DGCR Aces 2017

It's as good as we have here in South Africa...374 foot forehand with a pro destroyer. I wasn't even coaching it, and then it hit. Second ace, both forehands. Not as fun as on a basket, but I'll take it.
Nailed one on my first round of the year! (March 13) Hole #15 at Calumet Lake DG (Michigan), 205 feet using an Innova Tern Gstar plastic.
Hole 9 Brekke Park Stillwater, MN

just a little over 200' Slight downhill to the left. I couldn't see the basket behind some trees. I thought it hit chains and splashed out.

2nd Ace in 9 months with my Prodiscus Ultrium Jokeri

first ace of my career #7 JB hunt Park Springdale, Ar USA. MVP plasma amp from my hand to the chains in the air on a Sharp dogleg left. Note it was the second to last hole of the practice round before a tournament that ended up having a sizable ace pot.
My 1st Ace!


Trophy Lakes, John's Island SC. Hole #2: 164Ft. My first ACE! I was told my screams broke the db levels....only took 8 years to get one to stick, bounce out of about 15 goals. This one actually stayed in the basket.
First ace ever on Good Friday 14-April-2017 on my least favorite hole, #10, at Creekside Park in Archdale, NC.
Only line is along the edge of a creek, so pulled out my Westside Sling midrange that I got at last year's Trilogy Challenge (and never use) on the 225 ft hole and zipped a forehand shot up the edge of the creek that kept slowly turning left till it banged right in. Neither myself or either of my playing partners ever thought it was looking like it was that close.
I can cross this off the bucket list now!
(Not bad for an old fart of 52 that's only been playing for about a year and 8 months.....)
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Ace #2 for me, earlier today on hole #3 at MWSU in St. Joseph, Missouri, with an Innova Champion Spider. It's a 219' shot along a hillside that slopes from left to right, and finishes hard right under a very low canopy, and is protected by a jerk branch. Witnessed by Kim G.

(Click images to enlarge.)

Not me, but thought I'd mention a local (Cincinnati) player (Ian Collins...hope he doesn't mind the story being shared here! :p) who went on a tear to start the month of April (not sure if he's on DGCR though). He reported on the local Facebook group that he'd been on a bit of a drought for aces when he hit Monroe hole 20 (277 foot, level, wooded lane) with a Colossus on April fools day. Yes, it was witnessed.

The next day, he hit Twin Creeks Black hole 9 (196 feet, level, wooded) with a Verdict

The very next day, he hit Monroe hole 5 (234 feet, downhill, s to the right) with another disc, and then

On the 4th day, he hit Dunham hole 17 (B pin position, 330 feet, downhill around a mid-fairway guardian tree) with a Defender.

Yep, after four witnessed aces in 4 days, he went to the local pitch & putt, but couldn't connect for the 5th. He did, however, buy a lottery ticket.
^ Thats crazy, he got as many aces I (now) have in a week than i have in 4 years

Just got my 4th today at the local park, straight bee line to the basket about 265 ft with an Excel Ghost. Casual round with my brother so no moneys but I did get treated with some food so i'll take it.

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