playable, probably by excluding several holes and playing alternate tees on others, and that is cool for the locals, the old-timers, and the history.

it was good to see DFrah be understanding and i agreed with this bit
DFrah said:
I was hoping to see some kind of high-quality commemorative plaque explaining how Steady Ed helped get the world's first course installed here in 1975, and added baskets in 1976. In retrospect, I should have known better. The rusty "Frisbee Golf Course" sign on the park drive and the "World's First Disc Golf Course - 1975" note taped to the power line pole are way more in line with how our sport got started. :)

but i suppose i probably disagree about the need for a redesign. tee signs and a course map would do wonders and i would be curious if they'd choose to number them 1-23 or have some extra holes be lettered instead of numbered. it would be cool if the signage made note of the original holes, added holes, and redesigned holes. after nearly 50 years, i think the pedestrians know what they are getting themselves into. i know that's not the most responsible outlook but i can't imagine the locals would accept losing any holes.

anyway, cheers to the good review, DFrah. sorry you didn't have time to take your time and join some local regulars. that's really the best way to play that course if you've never been.
After reading DFrah's review, I was wondering how many original holes remain? Bayville in Virginia Beach 1977 where I frequent, is Steady Ed's 2nd course on the East Coast, but only #16 short to short remains as an original hole, all others have been changed. I've seen a few course maps of times past.

If it was up to me, I would try to find out the original layout of Oak Grove for all 18 holes or maybe there were less or more? And bring it back if possible. I would then turn the course into a museum, and an interactive experience. Large tee signs with #1 an introduction to the course with its history and the original layout your about to play. #2 the creation of the frisbee. Each tee would take you on a historical journey with the development of the game with equipment, courses, players etc, including photos, bringing you closer to the current year. The last tee inviting you to a website for current events. The tee signs with basic information with next tee as we see with most courses. I would change nothing with the course, the picnic tables, walkways etc. were all part of the original experience back in 1975. It's to be an interactive experience for disc golfers wanting to play the first course in our sport, I'm sure most of us have that thought of playing Oak Grove. You would also attract the non-disc golfer visiting the park, and curious about the baskets there seeing. Some people are going to walk tee to tee to read the signs.

This is what has been done, and still being done at Civil War, and Revolutionary war sites in my area. An interactive experience for the visitor. Our experience will be different, we would be playing the museum course.

Well, there's my two cents.
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a cool idea but maybe doesn't take into account how currently active the course is. with so few LA area courses, it gets a TON of daily play and i'm certain the locals are not interested in losing one of the better 18+ layouts in the whole metro area to turn it into a historical pitch and putt.

since changing the current layout is not likely (and, i think, doesn't serve the local community at all) i'd just like to see posted maps of the old layouts. maybe have differently colored and shaped tee signs where old holes used to begin and some sort of markers (tone poles maybe?) for where old baskets used to be, all numbered accordingly for the old layouts.

on a side note, my uncle used to play at Oak Grove in the 80's. i never knew he was a discer until i was about 4 years into the game. he had lived in the ATX area for decades at that point but i always thought it would be cool to have him curate a round at Oak Grove with me. a massive heart attack in his early sixties prevented that ever happening but i look forward to my next round there, in his honor.
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I like this thread idea and am honored to be the first subject. :D

I can totally see where it would be more fun to play with a group of locals there. Other reviews mentioned the navigational woes too so I was prepared for it to be difficult to navigate. But egad, it was just another level of difficult from what I was expecting haha. My $0.02 is that the ideal course should be easy to navigate for a first-timer without UDisc - but I'm aware that's a pretty high bar these days.

I think all of the safety hazards would be easier to stomach if the course were better signed. If there were warnings in the picnic areas and along the walking paths (for example) that said "NOW ENTERING DISC GOLF FAIRWAY, CAUTION FLYING DISCS" or something, that wouldn't be as good as removing the hazard but it would be a big step up in my mind. I don't think it should be assumed that the pedestrians know about the course, even one as old as this.

I almost mentioned something about the general lack of courses in that area too - it seemed like so few for how many people live there. Probably also why the park was already so busy at 11 AM on a Sunday. I'm sure the lack of nearby options makes it more difficult to pitch larger scale changes there that would involve it even being under construction for any length of time.

I wish I had time to finish the entire round - ratings aside, I never mind a fun semi-technical pitch and putt. Having to rush through the back half is definitely on me. I felt that I played enough of the holes and walked near enough of the rest to write a good review.
I scrolled thru the Oak Grove DGC facebook page, and guess what........................they just realigned what they call the Desert holes and seems to be more than half the 22 holes now on the course, and I think they eliminated two holes? The realignment was this past week. So, I wonder how many times the course has been realigned in 48 years. May be difficult to figure out the original layout, without an original map. If DFrah was to play the course tomorrow, he would find a different playing experience, and rewrite his review just a few weeks after bagging the course:thmbup:.

And I so many pipe dreams about the first disc golf course playing museum, on the first course :).
I wonder how many times the course has been realigned in 48 years. May be difficult to figure out the original layout, without an original map.

That was the feeling I got too when playing the course. I wondered how many of the holes in the current layout were even part of the original layout. But I also do not know.

I neglected to mention previously, I did talk to one local during my round there. He mentioned the "desert holes" as well, and said that in his opinion they were the best on the course. I can say that I definitely did not play any holes in what seemed like a "desert" area. I *think* it is the area around holes 14-16 on the more recent map uploaded here. I did not get to that area.
yes, those are the desert holes

best on the course? cringe... sounds like an Avery

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