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Your Get Out of Jail Free disc


Eagle Member
Apr 12, 2014
Sac-A-Deez/Sweaty Sac, California
If you got into any type of trouble, what disc would you reach for, most often than not?

For me, the Firebird has been my get me out of any type of situation disc. Tomahawks, definitely sidearms and short spike hyzers, which I am learning to do.
Meteor. Love 'em.
My 169 gram super flexible and gummy PFN champ monster. I've been carrying it since... like 2008ish? Maybe earlier then that? If things go according to plan I should never need to use it, but I'm really glad I have it when the stuff hits the fan. I've tried firebirds here and there, and every time kicked them out cuz the monster does everything they do, only better. Tommys, Thumbers, Sidearms, Spikes, weird super beefy flexes, headwind hyzers, huge skips, you name it.

My new Proto Fossil scale is basically like a mini version of my monster. Same lines and throws, just shorter. Which is nice.
Wizard or Firebird, nearly every time.

I came to post exactly this. When I have a lie deep in the schule, I'll usually leave my bag on the fairway and take a firebird and a wizard with me to my lie, one of those is right for just about every get out of trouble situation I end up in.
I probably throw the Truth more than any other disc when I get in trouble. It does well on step-out backhands or stretch-out sidearms, skips nicely when needed, and holds some crazy FH anny lines. Truth is pretty neutral so it can be thrown on a lot of different lines.

I used to carry a Banshee or Resistor, but rarely used them so I prefer to throw something more familiar when a tricky shot is needed.
Firebird or Gator when I want to get around stuff (sidearm or backhand). A lot of my escape sidearms (that I want to really gamble and make a bid to save par) are done with a C-PD where I flick hard and pray (and sometimes the DG Gods are gracious).
I go the overstable route as well: thumbers with my Resistor have saved my skin more times than I can count.
Whippet is my usual savior. I also have a super flimsy obex I use as a bail out disc for certain shots needing a thumber or if I'm trying to stop the bleeding and stopping a 4 from becoming a 5
p2, suspect or resistor (use to be a whippet for years). almost always fh, I usually approach fh anyway, but nothing gets me out of trouble like a fh sky anny
Firebird all day. I use them off the tee and out of the sh*t. i always know exactly what this disc is going to do. Hasn't let me down in years.
175 glow champ Max. Bush blocking the spike hyzer release? No problem, I can raise my arm almost all the way to a tomahawk and that thing will still fight back and come down steep and fast, blasting through small branches like they weren't even there and digging in right by the basket.