Most embarrassing disc golf moment

I hit a guy at glow league last week. He was behind a tree and I thought he had walked off, but came out of a shadow and right into my glow scale. I felt like **** about it

Have also ripped pants during a tournament but hitting the guy was worse.
There are so many it's hard to pick just one, but browsing the first course played thread reminded me of a one that could have ended up a lot worse than it did. I was playing Burke Lake #6 (was #9 back then in the old configuration) from the long tees. The hole isn't long but fairly tight even from the short tee. From the long tee for me there may as well have been a brick wall in the fairway. I never got past halfway and was always pitching out. I was playing solo and got behind 5 or 6-some who decided to have a conversation around the basket after holing out. I waited a awhile and finally hollered up there a couple times, still they chatted. The long tee is kind of down in a hole so maybe they didn't see me. Finally I decided WTH, it's not like I'm gonna hit the green anyway so I tee'd off. I hit the number plate flush, hard and loud. They scattered quickly. It was almost funny but we were all really lucky. The disc was an old, hard P-38 Lightning, I'd hate to get hit by that thing. I'm the type that will never throw if I think there's a remote chance of hitting someone. If someone had done that to me I would have been all up their face. Of course I wouldn't have been standing around the basket for minutes after holing out. All in all, a very fortunate but embarrassing moment.
On my best drive ever I approached my disc near the basket with a big smile that turned upside when I saw everyone else laughing at me a couple hundred feet away at the REAL BASKET.

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