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Other Info/Notes:
My Review Philosophy and Criteria

I rate courses subjectively based on my personal preferences and enjoyment. My rating reflects, "How much did I enjoy the course?" In other words, "how high is the Euphoria Factor for me and how much would I like to return to play there again?" In my rating I'll try to take into account the player level that the course is intended for, but this often quite hard to do. For courses below my player level I'll give them some grace, and for courses above my level I expect them to be tough for me. I can't really guess how a Gold level player might like a course, though, and I'm not at all certain about Green level players either. I try not to take my own play into account, but I have to admit that I'm I don't enjoy courses that are too short for me. I get bored if the course is too easy, but a beginner, low power thrower or a kid might love it. I generally most enjoy courses that are White or Blue level, but I don't mind getting punished by a good Gold level course.

I do not seek to rate the quality of the course, as if there is some sort of objective quality standard. Since I've only played ~420 out of thousands of courses, I haven't even played 10% of all the courses in the world. I also haven't played many of the courses that are highly acclaimed, so if I was attempting to rate quality my standards might be uninformed. In addition, everyone has their own preferences so what I like may not really appeal to another person. I love water holes the most, yet some people dislike them. I prefer hole with scattered trees and wooded holes, yet some people like more open holes.

Having said all that, I will acknowledge that there is hopefully some correlation between what I enjoy and quality. I analyze the courses I play for many characteristics of Design, Basics, and Amenities. I enjoy courses the most when the factors in each of the D-B-A categories rate highly. On the flip side, if too many factors are missing I enjoy the course less because it seems like something is missing. Of course, my preferences still differ from other people, so my rating of each factor is still subjective. Also, many factors such as beauty and terrain quality are somewhat subjective.

My preferences:
• Variety. This includes variety of terrain, elevation, and fairway shapes. like a mixture of tight wooded and mixed holes.
• Fun- at least 3-6 exceptionally fun holes
• Water. I love well designed water holes! These are holes that aren't too long to clear the water, that add risk vs. reward, and have bail out options. Water holes boost a course's rating, so to get my highest enjoyment rating a course usually has some.
• Natural Beauty. I love being out in nature totally away from civilization. The best courses create a sense of awe, and spectacular views are a plus. Wildlife sightings increase my enjoyment. There may also be some man made landscaping features added purely for the aesthetic value. For me, structures like buildings or roads detract from my enjoyment of the natural setting.
• For terrain I really like manicured grass with scattered large trees, but I also like wooded holes that offer a good challenge.
• Unique terrain. I enjoy terrain that is beautiful, unusual, and unique to an area. The mountains of Colorado, the huge ferns and pines of Washington, the ocean of Hawaii are examples.
• Fairways- well cut and good shape variety- St/ Rt/ Left/ S sharp/ L bend. Many different shots needed. Good risk vs. reward. Many holes require careful thought and good shot selection.
• Terrain- I usually don't like open field holes without obstacles. In the same way, I don't like greens that are flat and too open and offer little challenge.
• To get my highest rating the course must have multiple tees because these add variety and allow people with different skill levels to enjoy the course. Even more credit is given for multiple basket positions. The highest ratings of all are for those few courses have multiple tee pads AND multiple permanent baskets because these courses have the maximum of variety.
• I give extra credit for 6 or 9 extra holes because of the variety that they add, and I rate 9 hole courses a little lower because I feel like I didn't play a full round.

To earn my highest rating
• Difficulty- challenging for the course level it's designed for.
• Design- Several stellar holes that give you a sense of awe.
• No design flaws: e.g.- no crossing fairways, no bad routing walking back up a fairway to the next tee, no excessive walks to the next tee. No safety issues
• Fairways have a legitimate route. There are no random obstructions. Narrow is OK, but not "too narrow".
• Terrain- variety of technical wooded holes, some mixed grass with a few trees, a few pretty open "rip it" holes. Unique features- rocks, trees, water, vegetation, desert
• Elevation changes- lots of variety. The ideal is all Up or Down, but no more than 6 Flat. Big changes are a plus.
• Good length variety- a few short ace runs, with some longer par 4s and par 5s.
• Lengths are suitable for the course playing level it's designed for
• Tees- excellent. Trapezoids are the best. Concrete preferred but allowance made for good rubber pads.
• Multiple tee pads. 3 is best
• Tee signs- very good to excellent
• Baskets- in good shape. I prefer Mach V or Chainstar, but double chain DISCatchers also fine
• Greens- challenging, trees guarding basket, some sloped, proximity to steep drop offs, lots of risk vs. reward.
• Map of the course- on many courses a map is essential, so needs to be available either at the course or online
• Easy to navigate. Good directional signs, can find next tee easily. Good to excellent map available.
• Potential for lost discs is low. (Unless there's lots of water; then this is an acceptable risk.)

Nice to have, but not essential
• Score cards- best if available at the course, but online is OK
