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Does a pole hole ace count???

Do pole hole aces count toward your ace count?

  • Yes they count!! A pole hole ace is as hard to get as a basket's ace so Yes.

    Votes: 76 81.7%
  • No they dont count!! Pole hole aces are not "countable" aces.

    Votes: 10 10.8%
  • It kind of depends, explain ???

    Votes: 7 7.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

Terry C

Double Eagle Member
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Sep 8, 2009
Allegan, Mi
I hit an ace recently at a pole course. The pole was about 300 feet from the tee so it definitely wasn't a "gimme" ace. I was just wondering what other people thought about pole hole aces. Do you count them as an ace? I searched for this topic but didnt see anything so I thought Id do a poll and see what you guys think.
Dude if you want to count the ace then count it. In my opinion, if that is the way the course is set up then it counts. I have seen people on here say it doesnt count before because it is an object course, but if you putt on it and it counts, why doesnt an ace when you hit it from the tee.
Seems legit to me, I have never played on one, how big is the tone pole thingee?
I would say that it counts because that is the way the course is set up so thats how you get an ace.
A pole hole course is (usually an older course) that has wooden poles instead of baskets. You "hole out" by hitting the pole with a thrown disc instead of "holing out" by throwing your disc into a basket. There are a few pole hole courses near me. They all just use plain wooden posts (usually painted a bright color). The posts are usually around 7 feet high and you can hit it at any point. For instance if your disc skips on the ground and bumps the bottom of the post it counts, if your disc hits the very top of the post it still counts, as long as your disc hits the post.
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i havent played where the whole post counts,usually theres an area you have to hit for it to count
like this.
ive had a few aces on different kinds of poles, i would count it
I hope so! I have 2 and they are my only aces.



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I've only played on courses with the metal ones that "gong" when you hit them right. If you hear it... ace...

If you know you hit the object of your throw... and it works if you were putting it... ace...

My nephew hit a beer keg on a pole at BB... ACE!
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We had one of the chain assemblies and basket stolen from a course here, but they left the pole, I guess because it was the only basket that was not welded to said pole. Our poles are cemented in and padlocked. So hole 14 is now a pole hole. If we hit anywhere on the pole (during league), it counts as being holed out, so I would assume the same goes for the first, second, third or worse throw from the tee.
I would say yes, what else are you aiming at when playing those courses?

If you are playing at a target that is not a basket then hitting that target counts as good shot.. no matter the target object.
My only ace is at one of these. I guess it counts but doesn't feel the same. My shot hit the ground a little short and slid up to hit the pole. Technically holing out but doesn't have that satifaction.
Quick answer: Was it your first shot? Did you put a "1" on the card? If the answer to both of these questions is "yes", then it is a legit Ace. It may not be as gratifying, but it is still an Ace in my book.
I voted yes in the pole, but I think that all pole holes should have a section of the pole you have to hit that is off the ground. It's a nice shot either way, but I don't think it should count if your disc slides up and touches the pole at the ground level.
LOL. Hey Terry, you bored or something? Playing that old Riverside course?

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