Shorewood, Illinois Park alternate tees concrete someday?

Apr 6, 2012
I see on the new tee signs at Shorewood Park that there are newly added alternate tee-off spots for some of the holes. Originally there was six alternate tee spots on holes 3,4,7,13,14,& 16. Now looking at the new signs i see alternate spots also on holes 12,15,& 17. So that changes the course from six to nine alternate tees, half of the course now! The new alternate tees are marked by white painted concrete circles in the ground, just like the original ones are. Wondering if the park district is thinking about putting concrete tees in these alternate tee spots, instead of teeing off in the grass. Being that this will be the course and no other changes will be made; having concrete on the alternate tees would be an excellent addition!
Tried playing the course from the long tees. Holes 3,4,& 14 play across the street that goes thru the park. Bouncing your disc off the street on 3&4 isn't too fun. On 14 my shot landed on the road. Not good. Guessed where some of the other long tees were placed (15,16,& 17) by looking at the tee signs. On hole 7 long tee, which you have to go back towards 6's tee to get to, lengthens the hole about 70 feet, but my shot went over #8's tee. Could be dangerous. So all in all, i'll stick with the short concrete tees here at Shorewood Park.