• Other amenities: benches, warm up basket, message board, restrooms
• Beauty of the surrounding area- has nice natural beauty
• Trash cans- the course is clean
• Extra touches- bag holders, basket location markers

Overall for the whole course
Euphoria factor is high and stays high. Good memories that leave a deep impression. You'd spend hours to drive there and go out of the way to play it again any time you could.

-Every course took vision, money, and labor to install, so I try to be as charitable as possible in my reviews.

Practice Areas I have played that DO NOT count on my Courses Played list (9 total):
• Carmel Knolls Park, San Diego CA. 1 basket
• Broad Creek Middle School, Newport NC. 9 baskets
• Hawley Middle School, Creedmoor NC. 6 baskets
• The Island, Marshall NC. 3 baskets
• Kenan Park, Kenansville NC. 9 baskets
• Red Slide Park, Haw River, NC. 3 tees and 3 baskets
• Sheetz. Durham, NC. 1 basket
• Belleview Elementary, Rock Hill SC. 1 basket
• Charlotte-Fort Mill KOA, Fort Mill SC. 1 basket

More on Olorin's Review Criteria:

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I also review artisan dark chocolate. See ChocoFiles, https://sites.google.com/site...wsite/
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United States
San Diego, CA Mesa Verde Middle School
2 Course(s)
1 Course(s)
Gaithersburg, MD Seneca Creek State Park
1 Course(s)
North Carolina
Jefferson, NC Ashe County Park
Sugar Grove, NC Black Jack DGC
Charlotte, NC Renaissance Park - Gold
Newland, NC Sugaree
4 Course(s)
Nashville, TN Cedar Hill Park
Fall Branch, TN Harmon Hills
2 Course(s)
Manor, TX East Metro Park
1 Course(s)
Arlington, VA Bluemont Park
Williamsburg, VA Waller Mill Park
North Garden, VA Walnut Creek Park
4 Course(s)
West Virginia
Lavalette, WV Lucky 8
1 Course(s)
Course Wish List (147)
United States
Clay, AL Clay DGC
Semmes, AL The Admiral
Montevallo, AL University of Montevallo
3 Course(s)
Juneau, AK Aant'iyeik Park
Glacier Point, AK Glacier Point
Anchorage, AK Kincaid Park DGC
3 Course(s)
Flagstaff, AZ Arizona Snowbowl
1 Course(s)
2 Course(s)
Lakeshore, CA China Peak DGC
Santa Cruz, CA DeLaveaga Park
Wrightwood, CA Sky High DGC
6 Course(s)
Bailey, CO Bailey DGC
Conifer, CO Beaver Ranch - Main
Pine, CO Bucksnort DGC
Russell Gulch, CO Ghost Town
Woodland Park, CO Shining Mountain - The Beast
5 Course(s)
Norwalk, CT Cranbury Park
1 Course(s)
Newark, DE Iron Hill
1 Course(s)
2 Course(s)
Pearl Harbor, HI Fort Kamehameha DGC
Kapaau, HI Kohala Winds DGC
Princeville, HI Princeville Mauka DGC
Koloa, HI Weliweli DGC
5 Course(s)
Sandpoint, ID Caliber DGC
2 Course(s)
Sunman, IN Cedar Grove DGC
2 Course(s)
Indianola, IA Pickard Park
1 Course(s)
Brownsville, KY Holler In The Hills
Independence, KY Lincoln Ridge Park
Madisonville, KY Mahr Park - Champ
3 Course(s)
Marrero, LA Parc des Familles DGC
2 Course(s)
North Monmouth, ME Beaver Brook DGC
3 Course(s)
Hagerstown, MD Ditto Farms DGC
1 Course(s)
Warren, MA 501 Disc Golf
Leicester, MA Maple Hill DGC
Nantucket, MA Nantucket DGC
3 Course(s)
Ludington, MI Leviathan - Old Layout
2 Course(s)
East Bethel, MN Blue Ribbon Pines - Main
Biwabik, MN Giants Ridge
Cedar, MN VisionQuest
3 Course(s)
1 Course(s)
Vichy, MO Akita's Run
Hawk Point, MO Eagles Crossing
Columbia, MO Harmony Bends DGC
St. Louis (Mehlville), MO Jefferson Barracks - Original
St. Louis (Florissant), MO Sioux Passage - Original
5 Course(s)
Bozeman, MT Battle Ridge
Missoula, MT Blue Mountain
Billings, MT Diamond X - Original
Lolo, MT Lolo Hotsprings
4 Course(s)
Sun Valley, NV Lizard Peak DGC
Zephyr Cove, NV Zephyr Cove Park
2 Course(s)
New Hampshire
1 Course(s)
New Mexico
Ruidoso, NM Grindstone Park
2 Course(s)
New York
Charleston, NY Burbine Memorial Forest
2 Course(s)
North Carolina
Mars Hill, NC Hybrid Hills
Fuquay Varina, NC Lost Pond
Moncure, NC Rock 'n Roll Fairways
Clayton, NC Shotwell
5 Course(s)
North Dakota
Dickinson, ND Patterson Lake DGC
1 Course(s)
Bellefontaine, OH Mary Rutan DGC
Oxford, OH Miami U Oxford
3 Course(s)
Hulbert, OK Sequoyah State Park
2 Course(s)
Portland, OR Pier Park
Estacada, OR Riverbend DGC
3 Course(s)
Tarentum, PA Deer Lakes Park
Whitehall, PA Jordan Creek
Portersville, PA Moraine State Park
3 Course(s)
South Dakota
Aberdeen, SD Melgaard Park DGC
2 Course(s)
Millington, TN Bud Hill - Original
Alcoa, TN The Claytons
2 Course(s)
Marble Falls, TX Flat Creek DGC
San Marcos, TX Flying Armadillo - Gold
Huntsville, TX Shawshank
6 Course(s)
Brian Head, UT Brian Head Resort DGC
Springdale, UT Springdale DGC
Cedar City, UT Thunderbird Gardens DGC
4 Course(s)
Montgomery, VT Black Falls DGC
2 Course(s)
King George, VA Barnesfield DGC
Ashburn, VA Everfield DGC
Virginia Beach, VA Fairfield Park
Blacksburg, VA Foxridge DGC
Bluemont, VA Full Circle Farm DGC
Aldie, VA Hanson Park
Richmond, VA Hardywood DGC
Eastville, VA Indiantown Park - Murray
Hampton, VA Langley DGC
Virginia Beach, VA Northgate Park
Midlothian, VA The Bear DGC
Scottsville, VA The Dawgwoods
13 Course(s)
Crystal Mountain, WA Crystal Mountain - Summit Course
Spokane, WA Downriver DGC
Poulsbo, WA Fredericksen DGC
Lake Stevens, WA Lake Stevens DGC
Skamokawa, WA Lucky Mud - Raven
Sequim, WA Rainshadow DGC
6 Course(s)
West Virginia
Moundsville, WV Grand Vue Park - Black
Renick, WV Nellie's Course
Fairmont, WV Orange Crush
Middlebourne, WV The Timberdoodle Thicket
5 Course(s)
Milwaukee, WI Brown Deer DGC
Milwaukee, WI Dretzka Park
Reedsville, WI Rollin Ridge
Kewaunee, WI Winter Park
4 Course(s)
Wetaskiwin, AB Wetaskiwin DGC
1 Course(s)
British Columbia
Pender Island, BC Gulf Island Disc Park
1 Course(s)
Nova Scotia
New Minas, NS Links DGC
Bridgewater, NS M.A.R.C Disc Golf
2 Course(s)
Prince Edward Island
Bonshaw, PE Hillcrest DGC
Strathgartney, PE Strathgartney Provincial Park
2 Course(s)
McMurdo, Antarctica Ross Island DGC
1 Course(s)
Applethorpe, Australia Granite Mountain DGC
1 Course(s)
Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba The Lateral Hazard
