Any love for this disc?

TD's have taken the XL out of my bag, but I could easily go back to them with no problem. They are line shaping machines. I threw Preds and XL's for a while as my fairway drivers and didn't have any shots I couldn't cover. They are very glidey so they can be thrown low and hard and they get to the target quick. With a cooler name they might have sold a lot better!
yes and no.

I used the XL for a couple of years. But I never used it super frequently. It was the first disc I broke 300 & 350 consistently with. Then I started discing down/driving with mids and putters. I got to where I rarely threw a driver.

there is a special place in my heart for the XL. Just not a special place in my bag. Funny thing is I own a pile of XL's and now I throw Leopards. Maybe I should give them another shot.
a Pro D XL was my very first disc that i got back in 2009.

i still have it and it is VERY beat in. no matter how much i hyzer it, it will turn right (RHBH). it is a fantastic disc to sneak around corners and it is my most irreplaceable disc.

i don't throw it much but when the rare circumstance comes up where it's needed it's awesome!
XL used to be the SH#^ BUt the stalker kinda out shined it ~
which is funny because the XL can do so many more things than the stalker AND it held the world distance record for a year (or two?)

I think the XL's more versatile.
I have one XL in my bag, but I have two Stalkers (a flippy pop-top Cryztal a Cryztal and a flat top ESP) that ain't.

XL may be kinda old school, but it's a solid performer.

Maybe they could make an "X" version with a notched wing, the XL-X. If you got it X plastic it would be the X XL-X. Then if they decided it deserved its own name and changed it to something else it could be the Ex-X XL-X.
lulz, but all perfectly true.
Got my first ace with an XL. Great disc.

Much, much superior to the Stalker, IMO.
XL used to be the SH#^

BUt the stalker kinda out shined it ~

Agreed...the XL was supposed to be a tunnel shooting, hyzer flipping machine, but I think it required more power than the stalker and was a bit less least it was for me. I would say the River is what the XL should have been. Stalker and Rivers definitely forced XLs out of my bag. Prob. biggest reason is that XL's required so much height to hold a turnover to its finish...even then, sometimes it would come out. But this was prob. due to the weight (171) more-so than the disc mold. I can turnover my River (170) and know its gonna hold till the very end w/ almost no fade.