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MY Ratings
What makes a great course?
I have asked many of the regulars I play with, "what's your favorite course in the area." After getting a bunch of responses, I was surprised by the diversity of thee expressed favorite. So then I would ask them why? and other follow up questions. So what makes a great course? To me, it's a little bit of everything. IMO, a great course will be one that's challenging yet fair. It will have a Zen-like quality, but will ambush you when you lack total focus. It will let you relax at the tee and give you the information you need, when you need it. It will throw you curveball after curveball, then fastball, change, sinker, fastball, wild pitch. That's what I love. My ratings may have a structure to them, but my formula is based on what's said above.

Review Ratings History.
My First formula ratings started on 10/25/16 "Trinity college". The formula was revised to produce lower ratings on 1/1/17. The formula was revised lower again on 6/14/17. Many of my unrevised older reviews could be lower by as much as a half point if revised.

Being someone who loves stats, I rate a course on 5 main weighted factors, they are:
The first three categories listed, are further broken down into a total of 46 weighted sub categories. My formula data is kept in an excel spreadsheet.
[1] (15%) Fun Factor (aceability, forgiveness, disc loss opportunities, overgrowth, club/people, time waiting, etc.) it's somewhat subjective.
[2] (25%) Character (teeing experience, multi tees, multi pins, benches, practice area, bag holders, basket condition, restrooms, water fountain, etc.)
[3] (25%) Uniqueness (elevation up/down, open/wooded, gimme/beast hole, water, doglegs, pocket shots, signature hole, blind, par 4, par 5, etc.)
[4] (20%) Raw Difficulty - per DGCR rating and my subjective personal feeling
[5] (15%) Raw Beauty - completely subjective

* My top rated courses for (FUN FACTOR)
[1] (5.390) Flying Armadillo - Gold (San Marcos, TX)
[2] (4.775) Cane Ridge - Short (Nashville, TN)
[3] (4.650) Wells Branch (Austin, TX)
* My top rated courses for (CHARACTER)
[1] (5.500) Rollin Ridge (Reedsville, WI)
[2] (5.045) Taylor Park (Largo, FL)
[3] (5.030) Bill Frederick Park - T2 (Orlando, FL)
* My top rated courses for (UNIQUENESS)
[1] (5.200) New World DGC (Jacksonville, FL)
[2] (5.175) Austin Ridge Bible Church (Austin, TX)
[3] (5.150) Old Settlers' Park (Round Rock, TX)
* My top rated courses for (RAW DIFFICULTY)
[1] (4.950) Jack Mclean Park (Tallahassee, FL)
[2] (4.800) Austin Ridge Bible Church (Austin, TX)
[3] (4.890) Oldsmar DGC (Oldsmar, FL)
* My top rated courses for (RAW BEAUTY)
[1] (5.250) New World DGC (Jacksonville, FL)
[2] (5.125) Rollin Ridge (Reedsville, WI)
[3] (5.000) Austin Ridge Bible Church (Austin, TX)

* My top courses (OVERALL) (out of 227 courses)
