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Virginia Courses


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Jan 10, 2007
What are your Top 3 Favorite courses in Virginia?

These do not have to be the highest rated. Just tell us what courses that you like to play the most.
In Feb 2021 I completed playing every playable permanent published course in Virginia. I've played ~160+ VA courses, but many new courses have gone in all over the Old Dominion since then. So even though I haven't currently played every single VA course I've still played most of them. Even though I moved back to NC I'm still #2 on the VA Course Baggers list here.

My #1 Top Favorite course in VA is Waller Mill in Williamsburg. With 2 tees and 2 baskets on every hole there are 4 permanent layouts with tremendous variety. The course is a woods course with several water holes that are beautiful.

Here is my choice for a VA course that I really enjoy playing... Primland in Meadows of Dan. I give a disclaimer that I don't throw very far, so it is more fun for me play a course where I can score some birdies and even have some ace runs. I know that longer throwers do not like Primland as much as I do, but they have every right to their personal preferences. Since Primland Resort is on the top of a mountain, hole 1 has the most expansive vista of any hole in Virginia! The course has great first class tee signs such as you would find on the traditional golf course, and since the resort golf course crew maintains the disc golf course too, it is professionally maintained. To top it off, after you play you can go back to the main resort hotel and get something to eat and drink while sitting on the veranda overlooking the golf course. I got a glass of single malt scotch at sundown, sat on the veranda, and it was heavenly!
In Feb 2021 I completed playing every playable permanent published course in Virginia.

That's impressive - Virginia is bigger than most folks think, especially driving down I-81. I have not yet played Primland and Waller Mill, but they are on my wish list.

I have 5 Virginia courses in my list of favorites. If forced to choose three:

Freedom Center – Clark's Run: One of my home courses and I play here at least weekly. A course where a par round rates around 970 but roughly 2/3 of the holes are (at least occasionally) birdieable never gets old for me. Even without disc golf this would be a lovely place for a hike.

Lake Marshall – The Lair: Quoting from my review: "This course is hard, fair, and fun. Not an easy combination to achieve, but The Lair succeeds brilliantly. In addition, the landscape is dramatic and beautiful, a paean to woods and water. I cannot wait to play here again."

Mayflower Hills: This is another wonderfully designed disc golf course in a glorious setting. My wife has repeatedly mentioned this beautiful park as one of the highlights of a road trip to California, and she doesn't even play disc golf. :D

Honorable mentions (still among my favorite courses):

Hawk Hollow: I have fantastic memories of playing here, but its understandably limited availability works against it.

Independence Park: Only played here once but enjoyed it very much. Short and long tees allow one to adjust the course to your skill level.

Virginia has an abundance of fantastic courses, so it is difficult to leave out ones I have enjoyed very much such as Walnut Creek, Cannon Ridge - Original, Blockhouse – Sunnyside, and Blockhouse – Tiki.
i look forward to expanding my VA courses played beyond Bluemont, thanks for the suggestions
What are your Top 3 Favorite courses in Virginia?

These do not have to be the highest rated. Just tell us what courses that you like to play the most.

I have not played many VA courses but my all time favorite was Mountain Lake. I am a big fan of Bryant Park, Walnut Creek and The Blockhouse courses as well.
I have not played many VA courses but my all time favorite was Mountain Lake. I am a big fan of Bryant Park, Walnut Creek and The Blockhouse courses as well.

That being said, I always enjoyed the drive from Edmunds Park to Ballou because the GPS lady had to tell me to turn left on Crack Head (Craighead) Street.
Out of the 24 that I have played, my Top 3 would be:

New Quarter Park - Still one of my Favorite courses, great mix of open and wooded holes (they transition about every 2-3 holes), dual tee pads, an "Oh S**t!" hole (#12) and a decent on-site Pro Shop, I still throw my NQP Leo3!

Ballou #2 - another good mixed open and wooded course right in Danville, #3,4 and 6 are a great string of holes (sorry #5), plus a short Niner in the same park as a warm up/cool down course to bag!

