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Iron Arm Challenge

Dec 1, 2009
Powder Springs, GA
Avery J. threw for over 600ft. to win the 2009 Iron Arm Challenge. Yumiko Tauchi won it for the ladies throwing just under 400ft.

Just about everyone on the podium men and women alike were throwing a Pro or R-pro Boss under 170g. If you were competing, what is your Iron Arm disc? You can only choose one and post the weight.

My disc is without a doubt a Star Wraith 167g. Sadly to say i'd barley be able to keep up with those guys, but it's always nice to dream about the future. :D
Last summer I could get my 175g star beast out to around 400 feet, the problem is consistancy. One day I would be crushing my drives and end up being under par for the round, a couple days later I would be shanking every other throw and averaging around 300-350 feet per drive, on those days I would end up well over par.
I am pretty sure Avery used a Pro Destroyer in a lighter weight on some practice throws at one point at that challenge or a different one and went 800ft of more. since it was practice it didnt count though
My longest thrown disc was my Champ Viking, 171g. I don't have any faster discs at this time.
170 g Star Destroyer...I can toss that thing over 400' but I am wildly inconsistent and mildly inaccurate, but it is sure fun to see it go far.
171g Pro Destroyer is good for 425'-450' for me, working with a new 167g Pro Boss though have been getting it out there in the 450' range, just haven't gotten the feel for the flight yet but i dont throw a lot if "drivers" off the tee anyways. im happy at 325'-350' with my Cro's
I throw my 170g Pro Boss. It's super domey and it just goes. I can usually get it out to 400', but I'm still working on consistancy.
If the Iron Arm Challenge is like other distance competitions and they are throwing with a tailwind, I would use my 171g Monarch.
My max distance is an old, beat up Force at 171g.
I have been known to get that disc out to 350' or more.
I am aware that that is pathaetic for a lot of throwers, but for me it's amazing.
Since control is not a factor whatsoever, thats where my 150 Valk would come out. I can get good controlled distance with it when I want but would rather go with a Teebird for that, but if I really wanted to just chuck the disc without worrying where it is going, that Valk can really go.
This would be hypothetical for me since I throw about 250'-275' right now. My guess would be one of the 150G R-Pro Boss's I have stashed away. Threw them in a field a few times and they went far. I had no clue where they were going thought so they never come out in a game. But the wind better be calm or those puppies would get squirrely. Can I just learn a roller and try that?
The Nuke is the longest thing I have ever thrown (174g). This might be the next record breaker!
169 Pro Destroyer...crazy flippy and will go real long on a well thrown hyzer flip. Longest so far for me around 450 with that disc.

I am starting to try out the Force and that thing will go. I parked a 400 ft dogleg left hole the other day with it. You have to throw it extremely high on a hyzer line over some trees to hook it hard left to the pin. That disc has found a place in my bag...just haven't tried to hyzer flip it yet. Not sure if it will.
Star Valkyrie, 167 is my big D disc. But I'm a long way from an Iron Arm Competition. Maybe Wooden Arm, I'm getting about 350 out of it.
My furthest throw(s) was on a football/track field. I threw from the track to the opposite goal post which I think is right around 450. There was absolutely no wind though, so I dont know what I would throw with a tail wind. Also, I was throwing a 171 esp force and a 172 star boss. I have never messed around with lighter discs besides my wifes 150 stuff. I would love to try and bomb a 167 pro/rpro boss.
My longest throws are a hyzer flip with a 167 dx wraith or a flex with a 167 star destroyer, but I max out around 360' with both of those so you won't see me in any distance competitions...

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