1 Course(s)
Reykjavik, Iceland Gufunes
1 Course(s)
Skellefteε, Vδsterbotten, Sweden Discgolf Terminalen
Stockholm, Kista, Sweden Jδrva DiscgolfPark - Main
3 Course(s)
New Taipei City, Taiwan Banqiao Xindian
Taipei, Taiwan Huazhong Riverside Park
2 Course(s)
United States
Auburn, AL Ag Heritage Park DGC 2/13/2021
Birmingham, AL   George Ward Park 3/21/2011
Hoover, AL Inverness Disc Golf Park 1/25/2014
Trussville, AL   John LeMaster DGC 9/25/2007
4 Course(s)
Yuma, AZ West Wetlands Park 12/21/2020
1 Course(s)
Victorville, CA Avalon Park DGC 6/1/2021
Vista, CA Brengle Terrace Park DGC 12/24/2020
San Diego, CA Carmel Knolls Practice Park 12/13/2021
San Diego, CA Colina Park DGC 6/10/2021
Descanso, CA Coyote Trails 6/13/2021
San Marcos, CA CSU San Marcos DGC 1/2/2021
Tecopa, CA Death Valley Brewing DGC 6/1/2021
Long Beach, CA El Dorado Park
Escondido, CA Escondido Rotary DGC 12/22/2020
Oceanside, CA Goat Hill Park 5/30/2021
San Francisco, CA   Golden Gate Park DGC 8/29/2011
Huntington Beach, CA Huntington Beach Central Park 5/23/2021
La Mirada, CA La Mirada Regional Park - Back 18 12/13/2021
Cerritos, CA Liberty Park
Santee, CA Mast Park 12/21/2020
San Diego, CA Mesa Verde Middle School 6/14/2021
San Diego, CA Mission Bay Golf Course 6/7/2021
San Marcos, CA Montiel Park DGC 12/22/2020
San Diego, CA Morley Field
Murrieta, CA Mountain Pride Park 5/16/2021
Azusa, CA Northside Park
Temecula, CA Paloma Del Sol DGC 1/9/2021
Murrieta, CA Rancho Acacias Park 12/23/2020
Escondido, CA Reidy Creek Disc Golf 1/15/2021
Seeley, CA Sunbeam Lake 12/21/2020
San Marcos, CA Sunset Park 12/24/2020
Sylmar, CA Sylmar DGC
San Diego, CA The Loma Club 6/5/2021
Anaheim, CA Twila-Reid Park
Valley Center, CA Valley Center Community Church DGC 12/30/2020
South El Monte, CA Whittier Narrows Park
Julian, CA YMCA Camp Marston 6/13/2021
35 Course(s)
Fort Collins, CO   Boltz Middle School 2/18/2008
La Porte, CO   Cache La Poudre DGC 1/23/2008
Fort Collins, CO CSU Badlands
Broomfield, CO   East Interlocken Park - Old Layout 10/5/2009
Fort Collins, CO   Edora Park - Old Layout 1/31/2008
Aurora, CO   Exposition Park 11/30/2009
Fort Collins, CO   Fort Collins High School 2/15/2008
Boulder (South Boulder), CO   Harlow Platts Park 9/25/2009
Fort Collins, CO Heritage DGC
Arvada, CO   Johnny Roberts DGC - Old Layout 10/14/2009
Broomfield, CO   North Midway Park 9/26/2009
11 Course(s)
Wilmington, DE   Brandywine Creek State Park 8/2/2007
1 Course(s)
District of Columbia
Washington, DC CRYSP Pop-Up 12/9/2021
1 Course(s)
Saint Augustine, FL   Good News DGC 7/28/2008
Orlando, FL Gordon Barnett Park - Parkside 4/3/2021
3 Course(s)
Douglasville, GA Boundary Waters Park - Buzzard 11/27/2022
Cumming, GA Central Park DGC 1/28/2022
Chamblee, GA Chamblee Church DGC 11/27/2022
Douglasville, GA Deer Lick Park 1/14/2022
Douglasville, GA   Deer Lick Park - Old Layout 4/26/2008
Atlanta, GA DeKalb Memorial Park 11/26/2022
Douglasville, GA Dog River 11/25/2022
Cartersville, GA Etowah DGC 2/6/2022
Whitesburg, GA Flyboy Aviation 10/19/2021
Carrollton, GA Hobbs Farm Park 11/21/2022
Douglasville, GA Hunter Memorial Park 11/25/2022
Appling, GA   IDGC - Jim Warner Memorial 8/8/2011
Appling, GA   IDGC - Steady Ed Headrick Memorial 6/29/2011
Appling, GA IDGC - WR Jackson Memorial DGC 12/25/2021
Stockbridge, GA J.P. Moseley Park 11/26/2022
Tybee Island, GA Jaycee Park 1/9/2022
Elberton, GA Lake Russell
Dacula, GA Little Mulberry Park 4/27/2021
Fayetteville, GA   McCurry Park 6/1/2008
Blairsville, GA Meeks Park 7/25/2021
Lula, GA NGCT - Original 2/5/2022
Guyton, GA One Savior Church 1/9/2022
Grovetown, GA Patriot's Park 1/15/2023
Augusta, GA Pendleton King Park
Atlanta, GA Perkerson Park 2/6/2022
Toccoa, GA Rose Lane DGC 1/28/2022
Redan (Dekalb County), GA Rosewood-Dekalb
Canton, GA Sequoyah Park
Toccoa Falls, GA Toccoa Falls College 2/5/2022
Savannah (Pooler), GA Tom Triplett DGC
Griffin, GA Tyus DGC 2/6/2022
Rocky Face, GA Westside DGC 2/5/2022
37 Course(s)
Waimanalo, HI   Bellows Field Beach DGC 8/7/2013
Honolulu, HI Dexter's Alley 9/12/2015
Mountain View, HI Gargoyles Garden DGC 9/12/2021
PoliPoli, Maui, HI Haleakala DGC 10/6/2021
Kahului, HI Kahului DGC 9/15/2021
Waipahu, HI Kupuohi Park 9/8/2021
Napili, HI Napili Park 9/19/2021
Kailua-Kona, HI Old Kona Airport 12/26/2021
Honolulu, HI   Sand Island Beach Park 1/15/2009
Honolulu, HI   University of Hawaii - Manoa 1/28/2009
Honolulu, HI   Waahila Ridge "Hila Monster" 8/22/2011
Hilo, HI Wailoa State Park 9/15/2021
12 Course(s)
Elk Grove Village, IL Clark Park
Highland Park, IL Danny Cunniff Park
Highland Park, IL Fink Park
Deerfield, IL Keller Park
Streamwood, IL Shady Oaks Park
Bartlett, IL Sunrise Park
Buffalo Grove, IL Willow Stream Park
7 Course(s)
Batesville, IN Liberty Woods 1/1/2023
1 Course(s)
Olathe, KS   California Trail 11/26/2008
Olathe, KS Prairie Center Park
Kansas City, KS   Rosedale Park - Down Under 10/18/2009
Kansas City, KS Rosedale Park - Top
Shawnee, KS   Shawnee Mission Park DGC 12/6/2008
Bonner Springs, KS Wyandotte County Park
6 Course(s)
Lexington, KY Dixie Park 1/2/2023
Burlington, KY Idlewild 1/1/2023
2 Course(s)
College Park, MD Calvert Road Park
Marriottsville, MD Patapsco Valley State Park
Gaithersburg, MD   Seneca Creek State Park 1/12/2008
LaPlata, MD Turkey Hill DGC 7/29/2020
5 Course(s)
Kansas City, MO   Blue Valley Park 3/11/2008
Kansas City, MO   Blue Valley Park - Short Course 3/15/2008
Kansas City, MO   Kessler Park (Cliff Drive) 11/5/2008
Pleasant Hill, MO   Lake Shore DGC 12/22/2009
Kansas City, MO Swope Park - Old Layout
Kansas City, MO   Water Works Park 1/25/2010
Blue Springs, MO   Wilbur Young Park DGC 4/25/2011
Independence, MO   William Yates Sprint DGC 11/24/2008
8 Course(s)
Las Vegas, NV Mountain Crest Park 5/31/2021
North Las Vegas, NV North Las Vegas DiscGolfPark 5/31/2021
Las Vegas, NV Red Ridge 5/31/2021
3 Course(s)
New Jersey
Pennsville, NJ Riverview DGC 3/18/2014
1 Course(s)
New York
