[Other] Berg-X

Yup watched a couple videos, seems like it's just a Berger Berg.
Might pick one up when they make some blue soft K1's, I like em Bergs on stable side.
I got one and have thrown it very little but first impression is it's not as OS as expected. Seems to fight out of an anny release a bit harder than the regular Berg but fade isn't really dumpy. Will test further.
Maybe the the lat64 partnership is messing with my mind, but this sounds more like Berg Pro (IE saint/ballista pros) than I feel "X" should be. The difference between the Grym and Grym X (before the grym X mold wore out or something) was more like Tern to Destroyer than just a slighty more stable version...
I like using the Berg for FH rollers. It rolls like a tire over roots & uneven ground. I saw the Berg X has an even flatter side so I think it may roll even better than the original. I'm worried about the bottom of the rim on the X. The original is flat on the bottom of the rim & is feels great for a FH grip. Is the X flat on the bottom of the rim too?
Bergx definietly feels a little off in forehand grip for me compared to the regular.

The rounded edge definietly gives less support