Constantly re-evaluated - Last Update - Feb 2018
[1] (4.885) Rollin Ridge (Reedsville, WI)
[2] (4.451) Inverness DGP (Hoover, AL)
[3] (4.386) New World DGC (Jacksonville, FL)
[4] (4.298) Austin Ridge Bible Church (Austin, TX)
[5] (4.269) Tom Brown Park (Tallahassee, FL)
[6] (4.264) Circle C Metro Park (Austin, TX)
[7] (4.201) The Admiral (Semmes, AL) Prelim
[8] (4.180) Bill Frederick Park - T2 (Orlando, FL)
[9] (4.163) Oldsmar DGC (Oldsmar, FL)
[10] (4.126) Perkerson Park (Atlanta, GA)
[11] (4.104) Clay DGC (Clay, AL)
[12] (4.022) RIP, Tom Brown Park (Tallahassee, FL)
[13] (3.982) River City - Alpha (Debary, FL)
[14] (3.944) Picnic Island DGC (Tampa, FL)
[15] (3.919) Old Warrior Run (Belden, MS) Prelim
[16] (3.912) Flying Armadillo-Gold (San Marcos, TX)
[17] (3.897) Freedom Park DGC (Valdosta, GA)
[18] (3.878) Cedar Hill Park (Nashville, TN) Prelim
[19] (3.877) Magnolia DGC (Live Oak, FL)
[20] (3.838) Cliff Stevens Park (Clearwater, FL)
[21] (3.767) Estero DGC (Estero, FL)
[22] (3.761) Dretzka Park (Milwaukee, WI)
[23] (3.738) Golden Gate Park (San Francisco, CA)
[24] (3.723) Taylor Park (Largo, FL)
[25] (3.699) Edward Medard Park (Plant City, FL)
[26] (3.690) The Preserve DGC (Port Charlotte, FL)
[27] (3.662) Flying Armadillo - Big (San Marcos, TX)
[28] (3.655) Indian Creek DGC (Huntsville, AL)
[29] (3.638) George Ward Park (Birmingham, AL)
[30] (3.593) Jack Mclean Park (Tallahassee, FL)
[31] (3.586) Searight Park (Austin, TX)
[32] (3.576) Cane Ridge -Adv (Nashville, TN) prelim
[33] (3.575) The Sinks (Chattanooga, TN)
[34] (3.567) The Bear (Alford, FL)
[35] (3.562) Cypress Point Park (Tampa, FL)
[36] (3.534) Bill Frederick Park - T1 (Orlando, FL)
[37] (3.531) Ocala Greenway DGC (Ocala, FL)
[38] (3.491) Jonesville Park (Jonesville, FL)
[39] (3.480) Palm Bay Regional (Palm Bay, FL)
[40] (3.413) Cat Hollow (Round Rock, TX)
[41] (3.383) Redstone Arsenal (Huntsville, AL)
[42] (3.377) North Water Tower Park (Sarasota, FL)
[43] (3.367) Williamson County DGC (Leander, TX)
[44] (3.342) Sawmill DGC (Ocala, FL)
[45] (3.318) MetCenter DGC (Austin, TX)
[46] (3.302) Red Hawk DGC (Pulaski, TN)
[47] (3.289) Riverside Park DGC (West Bend, WI)
[48] (3.280) Plamann Apple Creek (Appleton, WI)
[49] (3.276) Lake Hiawatha Preserve (Clermont, FL)
[67] (3.110) ChainDragon (Freeport, FL) hc
[89] (2.729) Brahan Spring Park (Huntsville, AL) hc
[96] (2.676) Wells Branch Park (Austin, TX) hc
[105] (2.611) Youth Park (Pinellas Park, FL) hc
[AVE] (2.454) Average score of 227 courses
hc = past or present home course

DGCR members I have had the privilege to throw with: austin_brian (1), donweck (1), Thrembo (2), R2sandman (1), ttoenjes (1), Neostrat (5), Mr Butlertron (3), HelloKitty (2), Charbachuk (1), TheRealRedRoach (1), Tmcalist (1), helix_rider (1), wericsson (3), GMcAtee (2), chef_bo_yardee (1), familyman4x (1), AdamDeMaioribus (1), larrod25 (1).