Rochester, NY   Ellison Park - Old Layout 8/2/2007
1 Course(s)
North Carolina
Raleigh, NC A.E. Finley YMCA
Manteo, NC Ace Run DGC 8/23/2020
Ahoskie, NC Ahoskie Creek 8/1/2015
Burlington, NC Alamance Reserve DGC 3/18/2014
Lillington, NC Anderson Creek 7/16/2014
Carrboro, NC Anderson Park DGC
Apex, NC Apex Nature Park 4/18/2014
Wilmington, NC Arrowhead Park 5/8/2013
Jefferson, NC   Ashe County Park 4/12/2009
Apex, NC Avalon Peaks
Asheville, NC Avery's Spring
Ayden, NC Ayden Park 11/23/2015
Fayetteville, NC   B. Cordell DGC 1/31/2011
Greenville, NC Backwoods Tavern 6/12/2022
Cornelius, NC Bailey Road Park DGC 9/8/2016
Greensboro, NC   Barber Park - 18 3/24/2010
Greensboro, NC Barber Park - 9 12/24/2022
Kinston, NC Barnet Park
Washington, NC BCCC DGC 5/22/2022
Robbins, NC Bear Creek Disc Golf 6/11/2017
Monroe, NC Bearskin Creek
Denver, NC Beatty's Ford Park 3/13/2013
Beech Mountain, NC Beech Mtn. Resort DGC 8/22/2021
Statesville, NC   Bell & Howard Chevrolet DGC 4/9/2010
Whispering Pines, NC Bending Pines DGC 7/3/2022
Asheville, NC Bent Creek Park 12/6/2021
Winston-Salem, NC Bethel DGC 9/8/2016
Canton, NC   Bethel Elementary DGC 5/30/2011
Morganton, NC   Bethel Park DGC 10/1/2010
Durham, NC Bethesda Park 8/22/2013
Durham, NC   Bethesda Park - Old Layout 9/7/2011
Lincolnton, NC Betty G. Ross Park 8/8/2021
Oak Island, NC Bill Smith Park DGC 5/29/2013
Brevard, NC Biltmore Church DGC 10/19/2021
Sugar Grove, NC Black Jack DGC 8/1/2015
Black Mountain, NC   Black Mountain 9/27/2010
Black Mountain, NC Black Mountain YMCA 6/26/2014
Plumtree, NC Blind Squirrel - Valley DGC 10/3/2016
Flat Rock, NC   Bonclarken Retreat DGC 5/25/2011
Lexington, NC Boone's Cave 2/26/2021
Yadkinville, NC Borrowed Time DGC 10/27/2018
Davidson, NC Brackett's Bluff 11/17/2009
Huntersville, NC Bradford Park 7/3/2014
Gastonia, NC Bradley Center DGC 4/30/2021
Brevard, NC Brevard College DGC 4/12/2021
Newport, NC Broad Creek Middle School 7/10/2022
New Hill, NC   Buckhorn DGC 8/4/2007
Candler, NC   Buncombe County Sports Complex 6/16/2010
Camden, NC Camden Community Park 8/23/2020
Charlotte, NC Cameron Yards
Carthage, NC Camp Durant DGC
Low Gap, NC   Camp Raven Knob 5/24/2009
Black Mountain, NC Camp Rockmont DGC 10/27/2018
Buies Creek, NC   Campbell University 12/21/2011
Waxhaw, NC Cane Creek Park 3/21/2021
Concord, NC Carl A Furr Elementary School 3/28/2021
Sanford, NC Carolina Lakes DGC 7/24/2022
Kill Devil Hills, NC Casey R. Logan DGC 7/6/2020
Wilmington, NC Castle Hayne Park 1/30/2021
Cullowhee, NC   Catamount Links 6/30/2008
Salisbury, NC Catawba College 3/10/2021
Morganton, NC   Catawba Meadows 5/31/2010
Elkin, NC CB Eller Elementary School 7/14/2015
Morrisville, NC Cedar Fork District Park 6/28/2022
Burlington, NC   Cedarock Park 11/9/2007
Durham, NC Central Park DGC 8/10/2022
Charlotte, NC Chantilly Park 4/12/2021
Blowing Rock, NC Chetola Resort DGC 6/20/2021
Albemarle, NC City Lake Park DGC 6/11/2017
Albemarle, NC City Lake Park DGC - Old Layout 4/7/2013
Leicester, NC Conifer Pond 3/27/2022
Concord, NC Connect Christian Church 7/22/2022
Mooresville, NC Cornelius Road Park 4/18/2021
Boiling Springs Lakes, NC Cougar Country 5/29/2013
Winterville, NC Covenant DGC 11/23/2015
Marion, NC Creek Wise Park 5/27/2020
Indian Trail, NC Creekside DGC 4/10/2021
New Bern, NC Creekside Park 11/23/2015
Archdale, NC Creekside Park - Beginner Loop 6/5/2017
Shelby, NC Crest High School 7/4/2021
Newport, NC Croatan High School 12/31/2021
Stallings, NC Crooked Creek Crossing 4/10/2021
Fletcher, NC Crookston DGC
Powells Point, NC Currituck County Rural Center 7/17/2020
Waxhaw, NC Cuthbertson Middle School 11/15/2016
Norwood, NC Darrell Almond Park 9/8/2015
Davidson, NC Davidson College
Mocksville, NC Davie DGC 3/24/2021
Burlington, NC Deep Creek Dreams 6/5/2017
Cary, NC Diavolo @ New Hope 12/17/2020
Raleigh, NC Dix Park - East 9/30/2020
Raleigh, NC Dix Park - West 2/10/2021
Charlotte, NC Doral Cavalier DGC
Concord, NC Dorton Park DGC
Monroe, NC Dry Creek 11/2/2015
Greenville, NC East Carolina University 11/23/2015
Clayton, NC East Clayton Park 5/29/2020
Kings Mountain, NC East Gold St. Wesleyan Church 10/19/2021
Hendersonville, NC East Henderson High School 8/8/2022
Knightdale, NC East Wake Middle School
Smyrna, NC Eastern Park 8/9/2020
Charlotte, NC Eastway DGC 12/12/2021
Salisbury, NC Ellis Park 2/27/2021
Charlotte, NC Elon Park - Angry Beaver
Charlotte, NC Elon Park - Eager Beaver 11/15/2016
Elon, NC Elon University - Lago Verona 9/6/2021
Emerald Isle, NC Emerald Isle Woods 7/4/2020
Rocky Mount, NC Englewood Park
Candler, NC   Enka High School NT DGC 3/26/2008
Williamston, NC Farm Life Disc Golf
Rocky Mount, NC Farmington Park
Farmville, NC Farmville DGC 6/12/2022
Mayodan, NC Farris Park 3/4/2021
Tryon, NC FENCE DGC 10/19/2021
High Point, NC Festival Park 8/28/2021
Cherokee, NC Fire Mountain Disc Golf Sanctuary 3/27/2022
Cary, NC Fit-Fort Pitch 'n Putt 1/15/2022
Flat Rock, NC Flat Rock Middle School 4/11/2021
Fontana Dam, NC   Fontana Village Resort DGC 6/12/2008
Durham, NC Forest Hills Park
Wake Forest, NC Forest Ridge Park 12/24/2022
Wake Forest, NC Forest Ridge Park - Old Layout 1/22/2021
Newport, NC Fort Benjamin Park 7/4/2020
Albemarle, NC Fox Chase
Laurinburg, NC FreeDaddy DGC 4/17/2022
Frisco, NC Frisco Disco 7/6/2020
Wilkesboro, NC Ft. Hamby Park 7/14/2015
Elizabeth City, NC Fun Junktion DGC
Pleasant Garden, NC Garden Grove 11/7/2021
Boiling Springs, NC Gardner-Webb University DGC 7/4/2021
Gastonia, NC Gaston Christian School 7/15/2022
Gatesville, NC Gates County Community Center 11/23/2015
Yadkinville, NC George Sappenfield DGC 10/17/2021
New Bern, NC Glenburnie Park
Nashville, NC Glover Park 11/24/2015
Cramerton, NC Goat Island DGC 4/14/2021
Richfield, NC Goose Landing 3/7/2021
Knightdale, NC   Green Pines DGC 5/29/2009
Greensboro, NC Guilford Meadows 5/29/2014
Halifax, NC Halifax County DGC 1/5/2020
Asheville, NC Hall Fletcher Elementary School 8/1/2021