Highland Park in Roanoke - still one of my favorite Niners, good concrete tee pads and signs, #3 is one of the favorite holes I have ever played!, a Par 4 and a Par 5 to finish on, and a nearby Elem school that reminds me of the one I attended.

Still want to play Mayflower Hills, JB's courses, Waller Mill, Marshal Lake and the Blockhouse, maybe we'll get back to VA soon.
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1. Lake Marshall The Lair from 1st tee to 18th basket a good mix of woods, water, elevation, scenic, and a few open holes. No. 5 green a treacherous green. The course is pure fun!

2. Hawk Hollow backyard fun! Etched in memory on the highly elevated 1st tee looking down on the rest of the course and across the valley, then behind me at the farm buildings and silo. A personnel memory of ramming in a birdie on the iconic 6th green instead of a dump putt where a miss was going into the air.

3. Lake Marshall The Lions a year ago was out of my reach for the most part using a 1-step, but the elevated tees and scenery is tremendous with very difficult holes. I've gain distance using a x-step throwing much further, hope to get back up there in a few months before the Silver event.

On the outside looking in Walnut Creek elevation and mixed variety and Cannon Ridge mostly ravine play.

The I-64 corridor between Virginia Beach and Williamsburg are 7 18-holers where I've played at least 2 dozen rounds.

1. Waller Mill mostly heavy woods and ravines wrapped around a lake very scenic. I've lost 3 putters on death putts into the lake.

2. Munden Point my home course mostly open but long to longs tree guardians on the tees and basket areas, and harsh winds can whip up from the North Landing River creating high scores. On the scenic 8th and 9th peninsula holes I've lost more than two dozen discs in less than three years. One of my top scenic courses, I also call it my therapy course it's out in the middle of nowhere.

3. New Quarter good mix woods, open, and ravine play. Very well-manicured and difficult from long to long. My favorite about New Quarter when trees drop across fairways in the woods its left as it lays, they just take a chain saw to cut the branches away and a path for you to walk thru, it gives a very natural feeling when playing the course. Every other course I play at haul away the down trees.
I have not played The Blockhouse, Clark's Run, Sugar Hollow, or New London Tech, among others. Among the ones I've played, I'd rank them -

1. Mayflower Hills (5)
2. Lake Marshall Lions (4.4)
3. Lake Marshall Lair (4.3)
4. Hawk Hollow (4.3)

I originally had the new Buffalo Mountain as a clear #5, but after thinking back on my experience, it's beginning to sour slightly (it's still an excellent course, just not clearly and obviously top-tier for me anymore).

I've played Waller Mill twice and absolutely loved it, but admittedly do not remember very many individual holes, it's a long blur of wooded hallways. New Quarter is the opposite for me - beautiful and memorable, but for whatever reason I've never particularly enjoyed playing its hole designs. Walnut Creek is showing its age, though it's still a fun round. Cannon Ridge has excellent stretches but also some boring wide-open ones. Greenfield hasn't been in great shape on any of my visits, but has the bones to be up there as well.

I'll keep Buffalo Mountain at #5 for now, though I fully expect one of my unplayed courses to dethrone it at some point, or a Waller Mill revisit could clarify its position. Or of course improvements to Buffalo Mountain are entirely imaginable.
Forgot to mention the Raptor's Roost complex - there are so many teepads, basket positions, and layout possibilities that I have no idea how to rate it. Some of the holes I played were awesome. Others were just okay, but maybe the other teepads or pin positions would've been better. I have no idea. That was a very long day. There were enough awesome holes that it probably warrants a place in this discussion.
1. Hawk Hollow - The place is magical, it is not fancy by any means but the location, the hills, creek and most of all the challenges the course present makes it my favorite in the state.

2. Lake Marshall - I am willing to admit the Lions is just a bit too much for my arm/knees and body, but otherwise the most challenging and most beautiful course in the state. The Lair is also very challenging and also beauty but has a lot more shade and woods than the Lions.

No offense to the Southwest or Southeast courses in the state, but I simple don't get down their often. It's much easier for me to play MD, PA or occasional WV courses.

