[Question] What is this disc worth (Part V)?

Wondering about these:
PFN Orcs
PFN Wraith
PFN Starfire
PFN Viking
PFN Roadrunner
PFN Monster
All are 7/10, some with ink, just trying to get a ballpark before I list them.

All I know is the PFN Orcs and Vikings used to be highly sought after, I used to throw the Vikings but slowly changed over to Discraft, and just started playing again after about 6 years.

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Bump. What is this thread for?
Bump. What is this thread for?
What Plastic are PFN disc? If old Champion and either lightly gummy/flexible or super stiff but not slick are worth a bunch same as Star as newer Star is less high speed stable and G-Star PFN is a highly sought after disc as flight numbers were put on discs soon after G-Star came out.