Wilmington, NC Harbor United Methodist Church 10/25/2021
Badin, NC Hardaway Point 8/7/2021
Tryon, NC Harmon Field 4/25/2021
Harrisburg, NC Harrisburg Park 12/15/2021
Browns Summit, NC Haw River Nature Trail 11/23/2015
Creedmoor, NC Hawley Middle School 6/25/2022
Warrenton, NC Hayley-Haywood Park 9/5/2020
Clyde, NC Haywood Community College 2/8/2016
Newton, NC Hendershot’s Haven 11/6/2022
Andrews, NC Heritage Park DGC 11/23/2015
Fuquay Varina, NC Higher Ground
Asheville, NC Highland Brewing Company 5/8/2022
Charlotte, NC Highland Creek 1/20/2022
North Wilkesboro, NC Highland Hills DGC 1/20/2015
Hildebran, NC Hildebran Community Park DGC 1/25/2014
Carthage, NC   Hillcrest Park DGC 8/21/2009
Rockingham, NC Hinson Lake DGC 5/30/2022
Gibsonville, NC Holly Run 4/3/2021
Winston-Salem, NC Horizons Park
Charlotte, NC Hornets Nest Park 3/28/2021
Hudson, NC Hudson Middle School 3/6/2021
Thomasville, NC Hughes Park DGC 3/25/2021
Research Triangle Park, NC IBM Research Triangle 9/28/2020
Indian Trail, NC Indian Trail Elementary School 4/12/2021
Elon, NC Ironwood DGC 9/6/2021
Forest City, NC Isothermal Community College 5/9/2021
Waxhaw, NC JAARS DGC 3/21/2021
Angier, NC   Jack Marley Park 9/26/2008
Hendersonville, NC Jackson Park 2/16/2016
Cullowhee, NC Jackson Rec. DGC 2/2/2016
Newton, NC Jacob Fork Park 7/18/2021
Kure Beach, NC Joe Eakes Park 6/5/2017
High Point, NC   Johnson Street Park 3/9/2010
Holly Springs, NC Jones Park 11/23/2015
McLeansville, NC Keeley Park 11/7/2021
Salisbury, NC Kelsey Scott Park
Kenansville, NC Kenan Park 1/30/2021
Kenly, NC Kenly DGC 6/5/2022
Raleigh, NC Kentwood
Charlotte, NC Kilborne TPC
Troy, NC King's Mountain Point DGC 4/7/2013
Kings Mountain, NC Kings Mountain High School 7/3/2021
Goldsboro, NC Kiwanis DGC 11/23/2015
Semora, NC Kraken DGC 9/27/2020
China Grove, NC Lake Corriher DGC 3/20/2021
Huntersville, NC Lake Forest Church 8/16/2021
Arden, NC Lake Julian NT DGC 2/16/2016
Roanoke Rapids, NC   Lake Park 3/24/2009
Wilson, NC Lake Wilson
Reidsville, NC   Lake's Edge DGC 5/20/2008
Banner Elk, NC Lees McRae College 10/25/2017
Eagle Springs, NC Legacy Trails 8/2/2014
Durham, NC   Leigh Farm Park 5/18/2012
Leland, NC Leland Municipal Park 2/21/2021
Cary, NC Lochmere DGC 1/15/2022
Troy, NC   Lowe Warner Park 10/21/2008
Lowell, NC Lowell Elementary School 12/29/2015
Lumberton, NC   Luther Britt Park 8/10/2008
Franklin, NC Macon Early College DGC 11/23/2015
Franklin, NC Macon Middle School 4/11/2021
Kings Mountain, NC   Maples Lake DGC 5/2/2011
Morrisville, NC Marcom Woods 7/3/2022
Mars Hill, NC Mars Hill University DGC
Lexington, NC Martin Family DGC 6/2/2021
Waxhaw, NC Marvin Efird Park 12/15/2021
Matthews, NC Matthews Elementary School 7/23/2022
Fayetteville, NC   Mazarick Park - Glenville Lake 1/10/2011
Fayetteville, NC Mazarick Park - Glenville Pines 5/8/2013
Charlotte, NC McKee Road Elementary 4/12/2021
Charlotte, NC MCSA DGC 6/19/2021
Canton, NC Meadowbrook Elementary DGC 1/22/2018
Thomasville, NC Memorial Park 3/3/2021
Apex, NC Middle Creek DGC
Fayetteville, NC   Middle River DGC 2/22/2011
Mint Hill, NC Mint Hill Park
Laurel Springs, NC Mint Ridge DGC 11/22/2021
Mount Airy, NC Mount Airy High School 6/23/2021
Mount Olive, NC   Mount Olive College 10/29/2008
Burnsville, NC Mountain Heritage High School DGC 9/8/2016
Rocky Mount, NC Nash Community College 11/24/2015
Germanton, NC Neatman Creek 8/29/2021
Pilot Mountain, NC Nelson Acres DGC 11/13/2016
Charlotte, NC Nevin Park DGC
Todd, NC New River DGC 6/5/2017
Asheboro, NC   North Asheboro Park DGC 10/4/2008
Weaverville, NC North Buncombe High School NT DGC 11/23/2015
Marion, NC North Cove - River Run 6/27/2021
Marion, NC North Cove - The Boulders 6/27/2021
Marion, NC North Cove - The Gorge 5/28/2022
Jacksonville, NC Northeast Creek Park 2/21/2021
Gibsonville, NC Northeast Park - Crooked Creek 6/2/2014
Charlotte, NC Northwoods Nature Trail 3/28/2021
Sanford, NC O. T. Sloan Park
Oakboro, NC Oakboro District Park 6/11/2017
Thomasville, NC Old Plank Road DGC
Black Mountain, NC Owen High Nature Trail DGC 2/16/2016
Louisburg, NC Owen's Park @ Bull Creek 6/26/2022
Shelby, NC Palmer Park DGC 7/4/2021
Kernersville, NC Patriot DGC 9/8/2016
Concord, NC Patriot Elementary 4/9/2021
Rockingham, NC Piedmont Pines DGC 9/12/2015
Charlotte, NC Pinewood Elementary 10/30/2016
Black Mountain, NC Pisgah Brewery 6/6/2017
Burlington, NC Pleasant Grove Community Center 9/27/2020
Thomasville, NC Pleasant Grove UMC DGC 6/11/2017
Mebane, NC Pluck Farm - Sampler 2/11/2022
Seagrove, NC Potter's Grove 6/26/2021
Jamestown, NC Ragsdale High School DGC 1/10/2023
Gastonia, NC   Rankin Lake DGC 6/26/2008
Kernersville, NC Re3 DGC 5/13/2021
Haw River, NC Red Slide Park 10/12/2020
Hudson, NC Redwood Park 11/4/2015
Charlotte, NC Reedy Creek Park
Charlotte, NC   Renaissance Park - Gold 11/29/2007
Charlotte, NC Renaissance Park - Pro Players 3/27/2021
Charlotte, NC Renaissance Park - RenSke 11/28/2017
Denver, NC Rescue Squad Park 3/26/2021
Southern Pines, NC Reservoir Park
Hope Mills, NC Resurrection Park 2/20/2021
Richlands, NC Richlands-Steed Park
Asheville, NC   Richmond Hill 4/5/2008
Ridgecrest, NC   Ridgecrest 6/9/2011
Louisburg, NC River Bend Park 6/12/2022
Mount Holly, NC River Street Park 11/2/2015
Midland, NC Rob Wallace Park 4/4/2021
Cornelius, NC Robbins Park 4/1/2021
Charlotte, NC Robert L. Smith Park
Burlington, NC Rock Creek 9/27/2022
Monroe, NC Rock Rest Elementary 8/14/2021
Pittsboro, NC Rock Ridge Park 6/17/2013
Roxboro, NC Rockness Monster 6/26/2020
Rocky Mount, NC   Rocky Mt. Sports Complex 9/4/2009
Rolesville, NC Rolesville HS - Main 9/25/2022
Wilkesboro, NC Rolling Pines DGC 7/14/2015
Concord, NC Rotary Club DGC 4/21/2021
Mount Airy, NC Round Peak Vineyard DGC 7/6/2021
Research Triangle Park, NC RTI International DGC
Forest City, NC Rutherford Opportunity Center 6/19/2021
Sparta, NC Sam Brown Park 3/6/2022
Asheville, NC Sandhill NTDGC 9/17/2015
Cary, NC SAS Institute 11/9/2014
Roxboro, NC Sasquatch DGC 6/5/2017