Favorite Courses (23)
Played Courses (227)
United States
Huntsville, AL Indian Creek DGC
Semmes, AL The Admiral
3 Course(s)
San Francisco, CA Golden Gate Park DGC
1 Course(s)
Freeport, FL ChainDragon
Estero, FL Estero DGC
Live Oak, FL Magnolia DGC
Jacksonville, FL New World DGC
Palm Bay, FL Palm Bay Regional
Largo, FL Taylor Park
North Port Charlotte, FL The Preserve DGC
Tallahassee, FL Tom Brown Park
10 Course(s)
Valdosta, GA Freedom Park
Atlanta, GA Perkerson Park
2 Course(s)
Belden, MS Old Warrior Run DGC
1 Course(s)
Nashville, TN Cedar Hill Park
Chattanooga, TN The Sinks
2 Course(s)
San Marcos, TX Flying Armadillo - Gold
Austin (Wells Branch), TX Wells Branch Park
3 Course(s)
Reedsville, WI Rollin Ridge
1 Course(s)
Course Wish List (175)
United States
Hamilton, AL Aggieland DGC
Tuscaloosa, AL Bowers Park
Alexander City, AL Elkahatchee State Park
Trussville, AL Greg Carter Memorial DGC
Jacksonville, AL Jacksonville Community DGC
Heflin, AL Lake Point Park
Tuscaloosa, AL Palmore Park
Hartselle, AL Quail Creek - Course 1
Pell City, AL Revelation Mountain
Russellvile, AL Rustic Youth Camp
Springville, AL The Ridge
Opelika, AL Tumble Tree DGC
16 Course(s)
Anchorage, AK Kincaid Park DGC
1 Course(s)
Phoenix, AZ Buffalo Ridge Park
1 Course(s)
Russellville, AR Old Post DGC
1 Course(s)
Miranda, CA Birds of Paradise
Lakeshore, CA China Peak DGC
Santa Cruz, CA DeLaveaga Park
Sacramento (Orangevale), CA Shady Oaks Park
5 Course(s)
Conifer, CO Beaver Ranch
Pine, CO Bucksnort DGC
Pine, CO Phantom Falls
3 Course(s)
Manchester, CT Wickham Park
1 Course(s)
Newark, DE Iron Hill
1 Course(s)
Douglasville, GA Boundary Waters Park - 1
Cartersville, GA Etowah DGC
Columbus, GA Flat Rock Park DGC
Whitesburg, GA Flyboy Aviation
Austell, GA Frog Rock
Dalton, GA Heritage Point DGC
Carrollton, GA Hobbs Farm Park
Douglasville, GA Hunter Memorial Park
Stockbridge, GA J.P. Moseley Park
Kennesaw, GA Legacy Park
Marietta, GA Oregon Park
Griffin, GA Tyus DGC
Dallas, GA White Oak Park
20 Course(s)
Kahului, HI Kahului DGC
1 Course(s)
1 Course(s)
Round Lake, IL Fairfield Park
Lockport, IL The Canyons
3 Course(s)
Indianola, IA Pickard Park
1 Course(s)
Olpe, KS Eagle DGC
1 Course(s)
Elizabethtown, KY Freeman Lake Park
Burlington, KY Idlewild
Middleburg, KY Iffy Hollers
Independence, KY Lincoln Ridge Park
5 Course(s)
1 Course(s)
Gaithersburg, MD Seneca Creek State Park
1 Course(s)
Warren, MA 501 Disc Golf
Leicester, MA Maple Hill DGC
2 Course(s)
Traverse City, MI Hickory Hills
Ludington, MI Leviathan
3 Course(s)
East Bethel, MN Blue Ribbon Pines DGC
Minneapolis (Eden Prairie), MN Bryant Lake Park
2 Course(s)
Columbia, MO Harmony Bends DGC
Kansas City, MO Water Works Park
3 Course(s)
Billings, MT Diamond X
2 Course(s)
Omaha, NE Hummel Park
1 Course(s)
Zephyr Cove, NV Zephyr Cove Park
1 Course(s)
New Hampshire
Franklin, NH Franklin Falls Dam
1 Course(s)
New Jersey
Voorhees, NJ Stafford Woods
1 Course(s)
New Mexico
Ruidoso, NM Grindstone Park
1 Course(s)
New York
Claryville, NY Frost Valley DGC
1 Course(s)
North Carolina
Jefferson, NC Ashe County Park
Andrews, NC Heritage Park DGC
Charlotte, NC Hornets Nest Park
Charlotte, NC Nevin Park DGC
