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Something between Stalker and Predator?

Yeah we don't have air... I wonder what it was blowing 35 mph out when I was playin today, or and average o 15-20 the last few weeks. Clearly I would know nothing of playing in the wind. And if your only agenda is to push discraft don't worry I'm not against them, I throw buzzzs stalkers and the whole lot. But I guess when you're living under a bridge you may not have the mos accurate information, I just dare you to throw an eagle x and a stalker side by side and eat your words.
Eagles are great. However, can I be the first to say

F U Nate...I hate you, you annoying douche. Your posts gave me a lobotomy :/
So what's the vote. I'd like a stalker that turns more right and little more fade. Best part about stalker is the feel and the rim. In no way would I ever consider a force similar to a stalker.

Xl is not the same either.

Stalker and buzzz rule. Hahahaha
Hah, went to bed - never expected this many responses - thanks.

So yeah, I'm a fairly new player (6 months).

I throw my stalker farther than my predator (I'm sure the predator takes more speed to really shine, but I feel consistent with its curve and that's why I like it). Average drives are around 275, sometimes I get a monster to go nearer to 300.

About a month after I started, I bought a crap ton of discs, and threw them all a ton (both in fields and on the course), and narrowed it down to the three midrange (buzzz, wasp, drone) and the two drivers (stalker, predator). I also carry a 150 class surge that I like on uphill shots with little wind.

::babbling stops here::

So far, it seems people are recommending a Tracker? Is that an older disc? I can't find it on Prime Discs. Sopmeone else recommended an Eagle?

Basically - IMO, the stalker is like a longer range buzzz. I'm looking for the longer range wasp.

Yes, the Tracker is a older model and not as popular as the new higher speed discs. They are not hard to find just not the latest and greatest, more of a nitch disc. Some like it and some never tried it, it's a judgment call. Keep in mind not all Discraft discs are unique in flight pattern. They overlap and here lies the personal preference.

As for the longer distance Drone? I couldn't really tell you because I've never thrown one. I'm not big on overstable discs, I favor neutral discs. The Wasp covers me for a overstable Mid and the Predator for overstable distance high speed driver. Which really I under utilize in my bag line-up. If I had to guess would be the Predator which you already have. :confused:

If you can try someone's Tracker or trade for a used one in like new shape. You said you bought a boat load of discs when you started, trade off what you don't want/use. ;)
Laughing.....see I like and use the "shamefully domey ESP Tracker". It's just personal preference when it comes to grip and feel. ;)
When trying new discs to fill gaps in your bag keep in mind that type of plastic and weight play a role in attributes. Many times the plastic type Flex, X, Z or ESP will fly slightly different and hold up to different levels of punishment. A 150g disc will do different things for you than a 175g might. You might not notice the subtle difference when you first start playing DG. After playing for a few years you will develop your own preferences. Only you can say what works best for your needs. These forums are a great place for questions and opinions, but not always 100% on target for what you will like and use.

Also don't cross off discs made by other manufacturers because of brand, try everything you never know? Don't get caught up in single brand loyalty, you never know what you will like and use. I choose Discraft because I like the plastic better and it's durability.
Yeah some of my friends throw Innova, some throw Gateway.

For some reason, I just really like the feel of the discraft discs, especially the rims.

Has anyone thrown a Nuke? For someone with my arm speed/distance (just under 300), would that be something to try? The stability rating seems right in the middle.
Has anyone thrown a Nuke? For someone with my arm speed/distance (just under 300), would that be something to try? The stability rating seems right in the middle.

Bought one and tried it a few rounds and practice driving, didn't do anything for me didn't like it. It went into the stack of discs in the garage, never made my bag. I really don't like thick rim discs, and don't have the snap for high speed discs. My 14 year old son picked it up and loves it. Sadly he has a better snap than me, and uses more overstable discs. At least for now I can still just barely out distance him on drives.
If you want Predator-like but not as overstable, try a Z Avenger. If you want more stable than a Stalker, but a slow fairway, try Eagle-X, Teebird, or even a Banshee, which is overstable, but not as fast.
It might be a bit faster than what you're looking for, but I was in the same situation, looking for something a bit less meathook than a Pred, but more stable than Stalker, and I fell in love with Millennium S OLF.

In a moderate headwind where Stalker would like to flip over, my SOLF just flips to flat and locks to a really long straight line and then fades at the end. The Predator in the same wind would still want to hyzer out very early. I was also very surprised how long the SOLF is, even though it's pretty stable and it's rim is no wider than the Predator's.
Ever tried a Crush?

Like others have already said, that's a huge gap to find one disc to fill, and my answer is pretty much solely based on my favorite Discraft disc that's more stable than a Stalker and less stable than a Predator.
I am looking for something between a Stalker and a Predator in terms of stability. Thanks

A Stalker is someone with a Crush and Focus.
a Predator is a Stalker that uses Force

Don't get me started on those who Flash and Flick

All are very unstable