Sawmills, NC Sawmills Veterans Park - Orange 6/20/2021
Sawmills, NC Sawmills Veterans Park - Original 5/12/2014
Laurinburg, NC Scotland County DGC 8/16/2008
Cary, NC Scottish Hills
Durham, NC Sheetz Practice 6/25/2022
Pinnacle, NC Shoals DGC 11/13/2016
Charlotte, NC SIM DGC 7/3/2021
Burnsville, NC Simple Pleasures DGC 9/8/2016
Mt. Ulla, NC Sloan Park DGC 7/1/2021
Smithfield, NC   Smithfield Community Park DGC 5/24/2010
Bostic, NC South Mountain Disc Golf 6/27/2021
Polkton, NC South Piedmont Community College 11/15/2016
Walnut Cove, NC South Stokes High School 10/19/2021
Wake Forest, NC Southeastern DGC 6/26/2022
Chapel Hill, NC Southern Community Park
Burlington, NC Springwood Players' Course 3/18/2014
Matthews, NC Squirrel Lake Park 4/4/2021
Star, NC Star DGC 6/26/2021
Stokesdale, NC Stokesdale Community Park 6/28/2014
Goldsboro, NC   Stoney Creek Park DGC 5/12/2010
Sneads Ferry, NC Stump Sound DGC 2/21/2021
Mooresville, NC Stumpy Creek 4/18/2021
Newland, NC Sugaree 8/1/2015
Charlotte, NC Sugaw Creek Park
Indian Trail, NC Sun Valley Middle School 3/21/2021
Franklin, NC Sunnyside DGC 7/25/2021
Lewisville, NC Sunrise UMC 3/17/2021
Rocky Mount, NC   Sunset Park 8/27/2009
Raleigh, NC Sunshine Acres DGC 12/11/2015
Surf City, NC Surf City DGC 5/29/2020
Moncure, NC Swinging DB's 8/3/2020
Lenoir, NC T. Henry Wilson Athletic Park 6/21/2021
Franklinton, NC Tar River
Dunn, NC Tart Park DGC 9/30/2022
Hickory, NC The Bear 7/18/2021
Hallsboro, NC The Beast on Honey Hill 12/31/2021
Germanton, NC The Black Widow - Main 10/24/2021
Germanton, NC The Black Widow - Tiki 7/2/2022
Rocky Mount, NC The Community @ NCC 5/22/2022
Oxford, NC The Course with No Name 4/3/2022
Kernersville, NC The Crossing DGC 12/26/2021
Bolivia, NC The Dolphin 5/30/2022
Oxford, NC The Incinerator 11/15/2019
Marshall, NC The Island 1/22/2018
Asheville, NC   The Meadows DGC 6/11/2010
Matthews, NC The Scrapyard
West End, NC The Way DGC 4/17/2022
Wilson, NC   Toisnot Park DGC 8/24/2009
Etowah, NC Tom Mantsch Memorial DGC 2/8/2016
Charlotte, NC Torma Town 4/2/2021
Elizabethtown, NC Tory Hole Park DGC 8/31/2019
Carolina Beach, NC Trinity DGC 1/30/2021
Asheville, NC   UNC Asheville DGC 6/7/2010
Chapel Hill, NC UNC DGC 7/11/2021
Chapel Hill, NC   UNC DGC 3/7/2009
Pembroke, NC UNC Pembroke 9/7/2016
Monroe, NC Union Academy 4/4/2021
Marion, NC Universal Park DGC 5/9/2021
Durham, NC   Valley Springs Park 8/21/2008
Charlotte, NC Veterans Park 8/1/2022
Concord, NC Vietnam Veterans Park 4/9/2021
Pinehurst, NC Village of Pinehurst DGC
Ash, NC Waccamaw Park 9/7/2016
Winston-Salem, NC Wake Forest University 7/2/2022
Ranlo, NC Warlick Academy Disc Golf 12/29/2015
Washington, NC Washington High School 11/23/2015
Waxhaw, NC Waxhaw DGC 11/15/2016
Waynesville, NC Waynesville DGC 1/26/2021
Waynesville, NC   Waynesville DGC - Old Layout 7/5/2008
Weddington, NC Weddington Middle School 2/28/2021
Charlotte, NC Wedgewood North DGC 3/28/2021
Burlington, NC   Wellspring 10/12/2007
Wendell, NC Wendell DGC 11/24/2015
Rocky Mount, NC Wesleyan College DGC 5/22/2022
Greenville, NC West Meadowbrook Park
Waxhaw, NC Western Union Elementary School 8/21/2021
Mount Airy, NC Westwood Park
Fairview, NC Whistle Hop Disc Golf 1/22/2018
Maysville, NC White Oak River Campground - Original 11/23/2015
Maysville, NC White Oak River Campground - Ripple 1/1/2022
Hampstead, NC Wild Turkey DGC 8/10/2022
Wilson, NC Williams Day Camp 11/23/2015
Windsor, NC Windsor Disc Golf 1/1/2022
Wingate, NC Wingate University DGC 11/15/2016
Fairview, NC Wintersun - Long 3/6/2021
Fairview, NC Wintersun - Short 3/6/2021
Shelby, NC Wolfman Woods 1/5/2022
Yadkinville, NC Yadkin County Park
Yadkinville, NC Yadkin County Park - The Outback 9/8/2016
Wake Forest, NC YMCA Camp Kanata 6/26/2022
390 Course(s)
Dublin, OH Balgriffen Park
Springboro, OH Eagle Ridge DGC 12/31/2022
Springboro, OH Echo Valley DGC 12/31/2022
Lancaster, OH Flat Rocks DGC
Reedsville, OH Forked Run State Park
Chillicothe, OH Great Seal State Park
Columbus, OH Griggs Reservoir Park
Lebanon, OH Harmon Park 1/1/2023
Marysville, OH   Marysville DGC 9/20/2008
Cincinnati, OH Mt. Airy Forest 1/1/2023
Athens, OH Ohio University DGC
Plain City, OH   Pastime Park DGC 9/16/2008
Bainbridge, OH   Pike Lake State Park 9/9/2008
14 Course(s)
Kennett Square, PA Anson B. Nixon Park
Quakertown, PA Nockamixon State Park
Philadelphia, PA Sedgley Woods
3 Course(s)
South Carolina
Winnsboro, SC All-Terrain Disc Golf 8/7/2022
Lancaster, SC AR Rucker Middle School 2/20/2022
Rock Hill, SC Bearcat DGC @ Rock Hill HS 1/30/2022
Rock Hill, SC Belleview Elementary School DGC 12/5/2021
Rock Hill, SC Boyd Hill 7/18/2021
Beech Island, SC Boyd Pond Park DGC 2/7/2021
Lancaster, SC Buford Middle School 4/10/2022
Rock Hill, SC Canaan Riverbend DGC 2/28/2021
Rock Hill, SC Canaan Sand Hills DGC 2/28/2021
Fort Mill, SC Carolina Lakes DGC 10/28/2021
Fort Mill, SC Carolinas Cornerstone Church 1/30/2022
Rock Hill, SC Castle Heights Middle School 1/30/2022
Fort Mill, SC Charlotte / Fort Mill KOA 1/5/2022
Chester, SC Chester State Park - Advanced 3/14/2021
Chester, SC Chester State Park - Rec. 2/7/2021
Anderson, SC City Beach DGC 9/11/2022
Columbia, SC CIU DGC 5/15/2022
Clover, SC Clover Park 11/13/2021
Conway, SC Coastal Carolina (CCU) DGC 9/11/2015
York, SC Cotton Belt Elementary 12/2/2021
Chesnee, SC County Line DGC 7/17/2022
Chapin, SC Crooked Creek Park - Pro 9 8/14/2022
Easley, SC Dacusville DGC 1/21/2023
Rock Hill, SC Dutchman Creek Middle School 10/31/2021
Columbia, SC Earlewood Park
Georgetown, SC   East Bay Park 12/19/2010
Rock Hill, SC Fewell Park 10/30/2016
Hilton Head Island, SC First Tee of the Lowcountry 1/8/2022
Rock Hill, SC Flexible Learning Center 9/24/2022
Greenville, SC Furman University 1/21/2023
Gilbert, SC Gilbert Middle School 8/14/2022
Central, SC Grand Central Station 2/4/2022
Irmo, SC H.E. Corley Elementary DGC 8/14/2022
Pickens, SC Hagood Mill DGC 9/5/2022
Indian Land, SC Harrisburg Elementary School 2/28/2021