Charlotte, NC Renaissance Park - Gold
Asheville, NC Richmond Hill
Charlotte, NC Robert L. Smith Park
Pittsboro, NC Rock Ridge Park
Wilkesboro, NC Rolling Pines DGC
9 Course(s)
North Dakota
Bismarck, ND General Sibley Park
1 Course(s)
Cincinnati, OH Mt. Airy Forest
Xenia, OH Xenia Rotary DGC
3 Course(s)
1 Course(s)
Estacada, OR Riverbend DGC
1 Course(s)
Portersville, PA Moraine State Park
Holtwood, PA Muddy Run DGC
3 Course(s)
Rhode Island
Wakefield, RI South Kingstown DGC
1 Course(s)
South Carolina
Beech Island, SC Boyd Pond Park DGC
Rock Hill, SC Canaan Riverbend DGC
Burnettown, SC Langley Pond DiscGolfPark
3 Course(s)
South Dakota
Custer, SD Pageant Hill
1 Course(s)
Murfreesboro, TN Barfield Crescent Park
Millington, TN Bud Hill - Original
Lebanon, TN Cedars of Lebanon
Franklin, TN Cottonwood DGC
Brentwood, TN Crockett Park
Brentwood, TN Fellowship Bible Church
Fall Branch, TN Harmon Hills
Chapel Hill, TN Henry Horton State Park
Shelbyville, TN HV Griffin Park
Knoxville, TN Inskip Park Junior DGC
Nashville, TN Naval Hill DGC
Murfreesboro, TN Oakland Middle School DGC
Cedar Hill, TN Oggwood DGC
Morristown, TN Panther Creek State Park
Pickwick, TN Pickwick Plantation
Columbia, TN Rotary DGC
Savannah, TN Savannah DGC
Lawrenceburg, TN Scout & Hope Springs Park
Nashville, TN Seven Oaks Park
Smyrna, TN Sharp Springs Park
St. Joseph, TN St Joseph DGC
Tullahoma, TN Sunrise Rotary DGC
Alcoa, TN The Claytons
Winchester, TN Winchester City Park
29 Course(s)
Manor, TX East Metro Park
Marble Falls, TX Flat Creek DGC
Rockwall, TX Harry Myers DGC
Austin, TX Roy G. Guerrero DGC
4 Course(s)
1 Course(s)
Jeffersonville, VT Smugglers Notch - Fox Run
1 Course(s)
Spotsylvania, VA Hawk Hollow
3 Course(s)
Shelton, WA Shelton Springs DGC
1 Course(s)
West Virginia
Paw Paw, WV Whippin' Post
1 Course(s)
Muskego, WI Denoon DGC
Slinger, WI Fireman's Park Upper
Mukwonago, WI Miniwaukan Park
Ripon, WI Murray Park
Menasha, WI O'Hauser Park
Ripon, WI Riggs Park
Elkhart Lake, WI Sheboygan County Marsh Park
Fredonia, WI Stoney Creek DGC
Mukwonago, WI The Phantom DGC
New Berlin, WI Valley View Park
Montello, WI Wilderness DGC
Green Lake, WI Zobel Park
17 Course(s)
Casper, WY Casper DGC
1 Course(s)
McMurdo, Antarctica Ross Island DGC
1 Course(s)
Ofterschwang/Gunzesried, Germany Allgäu DGC
1 Course(s)
Wicklow, Ireland Kippure Estate DGC
1 Course(s)
Stockholm, Kista, Sweden Järva DiscgolfPark
1 Course(s)
United Kingdom
Croydon, London, United Kingdom Lloyd Park
Manchester, United Kingdom Longford Park
Wokingham, United Kingdom Royal Berks DGC
Leamington Spa, United Kingdom Washbourne Park
4 Course(s)
United States
Scottsboro, AL   Agape DGC
Arab, AL   Arab DGC
Athens, AL   Athens State University
Huntsville, AL   Brahan Spring Park
Brewton, AL Burnt Corn Creek Park
Clay, AL   Clay DGC
Cottonwood, AL   Diamond Disc Golf
Huntsville, AL   Drake Springs
Madison, AL   Dublin Park
Dothan, AL   Eastgate Park
Cullman, AL Fairview Park
Decatur, AL   Flying Dragon
Red Bay, AL Freedom Hills DGC
Muscle Shoals, AL   Gattman Park
Birmingham, AL   George Ward Park
Madison, AL Greenbrier Woods
Moulton, AL H.A Alexander Park
Cullman, AL   Heritage DGC
