Your Gamechanger Disc?


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Jan 30, 2012
Years ago it was the Z Buzzz that took me to another level...this past week the Champion Rhyno has become my favorite putter and approach disc BY FAR and is lowering my scores by 5 strokes per round on average. Everybody seems to have one particular disc that drastically changed their game when they found it... what is your gamechanger disc?
KC Pro Aviar. This disc has completely changed me putt and approach game. I have so much more confidence with this disc in my hand. I can make it do whatever I need it too and it doesn't hurt that I feel confident putting from anywhere inside the circle.
The zone. Hands down. I reach for it all the time. Shots up to 250'. It's so dang predictable. Even for skips. I know exactly how much hyzer I need to get it to sit and stick or skip to a gap. It's totally changed my game.
Z-Wap (old run) - so flat and gummy....I was throwing nothing but buzzzs' and comet's then I picked up a Z-Wasp and BAM! pull it out more often than my buzzzs'.
The Ion has drastically changed my game. Inside of 200' I'm getting down in 2 pretty much every time now because of that disc. I'm within 20' of the basket almost everytime I throw the disc. It holds whatever angle you put on it and doesn't overskip.
Lately, the Avenger SS and the Blizzard Wraith.
My biggest game changing discs were the Zone, Buzzz, and my ESP Comets (I have both my aces with the same one
Z Buzzz! Point and shoot!

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