Sumter, SC Hidden Park 1/5/2023
Inman, SC Holston Creek Park 4/25/2021
Hilton Head Island, SC   Hover Links 5/31/2010
Newberry, SC Hunter Park 1/23/2022
York, SC Jefferson Elementary School 11/14/2021
York, SC Kathy Kitts Walking Track 12/19/2021
Burnettown, SC Langley Pond DiscGolfPark 12/25/2021
York, SC Liberty Church DGC 5/20/2022
Moore, SC Linville Hills Park 10/16/2022
Tega Cay, SC Lookout Park 11/5/2021
Florence, SC Mars Bluff
Spartanburg, SC Michelin DGC 11/6/2022
Rock Hill, SC Mt. Gallant Elem. School 3/26/2022
Lancaster, SC North Elementary School 2/20/2022
Rock Hill, SC Northwestern High School DGC 10/10/2021
Aiken, SC Odell Weeks
Columbia, SC Owens Field Park
Pickens, SC Pickens High School - PE Loop 9/5/2022
Spartanburg, SC Pipeline DGC 5/1/2022
Lexington, SC Pisgah Park 8/14/2022
Rock Hill, SC Rawlinson Road Middle School 10/10/2021
Lexington, SC Red Bank Elementary 8/14/2022
Greenville, SC Riverside Apartments 9/5/2022
North Augusta, SC Riverview Park
Rock Hill, SC Riverwalk Academy 10/31/2021
Rock Hill, SC Rosewood Elementary School 10/10/2021
Anderson, SC Sadlers Creek State Park 9/11/2022
Rock Hill, SC Saluda Trail Middle School 11/21/2021
Boiling Springs, SC Shoally Creek DGC 11/20/2022
Slater, SC Slater Hall DGC 11/6/2022
Myrtle Beach, SC Socastee Rec. Park 9/8/2015
Rock Hill, SC South Pointe High School DGC 11/21/2021
Columbia, SC Southeast Park 1/5/2022
Rock Hill, SC SouthTown Wake Park 4/10/2022
Lancaster, SC Springdale DGC 2/20/2022
Fort Mill, SC Springfield Elementary School 12/5/2021
Newberry, SC Stoney Hill 1/23/2022
Rock Hill, SC Sunset Park Elementary School 12/5/2021
Simpsonville, SC The Gospel DISCovery 9/5/2022
Cowpens, SC The Moo 11/13/2022
Hardeeville, SC The Sarge 1/9/2022
Greenville, SC Timmons Park
York, SC Tirzah ARP Church DGC 10/31/2021
Charleston (John's Island), SC Trophy Lakes
Myrtle Beach (Garden City), SC   Tupelo Bay DGC 9/16/2009
Reidville, SC Tyger River 9/11/2015
Spartanburg, SC Upward Sports 10/16/2022
Aiken, SC USC Aiken 12/25/2021
Spartanburg, SC USC Upstate 1/21/2023
Lancaster, SC Van Wyck Elementary School 4/10/2022
Conway, SC Waccamaw River Park - Old Layout 1/5/2020
Rock Hill, SC WCCS DGC 12/6/2021
Rock Hill, SC West End Baptist Church DGC 1/30/2022
Rock Hill, SC Westminster Park DGC 3/25/2022
Rock Hill, SC Winthrop Gold Course
Rock Hill, SC Winthrop University Lakefront 10/30/2016
Spartanburg, SC Wofford College DGC 9/11/2022
Camden, SC Woodward Park 5/20/2022
York, SC York Middle School 12/19/2021
Rock Hill, SC York Preparatory Academy 10/10/2021
98 Course(s)
Athens, TN Athens Regional Park DGC 7/17/2017
Sevierville, TN Camp Smoky Christian Retreat DGC 11/26/2019
Nashville, TN   Cedar Hill Park 6/6/2011
Johnson City, TN ETSU DGC 7/17/2017
Fall Branch, TN Harmon Hills 4/26/2016
Knoxville, TN Inskip Park Junior DGC 8/16/2020
Loudon, TN Loudon Municipal Park DGC 7/17/2017
Gatlinburg, TN   Mills Park DGC 9/20/2009
Morristown, TN Morristown Kiwanis DGC 3/17/2020
Mount Carmel, TN Mount Carmel Park 5/29/2022
Morristown, TN Panther Creek State Park 8/16/2020
Chattanooga, TN Portland Park DGC 8/15/2020
Mountain City, TN Ralph Stout Park 5/28/2020
Roan Mountain, TN Roan Mountain DGC 10/3/2016
Knoxville, TN Sarah Moore Greene DGC 1/2/2023
Chattanooga, TN The Sinks 3/17/2020
Morristown, TN Union Heights Elementary School DGC 8/13/2020
Sevierville, TN Walters State DGC 11/29/2015
Kingsport, TN Warriors Path State Park
Johnson City, TN Winged Deer Park 7/17/2017
21 Course(s)
Wimberley, TX Circle R - Circ Hill DGC
Manor, TX   East Metro Park 7/6/2010
Live Oak, TX Live Oak - Lake Course 10/31/2017
San Antonio, TX   McClain Park 8/26/2008
Cypress, TX Oak Meadow Park DGC
Austin, TX Pease Park
New Braunfels, TX Prince Solms Park
Spring, TX Spring Valley DGC
San Antonio, TX Trinity University DGC 6/30/2021
Universal City, TX   Universal City Park - Old Layout 8/30/2008
Austin, TX   Zilker Park 12/7/2010
14 Course(s)
Fredericksburg, VA 6 Bears and a Goat 12/12/2021
Suffolk, VA Ace Run Ranch
Danville, VA Arsenal @ Southern Hills 1/23/2021
Riner, VA Auburn High School 5/31/2022
Danville, VA   Ballou Park DGC - Course #1 9/22/2009
Danville, VA   Ballou Park DGC - Course #2 2/12/2010
Richmond, VA Battery Park 9/7/2020
Gloucester, VA Bay 26 DGC 3/19/2021
Virginia Beach, VA Bayville Park
Montvale, VA Beale's Treasure DGC 6/21/2020
Bedford, VA Bedford YMCA 10/9/2020
Suffolk, VA Bennett's Creek
Louisa, VA Betty Queen Center
Big Stone Gap, VA Big Stone Gap DGC 10/4/2020
Blacksburg, VA Blacksburg Municipal Park 11/26/2020
Weyers Cave, VA Blue Ridge Community College 6/21/2020
Arlington, VA   Bluemont Park 5/21/2009
Bridgewater, VA Bridgewater College DGC 2/4/2020
Richmond, VA Brookland Middle School DGC 11/24/2019
Richmond, VA Bryan Park
Willis, VA Buffalo Mountain DGC 7/4/2022
Centreville, VA Bull Run Regional Park 7/3/2020
Fairfax Station, VA Burke Lake Park
Fairfax Station, VA Burke Lake Park - Campside 11/8/2020
Wise, VA Camp Bethel 10/4/2020
Narrows, VA Camp Success 8/15/2022
Fredericksburg, VA Cannon Ridge - Original 8/24/2020
Fredericksburg, VA Cannon Ridge - Par 2 8/25/2020
Hillsville, VA Carroll County DGC 11/1/2020
North Tazewell, VA Cavitts Creek Park 12/11/2022
Floyd, VA Chantilly Farm 8/15/2022
Cleveland, VA Cleveland Rec. Center 10/19/2021
Abingdon, VA Coomes Recreation Center 8/16/2020
Duffield, VA Crooked Road Tech Center 9/30/2021
Fredericksburg, VA   Curtis Memorial Park 10/29/2022
Norfolk, VA Cutter Park DGC 9/6/2020
Chesapeake, VA Deep Creek Elementary School 8/23/2020
Blacksburg, VA Dire Wolf DGC 10/31/2020
Richmond (Varina), VA Dorey Park 6/27/2020
Richmond (Varina), VA   Dorey Park - Old Layout 9/6/2007
Richmond, VA   Dunncroft - Castle Point Park 8/13/2007
South Boston, VA Edmunds Park DGC 9/27/2020
South Boston, VA   Edmunds Park DGC - Old Layout 8/7/2009
Appomattox, VA   Elk Creek DGC 10/25/2010
Emory, VA Emory and Henry College 10/18/2020
Bedford, VA Falling Creek Park - Red 11/7/2020