Huntsville, AL   Indian Creek DGC
Hoover, AL   Inverness Disc Golf Park
Winfield, AL   Ivan K. Hill Rec. Park
Rogersville, AL Joe Wheeler State Park
Albertville, AL   Lifepoint DGC
Huntsville, AL   Logan Park
Gardendale, AL Magnolia Links
Huntsville, AL   Mastin Lake
Florence, AL   McFarland Park
Huntsville, AL Mirabeau Apartments
Huntsville, AL   Monte Sano DGC
Huntsville, AL   Monte Sano Mini DGC
Jasper, AL   North Jasper Park
Rainbow City, AL   Rainbow City DGC
Huntsville, AL   Redstone Arsenal
Huntsville, AL   Southside Park
Hartselle, AL Sparkman Park - Lakeside
Hartselle, AL   Sparkman Park - Original
Athens, AL   Sportsplex
Adamsville, AL Spring Street DGC
Satsuma, AL Steele Creek
Semmes, AL The Admiral
Jasper, AL   The Eagle
Decatur, AL   The Outback
Huntsville, AL   Univ. of Ala. Huntsville (UAH)
Montevallo, AL University of Montevallo
Alabaster, AL   Veterans Park DGC
49 Course(s)
San Francisco, CA   Golden Gate Park DGC
San Ramon, CA   Old Ranch Park
2 Course(s)
Tampa, FL   22nd St. Park DGC
Kissimmee, FL   65th Infantry Veterans DGC
Orlando, FL   Airport Lakes Park
Niceville, FL   Anderson Pond
St. Petersburg, FL   Azalea Park DGC
Graceville, FL   Baptist College of Florida
Gainesville, FL   Barr Systems DGC
Gainesville, FL   Barr Systems DGC - Old Layout
Panama City, FL   Bay Memorial Park
Fort Myers Beach, FL   Bay Oaks DGC
Niceville, FL   Boggy Bayou DGC
Bonita Springs, FL   Bonita Springs Rec. Center
Valrico, FL   Buckhorn Park
Cedar Key, FL   Cemetery Point Park
Freeport, FL   ChainDragon
Clearwater, FL   Cliff Stephens Park
Palm Bay, FL   Covenant DGC
Tampa, FL   Crosswynde DGC
Tampa, FL   Cypress Point Park
DeFuniak Springs, FL   DeFunk Disco
Plant City, FL   Edward Medard Park
Estero, FL   Estero DGC
Fort Walton Beach, FL   Ferry Park
Floral City, FL   Floral Park
Tallahassee, FL   Florida A&M DGC
Panama City, FL   Florida State University
Milton, FL   Gator Links at NLA
Orlando, FL   Gordon Barnett Park - North
West Bradenton, FL   GT Bray Park
Dunedin, FL   Hammock Park
Live Oak, FL   Heritage Park & Gardens DGC
Perry, FL   Heritage Park DGC
Pensacola, FL   Hitzman Optimist Park
Tallahassee, FL   Jack McLean Park
Panama City, FL   Joe Moody Harris Park
Jonesville, FL   Jonesville Park
Bushnell, FL   Kenny Dixon Sports Complex
Clermont, FL Lake Hiawatha Preserve
Wildwood, FL   Lake Okahumpka
Sarasota, FL   Lakeview Park
Brandon, FL   Limona DGC
Mount Dora, FL   Lincoln Ave. Park West
Lutz, FL   Lutz Executive DGC
Live Oak, FL   Magnolia DGC
Destin, FL   Morgan Sports Complex
Sebring, FL   Mosquito Creek
Port Charlotte, FL   Murdock Baptist Church DGC
North Fort Myers, FL   N. Ft. Myers Community Park
Milton, FL   NAS Whiting Field DGC
Jacksonville, FL   New World DGC
Clearwater, FL   North East Coachman Park
Sarasota, FL   North Water Tower Park
Gainesville, FL   Northside Park
Ocala, FL   Ocala Greenway DGC
Oldsmar, FL Oldsmar DGC
Palm Bay, FL   Palm Bay Regional
Naples, FL   Palm Springs Park
Sarasota, FL   Payne Park
Bradenton, FL   Peace Community Park
Tampa, FL   Picnic Island DGC
Milton, FL   Pirates Cove @ NLA
Eglin AFB, FL   Post'l Point DGC
St. Petersburg, FL   Riviera Bay Park
