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[Mids] 2023 “workhorse” midrange?

Buzz goes left and the comet goes right. Either will go straight dependent on the wind.

Prodigy M3 is trying to push the Buzz out of the lineup and the M4 is working on the comet spot. They made a lot of head way this winter but not ready to make the change yet.

I was thinking about trying out M2 and M4 pairing but never got around to it
Hex for me, as "workhorse" means FH/BH and a stable/neutral shaping ability.

Having said that, my game is basically Envy, Teebird, Corvette, and Bohrium for distance FH. Mostly open. Hex doesn't get thrown on local courses, they aren't woodsy enough.

Been impressed with Gila as a stable alternative--I actually throw it in windy conditions and other situations where I feel like I need flywheel-like inertia from my disc.

Tursas (which seems similar to Meteor and Comet and Uplink) could easily be a workhorse, but the understability and velocity sensitivity would require extra reps. The flight tho....

I really like a Buzzz, Quake, Pyro, and Uplink for this role. No experience with Rocs. Oh MD3 is legit too.
Good old DX Roc is THE mid, my go to if I'm not sure what to throw. Don't need the speed to get them out to 350, plenty OS enough to start and easy to replace. Pair with 1-2 premium OS utility mid/putter molds and you'll never need to mess with your line up again.
Really liking my CT Wasp, its worn in nicely and I can do a few different things with it. Hard to top the buzzz though, obviously.
If it's not windy I like the Lat64 Fuse for anything but pure hyzers, as it tends to flip up and go long. It took the title from my Buzzz because it's more shapable and easier to power down on. I still carry and use the Buzzz, but it plays more of a secondary role now.
I've been throwing Rocs and Comets since 1995. It ain't broke, so it don't need fixin'. :|

Oh so close to correct..

I've thrown a Comet maybe three times...
Probably picking a doubles partners throw to toss back to them because my "mature" Roc was parked...
Oh so close to correct..

I've thrown a Comet maybe three times...
Probably picking a doubles partners throw to toss back to them because my "mature" Roc was parked...
If I had an arm and threw with any power, Comets would have never snuck in there.

Seriously where the Comet thing came from is that Dave McCormack got better pricing on Discraft than Innova back when Gateway was a retailer, so he would push Discraft discs really hard on us poor, unsuspecting amateur players. When the Rancho Roc came out I remember him telling me "Oh, you won't be able to throw the new Roc. It's too overstable for you. You need to switch to Comets" and I did because I'm gullible like that. I switched back to Rocs when I moved to Chicago, had to throw in the wind and Dave McCormack wasn't around to tell me what I should do.

I've been back and forth with them ever since; I get good results with both and I don't have to choose. I'm fighting some injuries and throwing with even less power than usual right now, and Comets really do respond to that better than Rocs.
With so many Roc and Buzzz picks I'll just toss my two cents out there.

I bagged Buzzzes then switched to Rocs and then back to the Buzzz.

I found the Roc to be more of a glidey, finesse disc and honestly it really overlapped with my putters. I imagine if I mostly played in the woods it would definitely be my top pick for how easy it is to shape shots.

I mostly play open courses and I have a preference for the Buzzz. I think it handles power better and there is less overlap with my putters.

All of that being said, sometimes on a big pull the Buzzz occasionally gets away from me so I'm working on seeing if the TSA Pathfinder can unseat it.
The "hype" mid for 2023 has to be the HEX.
I can decide if the HEX, BERRY, PATHFINDER or the old trusty Buzzz will be the mid for 2023
Definitely a ton of buzzz about the hex :D

I think it's a little faster and a little easier to shape right out of the box. I'm amazed by its resistance to turn on a good FH and it's touch BH... and it's puttability.. I don't know how it does that.
Gatekeeper. Slow, stable/neutral, decent glide. Nothing to get excited about but it won't get you in trouble either

Yep! Gatekeeper. 4/5/0/2
That's my go to if I could only have 1 mid. I have old beefy Proto Nikko molds, VIP-X, SE, stock etc. 99% sure I have every version. I like the Berry and Patrick Brown Mustang also. But if I could only have 1 mid, Gatekeeper. Overlooked great disc.

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