Bedford, VA Falling Creek Park - Yellow 1/23/2021
Bedford, VA   Falling Creek Park DGC - Old Layout 3/16/2010
Bealeton, VA FCSSC DGC 10/25/2019
Ferrum, VA Ferrum College 11/26/2020
Roanoke, VA Fishburn Park
Lynchburg, VA Flying Eagle DGC 10/10/2020
Fort Lee, VA Fort Lee DGC 8/28/2020
Purcellville, VA Franklin Park 3/13/2020
Leesburg, VA Freedom Center - Clark's Run 3/13/2020
Leesburg, VA Freedom Center - Scattersville 12/9/2020
Lorton, VA Giles Run
Richmond, VA Gillies Creek Park
Buena Vista, VA Glen Maury Park 9/30/2021
Christiansburg, VA Golden Hills DGC - Black Bear 11/1/2020
Christiansburg, VA Golden Hills DGC - Golden Bear 11/1/2020
Goochland, VA Goochland High School 12/14/2021
Chester, VA Goyne Park DGC 8/18/2020
Stanardsville, VA   Greene Co. Community Park - Old Layout 8/15/2009
Stanardsville, VA Greene Co. Community Park - Old Layout 1/5/2020
Troutville, VA Greenfield DGC 1/4/2020
Hampden Sydney, VA Hampden-Sydney College 11/8/2019
Hampton, VA Hampton 9 DGC 6/7/2020
Spotsylvania, VA Hawk Hollow
Spotsylvania, VA Hazel Grove DGC 7/3/2020
Lynchburg, VA Heritage Park 8/15/2022
Roanoke, VA Highland Park 5/18/2019
Madison, VA Hoover Ridge Park 10/20/2019
Lynchburg, VA HumanKind DGC 5/20/2020
Bedford, VA Independence Park 9/12/2020
Eastville, VA Indiantown Park - Innova 9/7/2020
Eastville, VA   Indiantown Park DGC - Front 18 2/3/2009
Martinsville, VA J. Frank Wilson Memorial Park 1/24/2021
Washington, VA Jenkins Mountain Disc Golf 1/11/2021
Winchester, VA Jim Barnett Park 7/22/2018
Staunton, VA   Kiwanis DGC 7/11/2009
Stafford, VA Kreekside DGC 12/25/2022
Great Falls, VA Krop's Crops Farm 3/7/2020
Norfolk, VA Lafayette Park 9/7/2020
Cross Junction, VA Lake Holiday 6/28/2020
Montross, VA Lake Marshall - The Lair 10/25/2018
Montross, VA Lake Marshall - The Lambs 10/27/2018
Montross, VA Lake Marshall - The Lions 10/27/2018
Pennington Gap, VA Leeman Field DGC 10/4/2020
Bedford, VA Liberty High School DGC 11/28/2021
Lynchburg, VA Liberty University - Camp Hydaway 11/21/2016
Goochland, VA Lickinghole's 9 Mile 10/24/2019
Farmville, VA Longwood University DGC 11/9/2019
Spotsylvania, VA Loriella Park
Lynchburg, VA Lynchburg College 5/20/2020
McGaheysville, VA Massanutten DGC - Old Layout 11/4/2013
Roanoke, VA Mayflower Hills 6/4/2020
McLean, VA McLean Central Park
Charlottesville, VA Meadowcreek Gardens DGC 10/27/2018
Charlottesville, VA Miller School of Albemarle - Creekside 12/13/2022
Charlottesville, VA Miller School of Albemarle - Lotus 6/20/2022
Moneta, VA Moneta Park 11/26/2020
Virginia Beach, VA   Munden Point 8/2/2007
Dahlgren, VA Naval Surface Weapons Station 9/8/2020
Mechanicsville, VA New Hanover Presbyterian Church 11/24/2019
Forest, VA New London Tech DGC 12/1/2021
Williamsburg, VA New Quarter Park
Newport News, VA Newport News DGC
Boydton, VA North Bend DGC 9/5/2020
Chesapeake, VA Northwest River Park DGC 8/23/2020
Orange, VA Orange County DGC 10/20/2019
Dumfries, VA Panther's Lair 6/28/2020
Lynchburg, VA   Peaks View Park 11/8/2010
Ruther Glen, VA Pendleton - The Fairways 9/8/2020
Ruther Glen, VA Pendleton - The Woods 9/8/2020
Colonial Heights, VA Pharaoh's Tomb 8/1/2020
Prince George, VA Pine Valley 12/26/2022
Palmyra, VA   Pleasant Grove Park 12/19/2019
Norfolk, VA Poplar Hall 9 9/6/2020
Fredericksburg, VA   Pratt Park 8/2/2007
Meadows of Dan, VA Primland 6/23/2021
Charlottesville, VA PVCC DGC 11/9/2021
Luray, VA   Ralph Dean Park 3/14/2020
Lynchburg, VA Randolph College DGC
Dublin, VA Randolph Park DGC 10/18/2020
Gordonsville, VA Raptor's Roost - Talon 10/11/2020
Gordonsville, VA Raptor's Roost - Wing 10/5/2021
Gordonsville, VA Raptor's Roost - Woods Par 2 7/9/2020
Spotsylvania, VA Riverbend DGC 7/3/2020
Roanoke, VA Riverside Village 8/22/2022
Rochelle, VA Rochelle Ridge 8/28/2020
Front Royal, VA Rockland Park 3/14/2020
Culpeper, VA Rockwater Park 10/25/2019
Rural Retreat, VA Rural Retreat Lake DGC 9/26/2020
Middleburg, VA Salamander Resort DGC 6/28/2020
Lynchburg, VA Sandusky Park 5/20/2020
Stephens City, VA Sherando Park 7/22/2018
Maurertown, VA Signal View DGC 6/21/2020
Jamesville, VA Silver Beach DGC 9/7/2020
Rocky Mount, VA Sontag DGC 10/25/2020
Jeffersonton, VA Spilman Park 1/5/2020
Scottsburg, VA Staunton River State Park 11/23/2019
Manassas, VA Stonewall Middle School 3/15/2020
Bristol, VA Sugar Hollow DGC 11/27/2019
Edinburg, VA Swover Creek Brewery DGC 6/21/2020
Hampton-Sydney, VA Tadpole Holes 1/10/2023
Spotsylvania, VA The Blockhouse - Darkside
Spotsylvania, VA   The Blockhouse - Sunnyside 9/12/2007
Spotsylvania, VA The Blockhouse - Tiki Course
Midlothian, VA The Breeze 7/28/2020
Gainesville, VA   The Eagle's Claw 4/25/2009
Waynesboro, VA The Fox @ Coyner Springs 1/5/2020
Powhatan, VA The Monster @ Fighting Creek 8/1/2020
Bluefield, VA The Ram 9/26/2020
Big Stone Gap, VA The Ridge 5/29/2022
Glen Allen, VA The Village DGC 6/26/2020
Pulaski, VA Thornspring DGC 12/11/2020
Irvington, VA Tides Inn 3/14/2020
Richmond, VA University of Richmond 1/5/2020
Harrisonburg, VA University Park 3/14/2020
Abingdon, VA VHCC Wolves DGC 10/4/2020
Blacksburg, VA Virginia Tech DGC 9/30/2021
Virginia Beach, VA Virginia Wesleyan College
Blacksburg, VA VTCRC DGC 9/26/2020
Rocky Mount, VA Waid Park - Beginner 12/15/2021
Rocky Mount, VA Waid Park - Championship 7/3/2022
Williamsburg, VA Waller Mill Park 9/6/2020
North Garden, VA   Walnut Creek Park 12/23/2007
Hollins (Roanoke), VA Walrond Park 10/18/2020
Hollins (Roanoke), VA Walrond Park - Old Layout
Lexington, VA Washington and Lee University 10/22/2019
Harrisonburg, VA Westover Park 2/4/2020
174 Course(s)
Lakewood, WA   Fort Steilacoom Park - Northwest 8/9/2007
Seattle, WA Mineral Springs Park
Bremerton, WA   NAD Park - Main 7/3/2007
Mountlake Terrace, WA Terrace Creek
4 Course(s)
West Virginia
Princeton, WV Glenwood Park 12/12/2022
Lavalette, WV Lucky 8
Huntington, WV   Rotary Park 9/5/2008
Paw Paw, WV The Woodshed 1/4/2020
Paw Paw, WV Whippin' Post 1/4/2020
7 Course(s)