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Would you rather?

Would you rather?

  • add 25% more accuracy to your putts

    Votes: 57 55.3%
  • add 50ft to your drives

    Votes: 31 30.1%
  • shoot your best round ever...by 5 strokes or more

    Votes: 4 3.9%
  • have someone call you about your long lost go-to driver

    Votes: 11 10.7%

  • Total voters
i changed up the poll and forgot to change the question....oh well....just ignore the first post

i could have voted either of the last two. but i know one day ill reach an even better low score. but i fear ill never see my long lost driver again.... missing for 4 months and counting :( rip
Missed putts are killing my score right now so numero uno is my choice.
yea...i wish i could be a little more consistent on putts but who doesnt....but the last month or so ive been hitting metal or sinking it in the chains so the consistancy is there, i figure they will all start falling soon enough but i cant complain at the moment
I think what is really bugging me about missed putts right now is that I know its me getting inside my head. Today I started out missing a couple of short ones, that I was worried I'd miss ... damn self-fulfilling prophecies. But later in the round was able to clear my head and drained a 60 footer. So I know I can do it but am having trouble staying relaxed and confident when it comes time to hole out.
Lately my putting has been pretty good and getting better, whereas my driving has been the same for a while so right now I would take driving distance. I think my putting will continue to get better because I work on it more than anything else, but my driving has hit a bit of a wall
i would have gone with #1, but chicks dig the long ball....or in this case....disc and 50 ft. added to about 330 ft is 380ft thats just crazy far.
I would say

have someone call you about your long lost go-to driver.

Although improved putting or longer driver distance would be nice, I think I would rather have a disc back that felt good in my hands.
I agree that the putts is very tempting, and logically that it the best thing for the long term of any game. However, with the lack of money in my bank account right now, I would much rather have one of a number of drivers that I have lost.
Putting is half the game. If I made 25% more putts, I'd cash a lot more often.

Screw the hot round. I'd rather be able to shoot 2-3 strokes better on a consistent basis.
While my putting isn't no where near perfect, I chose adding 50ft to my drives. I know that with a lot more practice my putting will improve, but I don't know if I can say the same for my D. I am starting to max out now at around 280, would love to add 50ft to that, it could help out a lot.
if you want any of those things all you have to do is achieve them.... well, except the returning of a lost driver... that is out of your control.

will power can assist you with the rest of the list, however.

you can do eeeet.

380 is not crazy far.
Putting is most likely the strongest part of my game. If I up it by 25% unstoppable. I wonder if I can find a glove that adds 25 to putting. RPG JOKES FOR THE WIN!!!
What about my long-lost go-to midrange? White 8X Roc, lost in the lake at Dolese a couple of years ago.
I'll be the first to take best round by 5 or more strokes. It would mean that I would have to shoot a thirty five which would be completely unbelievable. On my local course(Lenora Park, GA) that would be 17 birdies(twos) and an ace.

I could live with my bad putting if I had a legendary story to tell people.
I think I would have to go with improved putting also, unless that awesome round happened at a tourney.