If I was not in contrarian mood Clark's Run would be #3 or another Biscoe course but it already been mentioned sooo...

3. Limestone Ledges aka formerly Maurertown, It not going to make anyone top 10 list probably but I just absolutely love the Mountain view on this course. In my humble opinion the second best views behind Lake Marshall. The course was redesigned last year to make it into two 18 holes courses. The maintenance of the course is top notch and I just have a great time every time I play there. Located just off I-81 south of 66 is pretty easy to access from the highway as well.

Raptor's Roost, Loriella, the new Forest Green course (yet to open but hear great things), Clark's run and I guess the Blockhouse (if it reopens) are all other contenders for the top 3 or 5 lists.
So they replaced the baskets installed in 97 with baskets from 96... a bit odd.

Well, The Colonial Disc Golf Club installed the baskets, and I don't remember seeing a fundraiser on their facebook page. So, The City of Newport News must of paid for the baskets which is amazing, since despite collecting fees to play, there very slow putting any money into the course such as broken signs or just mowing the course. The city must of required a good deal from the club.
So... I just moved to the Virginia Beach & Williamsburg area though I have visited family in the area a number of times. Waller Mill is a special combination of good course design in a perfect disc golf terrain. I reviewed it a few years ago and it was one of those reviews that has surprised me by how many "helpful" votes it got. I suspect that's because many agree with me that it's a special course.

For that reason, I'll rank Waller Miller number one. That said, I should put Lake Marshall next (I'll get out there again before I pick one), and then probably the Blockhouse courses (I suppose I liked Darkside best). Clark's Run is awesome and right behind. I could be convinced to put it higher but I think Blockhouse wins with the multiple layouts and the best Tiki course disc golf has ever seen. I have notable courses I haven't played, mainly thinking about Hawk Hollow (Biscoe, lemme know when I need to get out there!!!) and what I assume are some great courses from Charlottesville down into southwest VA.

I'm excited to do some course exploring, though I will always be Radagast to Olorin's Gandalf...
Re-played Surry Recreation Center Course it's now 18-holes. I had bagged and added to DGCR last year when it was 9-holes. F9 is ho hum all open play, B9 big improvement, nice, wooded section of the course 13-15.


Left Photo- #13 a dogleg right just past the gap was my favorite
Center- #14 a narrow gap fairway
Right- #15 basket just to the left of the pavilion

I'll rewrite the review soon, and course will get a bump in its rating.
Forgot to upload the photos.


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I have played only a dozen VA courses, based on travel for other reasons. But I'd like to put in a good word for funky little Meadowcreek Gardens. And Jenkins Mountain - but only when it's been freshly mowed (see review).
I have played only a dozen VA courses, based on travel for other reasons. But I'd like to put in a good word for funky little Meadowcreek Gardens. And Jenkins Mountain - but only when it's been freshly mowed (see review).

I was going to bag Meadowcreek Gardens, and a few other courses to the north last Friday. But I was on a 7-day bagging and re-visits of favorite courses marathon out of my area. Friday was day 5 and I was beat, the almost three-hour drive changed my mind, and I kept it closer to home the last few days. I'll get up there sometime later.
Bagged Deadrise DGC this past Saturday. I like the layout holes 1-9, 11-12 with the rolling slopes, open fairways and high grass reminded of a Scottish Links watching the British Open. If your disc lay horizontal not hard to find in the grass, vertical spent a few moments looking. Hole 13 is a transition hole heavily wooded, and when you come out the other side, totally different. Elevation, more open, trees in play, and the nasty rough here and there. The wood chip tees sucked.


Left Picture: Fairway 1 to the left fairways 4-5, and 7 crossing in the background.

Center: Basket 9 and fairway near, and fairway 11 behind 9, and 12 in the background towards the tree line.

Right: From 16 basket and more elevated than the picture shows. 17 basket in the trees left, that nasty grass need to get over about 220 feet to clear. The 18th fairway to the right, basket all the way down.

Worth making the trip, out in the middle of nowhere scenic drive, mom and pops along the hwy. Lake Marshall courses less than an hour.


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