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How long did it take to get your 1st ACE?

How many years before you got your first ace?

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Bogey Member
Jun 2, 2009
Just curious to see how long it has taken people to get an ace.
In terms of years, months, weeks, rounds, etc.....

I have yet to get one...
mine is hard to really evaluate in terms of time. I started playing 6 years ago and half way through that first year I hit chains and bounced out. I played often for the next two years but nothing else close. Took a few years off from playing and this year picked it back up again. Completely overhauled my driving form and got my first ace about 2 months in.
My first ace came after about three months or so, about a month after I began playing very regularly (5+ rounds a week). I've began playing a lot more since then and have yet to get another.
Took 4 years to get my first (granted I only got to play on pole holes during school vacations during that time) - but once I got my first, I got my second the very next day.
Not very long, once I went from recreational type player to someone attempting to get better at a sport. I would be able to say 44 aces but the last one I stung the other day fell out.

I can't even begin to count the spit outs...
14 months of playing for real with discs rather than casually with frisbees. Had played around 2-3 rounds per week over that time period.

It was in my first organized event ever - random doubles with Stan McDaniel as my partner. I think it might have been my only throw that counted towards our score. :) Ace pool was $250-ish. I had not paid my $1 to enter. :confused:
I got my first one a little over a year after I started. But that isn't a year of playing I normally take a break from playing during school. Luckily both of my aces have been during PDGA tournaments.
i've been playing relatively seriously for close to a year, no aces yet, although i almost got one today at freeman lake just a few feet short...
I have been playing for 10 years, only about 3 of them have been what I would consider semi serious, I have yet to get an ACE. However, on most open holes I throw Overhand and think that its harder to throw one in overhand, but I can't argue with how accurate it is.
i've been playing a couple rounds a week (with a couple month or two long breaks in there) for almost three years and have hit top of the basket on the fly once and hit bottom of the basket off a skip once.
I played off and on for several years on obstacle courses my friends and I set up. We rarely ventured to a real basket course. I started playing more on my own and would regularly play actual courses. That was about two years and unfortunately no aces so far. I have been getting real close lately and think one will come in the next few months.

On a side note, this is my first year playing tournaments and somebody from my card has aced in three of those tournaments. And for two of those guys, those were their first aces ever. So it's been kind of a tease for me. So if anyone in So Cal needs their first ace, try to get on a card with me in the next tournament. I seem to be good luck for this! =D
I have been playing 2 years with no Ace. I have gotten really close to the basket many times, and I have hit the basket 3 times.
I've been playing for over 9 years (with a 4 year break when I lived in NYC) and I still have yet to get an Ace. I've hit the tops of the basket dozens of times...I've hit the pole beneath the basket dozens of times...I've even hit the chains twice...but that Ace still eludes me. What's worse is my GF got an Ace when in her 3rd month after I taught her last year....I mean, I'm happy for her and everything...but as charlie Brown would say, "ARRRRRGH!!"
I have 3 aces at my practice field. Sucks that those don't count. Two at 200ft and one at 225ft. Funny thing is I wasn't even trying to hit the basket when those happened. I guess I need to do that at the course.
Took me 7 years to get my first one (only been playing seriously for the last 2), but it only took 3 weeks after that to hit my second.
I'm not really trying to get one, just focusing on playing and getting better in all the different aspects of the game. I think if you set your mind on getting your ace, you're just setting yourself up for higher scores. Just play and the ace will come in time.
The best thing to keep in mind is that an ace is a lucky mistake. Your disc shouldn't be flying that high, nor that fast, right next to the basket. A miss will put your disc well away from it.

In leagues I play for the birdie at all times, often coming up several feet short of the basket. The other week I played the whole course with friends and aimed for an ace the entire round. Horrendous score. Sure aces are the honey in this super sweet sport, but in regards to skill, I'm not too sure.