St. Leo, FL   Saint Leo University
Ocala, FL   Sawmill DGC
Lake Panasoffkee, FL   Shady Brook Greenway Park
Oviedo, FL   Shane Kelly Park
Punta Gorda, FL   South County Regional Park
Clearwater, FL   Spectrum Field
Jacksonville, FL   Springfield DGC
Gulf Breeze, FL   Sunset DGC
Largo, FL   Taylor Park
Alford, FL   The Bear
Perry, FL   The Bulldog DGC
Ocala, FL   The Preserve @ Pine Oaks
North Port Charlotte, FL   The Preserve DGC
Brooksville, FL   The Quarry Golf Course
St. Petersburg, FL   Tocobaga DGC
Tallahassee, FL   Tom Brown Park
Tallahassee, FL   Tom Brown Park - Old Layout
Gainesville, FL   Trilogy School DGC
Jacksonville, FL   Trinity Baptist College - White
Trinity, FL   Trinity College
Daytona Beach, FL   Tuscawilla Park
Parker, FL   Under the Oaks Park
Pensacola, FL   University of West Florida
Tampa, FL   USF Riverfront Park
Venice, FL   Wellfield Park DGC
Inverness, FL   Whispering Pines DGC
Melbourne, FL   Wickham Park
Middleburg, FL   Wilkinson DGC
Pinellas Park, FL   Youth Park DGC
102 Course(s)
Bainbridge, GA   Bainbridge High School
Rising Fawn, GA   Cloudland Canyon State Park
Valdosta, GA   Freedom Park
Tifton, GA   Fulwood Park
Byron, GA   Harvest Church DGC
Warner Robins, GA   Lions Field
Mt. Berry, GA   Log Cabin Course
Thomasville, GA   MacIntyre Park DGC - Adv. 12
Thomasville, GA   MacIntyre Park DGC - Rec. 18
Atlanta, GA   Perkerson Park
Perry, GA   Rozar Park DGC
Rome, GA   Shorter University DGC
13 Course(s)
Mt. Vernon, IL   Veteran's Memorial Park
2 Course(s)
Scottsburg, IN   Linza Graham Park
Lafayette, IN   Murdock Park
Indianapolis, IN Northwestway Park DGC
3 Course(s)
Calvert City, KY   Doctor's Park DGC
Bowling Green, KY   Lover's Lane Park
Munfordville, KY   Thelma Stovall Park
3 Course(s)
Walden, TN   9 on Top DGC
East Ridge, TN   Camp Jordan DGC
Nashville, TN Cedar Hill Park
Franklin, TN Liberty Park
McMinnville, TN Pepper Branch Park
Chattanooga, TN   Portland Park DGC
Pulaski, TN   Red Hawk DGC
Chattanooga, TN   Shepherd Rec. Center DGC
Pulaski, TN   The Links
Chattanooga, TN   The Sinks
Tracy City, TN   Tracy City Elementary DGC
Nashville, TN   Two Rivers Park
Dunlap, TN Valley Fest DGC
Nashville, TN   Willow Grove Community DGC
16 Course(s)
Austin, TX   Austin Ridge Bible Church
Austin, TX   Bartholomew Park
Leander, TX   Benbrook Park DGC
Round Rock, TX   Brushy Creek MUD DGC
Pflugerville, TX   Falcon Pointe DGC
San Marcos, TX   Flying Armadillo - Gold
Fort Stockton, TX Ft. Stockton DGC
Austin, TX   MetCenter DGC
Pflugerville, TX   North Town
Round Rock, TX   Old Settlers' Park
Harker Heights, TX Purser Park DGC
Georgetown, TX   Rivery Park
Austin, TX   Searight Park
Leander, TX   The Highlands
Austin (Wells Branch), TX   Wells Branch Park
Leander, TX   Williamson County DGC
Austin, TX   Zilker Park
21 Course(s)
Fond du Lac, WI Adelaide Park
Chilton, WI   Chilton DGC
Milwaukee, WI Dretzka Park
Jackson, WI   Jackson Park
Grafton, WI Lime-Kiln Park
Appleton, WI Plamann Apple Creek 18
West Bend, WI   Riverside Park DGC
Reedsville, WI   Rollin Ridge
Greendale, WI   Root River Parkway DGC
Rosendale, WI   Rosendale High School
Germantown, WI   Spassland DGC
11 Course(s)